10 Reasons Being Super Pregnant In The Summer Is Amazing (And 10 That Make It Hazardous)

While most moms can’t control/plan when they will be pregnant, some have the option to orchestrate their pregnancies to a tee. In today’s high-tech world, the conveniences and near-miracles of modern science allow some moms-to-be to time out their pregnancies perfectly, and some celeb moms especially opt to be super pregnant during the summer months. Their ever-growing bellies look like beach balls just in time for summer BBQs, picnics, and pool parties.

There are both pros and cons to being super pregnant during the summer. Of course, lots of moms-to-be will say that everything about pregnancy is pure bliss, but we know that can’t really be the case. Sure, they are understandably over-the-moon about the new bundle of joy that is about to enter their lives, but ask any down-to-earth mom and she will be open and honest about the not-so-spectacular aspects of pregnancy. And summertime has its specific issues on top of that.

Here are 10 reasons being super pregnant in the summer is special and another 10 that are not as… amazing; they're even potentially hazardous to a pregnant woman’s health. Not to say that pregnancy isn’t a blessing, but when the bad times take over, even the happiest pregnant person can’t wait until those nine months are through.

20 Amazing: Summer Dresses Look Cute Over Baby Bumps

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While lots of moms have trouble finding the right look for their continuously growing bodies, there are lots of wardrobe options for summer that make a woman’s newly extra-curvy shape look nothing short of spectacular. Without the need for lots of layers and uncomfortable coats, summertime provides that freeing feeling that super pregnant women enjoy. Sweet little dresses, flowing maxis, cute cardigans, and loose-fitting shorts and capris makes summer look so much more doable than the bulk needed during the colder months. A summery dress with a baby bump for an accessory is the look moms-to-be love. Easy, breezy, and beautiful!

19 Hazardous: Greater Risk of Gestational Diabetes During Summer

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One thing many pregnant women may not think about is their risk for gestational diabetes. But this condition is real and can be dangerous if not dealt with. Come summertime, super pregnant women are at greater risk of developing gestational diabetes, according to Today’s Parent. When the temperature goes up, so does a pregnant woman’s sugar levels. And her body can’t produce the proper amount of insulin to manage her body's sugar levels. This can lead to the need for a C-section because her baby may become too big. It also has the potential to cause type 2 diabetes down the road. Not the news a woman wants to hear, but she should always be on top of the situation.

18 Amazing: No Worries About Getting Stuck in a Storm on the Way to the Hospital

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Wintertime can be worrisome for pregnant moms about to give birth. With the chance of snowstorms, ice on the roads, early sunsets, etc., when that water breaks and it’s time to hurry to the hospital, slick conditions can be dangerous. But summertime doesn’t have pregnant moms in a panic. When the weather is clear, there’s little chance that Mother Nature will interfere with a swift drive to the delivery room. Sunny skies means lots of light, and those clear, starry nights allows for safe trips even after dark. Moms-to-be don’t even need to throw on a coat when they’re in a rush to get to the hospital in the summer. They just say the word and it’s off they go.

17 Hazardous: Super High Temps Can Cause Exhaustion

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When the temperature is high, we’re all liable to feel the effects. Too much time in the burning sun can lead to people feeling less-than-ideal as their body temps rise and their systems don’t get a break. Pregnant women have to be especially careful when they’re out all day in the heat.

According to Live Science, getting too warm to the point of exhaustion can pose a risk for pregnancy complications. Pregnant women should not stay outside for too long a stretch if the temperature is high. And if they must remain outdoors, finding some shade will make a big difference in how they’ll deal with it. Pregnant women are exhausted enough. The unforgiving summer heat only exacerbates the issue.

16 Amazing: Picnics Are the Best When Eating for Two

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When summer season is in full swing, lots of ladies watch their diets. Those skimpy summer outfits and barely-there bikinis leave little wiggle room for extra wings or whipped cream, so gals don’t give in to their dining desires. But when it comes to super pregnant women, when food is available, they’re more than ready to feast. They may claim it’s “for the baby,” but we all know mama’s hungry and those sausages look mighty tasty. Once a woman is close to giving birth, she figures another forkful won’t make much of a difference. Dig in and don't worry about onlookers!

