10 Reasons Being Pregnant In Winter Is Harder (And 10 Ways It's So Much Better)

Pregnancy is beautiful no matter what time of the year it is. It is still a time when a woman is growing and nurturing her baby. On the other hand, pregnancy is difficult at any time of the year as well. There are pros and cons to everything. Due to pregnancy lasting three quarters of a year, chances are one will always either be pregnant in the summer or winter. They may even be pregnant in a little bit of both.

This article focuses on the trials a woman will face as she enters her third trimester. At this point, she is probably uncomfortable, tired and her baby bump is growing rapidly. Its the time where pregnancy can seem unbearable.

As we approach the winter months, there are a lot of women who question how the last leg of their pregnancy will go during this snow-ridden season. As we said, there will be good and there will be bad, and we have covered it all. We have 10 reasons why being pregnant in the winter is the hardest things in the world and 10 other reasons why it may be the best.

I am a great candidate to write this article. I had a baby in March and then another one in August. I have experienced both and can, therefore, put my own personal stamp of approval on this article.

20 Harder: Jackets

This article was written for an audience that endures cold, winter weather. The whole deal: ice, snow, and frigid temperatures. I live in Canada, so safe to say, I have a lot of relevant experience. One necessary piece of attire to get you through the cold winter is a good jacket. This can be a problem when you are expecting in the winter.

A woman has to keep the bump warm, but how does she do that if she can not make it in to her current jacket? She may need to buy a maternity jacket; this can seem like a waste of money when she will only need it for a little while. She can also buy a maternity jacket extender that may do the trick.

19 Harder: Boots

Many think that swollen feet are only a problem in the summer. It is true that the heat does very little to help our expanding feet, but they can still swell up in the winter as well. This can make wearing winter boots very difficult. A woman’s feet may have swelled so much that it is almost impossible to get them into the boots.

Another problem lies in actually putting on the boots. When mom has an expanding belly, it is hard for her to bend over and shove her feet in those warm boots. An even harder task may be to tie them. Boots are a necessity when you are trekking through snow. They need to keep your feet warm and provide some traction, so you don’t fall.

18 Harder: Dangerous Weather

A fear that a lot of pregnant women have when they are pregnant is falling. We want to protect our belly’s as much as possible, and we all know how dangerous a fall can be to the health and well-being of our babies. Winter makes this risk ten times higher.

Winter is full of fun stuff, but it also can be very dangerous. There is a lot of snow and ice, which are all hazards when a woman is walking around. Especially since ice likes to hide underneath snow, making it hard for mom-to-be to see. It is also a hazard to drive in. No one wants to be out on the road during a blizzard, but life goes on and we still have to work and buy things.

17 Harder: Skin Ailments

Pregnancy already does no favors to our skin, there are a lot of women out there who get extremely dry skin when they are pregnant. Skin that is so dry it could turn into a painful, itchy rash. This is not fun when mom is already dealing with a lot of other side effects. Winter can make this problem worse. The air is so dry in the winter, that mom could have even worse skin than before.

Her best friend will be a good moisturizer. She needs to really lather it up in the wintertime to protect her skin. This is especially important right before she goes out and when she comes back home.

16 Harder: Staying Active

Exercise may be the last thing on any pregnant woman’s mind, in the winter or summer, but it is so important. It is important to stay active when you are pregnant, it is good for the health of you and your baby and can make the postpartum period a lot easier. This is almost impossible to do in the winter, and not just because it is snowy outside.

There is a serious lack of motivation in the winter to get out and do anything, even to just get off the couch. In the summer, it is easy to get up and go for a walk or the beach because the weather is so nice. In the winter, it is much more appealing to stay home in front of the fireplace with a good book and stay there.

15 Harder: Cold And Flu Season

It is no secret that a lot of people get sick in the winter. The weather is cold, and everyone stays inside around people who may be carrying colds and the flu. This is a downfall of the winter and one that no pregnant woman wants. It is much easier for a pregnant woman to catch a cold because her immune system is already lowered.

Being sick when you are pregnant is no fun at all, and it can exacerbate other pregnancy symptoms. It is always important for a pregnant woman to make sure she is washing her hands frequently and gets her yearly flu shot to help protect her from any illness.

14 Harder: Too Many Family Gatherings

There are also a lot of hormones running through her body that may make her a bit edgy. She may not be able to emotionally handle Uncle Jimmy’s joke that he has told for the last 20 holiday events. Family gatherings may be hard, but they can also be wonderful, but we’ll talk about that a bit later.

13 Harder: Clothes Are Just No Fun

Maternity fashion has come a long way, but the majority of the cute maternity clothes are left for the summer months. It is hard to find cute little outfits that really show off the bump in the winter section. You are mostly left with uncomfortable pants and big, bulky sweaters. They don’t really scream ‘cute, pregnant woman.’

It is also not fun to shop in the winter section. There are no cute tank tops, or shorts or even bathing suits to look at. Summer shopping is easier and a lot more fun, especially when you know your bump will really ‘pop’ out in the outfits.

12 Harder: Can’t Even Have A Hot Bath!


A lot of pregnant woman still work right up until their due date, and if they are pregnant in the winter that means they are going to be cold. The commute is long, cold and messy and they will be even more tired when they get home than they normally would be. All they will want to do is soak in a nice, hot bath. This is something they are not allowed to do.

Pregnant women are told to stay away from hot baths and hot tubs because it could be dangerous to the baby. The hot water will raise their body temperature, which will heat up the baby. Mom-to-be will have to settle for a warm bath instead.

11 Harder: You Have To Layer! So Annoying

Here is the thing, even though it is so cold outside, a woman’s body can still run hot. Due to all the pregnancy hormones that are running through her body, she can still have hot flashes come up. This can make it very hard to get ready for the day. She has to take into consideration all the temperature she may experience in one day.

That means she will have to layer up. She will need to wear multiple layers so that if she does get too hot during the day, she can take some of the clothes off until she is comfortable. Then, when she inevitably gets cold again, she can put some of them back on.

10 Better: No Bugs

It isn’t all bleak for the mom’s who are pregnant in the winter, there are a lot of things that are so much better about pregnancy in the winter. Summer is great, it’s warm and there are always things to do, but there are things that are bad about summer. One of the worst things about summer is all the bugs.

In winter, we don’t have this problem. There are no bugs. They are all in hibernation where they belong. We don’t need to worry about bug bites which can aggravate a woman who is already annoyed with being so heavily pregnant. While not as common, we also know that mosquitos have the ability to carry some pretty dangerous diseases.

9 Better: Put The Razor Away

The worst part about being pregnant in the summer turns into the best reason to be pregnant in the winter and that is not shaving. If you have never experienced pregnancy in the summer, you won’t understand how painfully hard it can be to shave your legs. It is really hard. You will leave the shower feeling like you just participated in an Olympic event.

In the winter, we can just put on our pants and forget how hairy our legs are. The option to shave is still there, but no one expects it, so it is not a big deal if you let a few days, weeks or even months go by. The extra layers will help you warm too.

8 Better: Warm Socks

There is something about warm, fuzzy socks that we all love. They are so comfortable and perfect for lounging around the house in. Nothing matters more in life than the comfort of a pregnant woman. It is important that she stays comfortable at all times, and these socks can be a staple in her closet. She can really only get away with wearing them if it is winter.

She won’t want to wear these socks in the summer, it will be too hot, and it may make her feet swell up. Winter is the perfect excuse to go shopping and invest in a lot of these socks.

7 Better: Hot Flashes Are Gone

We mentioned earlier how it can be hard in the winter with all of the hot flashes. Due to pregnancy hormones, our bodies will constantly be changing temperatures. One minute we are cold, the next we are burning hot. These are better to deal with in the winter. It is hard in the summer to cool off enough to make yourself comfortable, there is only so much you can do.

In the winter, if mom-to-be feels one of these hot flashes come on, all she needs to do is step outside for a minute. Without a jacket, just open the front door and feel the cool wind on her face. That hot flash will be gone in a matter of minutes or seconds.

6 Better: Good Excuse To Stay In

Some days, all a pregnant woman will want to do is stay inside all day. This is almost impossible to do in the summer. There will always be friends who want you to come out, family BBQ’s and this pressure mom will put on herself to get out and enjoy the nice weather. She won’t want it to go to waste. This equals a tired mom who should have just stayed home.

Winter will always provide you with the best excuse to not go out. It is too cold, or the conditions are dangerous, and you may fall, will always work when people want you to go out. You will also never feel guilty about wasting away a good day.

5 Better: Cute Christmas Outfits

Winter holds one of the best holidays in the world; Christmas. It is a lot of people’s favourite time of year. Much like Halloween, there are a lot of cute costume ideas for a woman who is expecting in the winder. Perhaps you always wanted to make it look like your belly was a giant Christmas ornament? Or maybe, you want to play Santa and you don’t need those pillows anymore.

Needless to say, it is fun for a pregnant woman to get all dressed up at the holiday time. There aren’t many opportunities in the summer to dress up like this so take advantage while you can.

4 Better: All The Festive Food

While we are on the topic of holidays, one of the best things about all of these events is that there is always a large amount of delicious food. Food that is also seasonal, so we rarely eat it any other time of the year. A pregnant woman is always hungry, she should be, she is growing a little baby who needs food to grow.

An even better thing about being pregnant around the holidays is no one, absolutely no one, will judge you based on how much food you eat. There will be no snide comments from family members about how much you are eating. They will actually encourage you to eat as much as possible. There will also be no too-much-food regret later that night, because it was all for the baby.

3 Better: Less Temptation To Drink

One of the best parts of summer is all of the yummy drinks you can sip on while you are sitting by the pool or the beach. They are refreshing and delicious. We all know that drinking any alcohol during pregnancy is a big NO-NO, so wouldn’t it be nice if you were not tempted at all? Well, when you have a pregnancy in the winter, you won’t be.

There are still a lot of drinking at holidays, but a cool Pina colada just does not sound so nice and refreshing when it is below freezing outside. It makes it a lot easier for a mom will little willpower to just say no.

2 Better: Indulge In Tasty Hot Drinks

We talked a lot about how staying inside by a fire is one of the best parts of being pregnant in the winter. Another element to add to that is the fact that you can relax and sip on some of the best hot beverages in the world. Drinking hot chocolate is not as fun in the summer, that is more a winter activity so imagine how good it would taste when pregnant.

That’s not all though, there is also hot apple cider, tea and even hot coffee. All of these drinks can be drunk in the winter and will fill you with warmth. Just make sure to watch your caffeine intake, because there is caffeine in hot chocolate as well.

1 Better: Around Lots Of Family (This One Goes In Both)

You may be slightly confused, but this particle activity belongs in both categories because while it can be a bad part of the winter, it can also be the absolute best. Due to all of the holidays in the winter time, you will probably be spending a lot of time with your extended family. This can be incredibly beneficial to a pregnant woman.

Pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a mom are all very scary and intimidating things. It is always nice to have your family around you. At a time when it all may be becoming a little intense for you, as your due date approaches, it is nice to be around so many people you love who can support you and help you through.

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