15 Hazardous: Hydration is Ultra-Important

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Drinking lots of water when it’s warm outside is important for everyone. All that sweating removes water from the system, and before long, we’re parched, and when big problems arise, we’re ready to nearly pass out. And pregnant women need to be particularly mindful to stay well-hydrated during the summer. As per Live Science, when women are pregnant, the way their bodies handle fluid changes, as does the temperature control within their bodies. This means they run the chance of becoming dehydrated more aptly than their non-pregnant counterparts. Now that the mom-to-be has another growing body to keep healthy, she must keep herself healthy too. Bottoms up!

14 Amazing: Sweaty Feet Deserve a Foot Rub (Even Jessica Simpson's!)

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Super pregnant moms know that it’s not just their tummies that look different now that they have a “baby on board.” Every part of their body feels the woes of womanhood, right down to those sweaty summertime feet. But these ladies are in luck. Their partner owes them a feel-good foot rub, even if her feet are sticky, smelly, and drenched in salty sweat. After all, it’s not her fault that she feels so sticky. Summer weather is a doozy, and her tootsies are taking the brunt of it. But once she takes off her shoes and lets her feet feel the air, they are ripe and ready for a rubdown. What could feel better?

13 Hazardous: Super-Swollen Feet Can Be Exacerbated by the Heat

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Any super pregnant woman will tell anyone who wants to know that it’s not only her belly that swells during pregnancy. Many other parts of her body “blossom” too — even her feet. Feet can swell any time of the year, but for those women who are super pregnant during the summer, their feet can balloon big time. Health Day explains that women in their third trimester notice swelling the most, and it appears to be at its peak during the summer due to the heat. Propping those feet up may help, so pregnant women can use their swollen feet as an excuse to take a load off…not that they need to explain themselves.

12 Amazing: Flip-Flops Feel Amazing on the Feet

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What could feel better than letting those tootsies breathe? Pregnant moms can experience swollen and puffy feet, and that means pain when they’re stuffed into tight-fitting shoes. In most places, women can’t wear flip-flops all year ‘round, which means their feet must suffer through sneakers, snow boots, and even stilettos sometimes. That’s no fun when a mom-to-be is teetering on her toes as she gets accustomed to her new figure. But flip-flops are fantastic. Easy to slip on and off, they are comfortable, cute, and let a pregnant woman’s feet get the air they need. Summertime allows for flip-flops as the go-to shoe for any occasion.

11 Hazardous: Forget Those Iced Coffees - Too Much Caffeine's a No-No

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There are rivaling theories out there about caffeine and pregnancy – what’s safe and what’s not. And every woman should discuss this debate with her doctor. That said, there is legit info related to the negative effects of caffeine on pregnancy, so why worry when avoiding it is a safer option? As per the American Pregnancy Association, one cup of coffee (12oz.) per day should be the most a pregnant woman should consume. For those who rely on coffee to function, this news is not in their favor. So much for those delicious summertime iced coffees that always hit the spot. Then again, there’s always decaf.

10 Amazing: That Pregnancy 'Glow' Makes for a Safe Summer 'Tan'

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We’ve all heard about that glorious glow pregnant women are blessed with when a baby’s on the way. A mom-to-be is radiant with her luminous skin that makes her cheeks pop. She doesn’t even need a touch of makeup to look magnificent; she can thank her “bun in the oven” for saving her from her usual morning makeup routine. And that glow is even more appreciated in the summertime when a nice tan always looks fresh and fabulous. But everyone knows too much time in the sun is tough for the skin, so a glow that comes from within is a wonderful wrinkle-free alternative.

9 Hazardous: Rings Can Get Stuck on Fingers

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Just like feet can swell, so can fingers. And it may not even happen gradually. One day, the rings slip on and off with no problem to speak of. Come morning, those rings won’t budge a bit. While this may not seem like too major an issue, if they can’t come off at all, circulation can become compromised. Some women have even had to have their wedding rings sawed off. So, before those fingers look like frankfurters, a pregnant woman should remove her rings just to be on the safe side. While she may miss those dazzling diamonds, she’ll be happy to have her fingers intact.

8 Amazing: Blasting the AC is Bliss

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Sure, moms-to-be get extra warm in the summertime, but that’s what air conditioning is for. Once they get inside, it’s time to crank that AC up to “high” and sit back to cool off. Whether it’s the middle of the day or bedtime, pregnant women have no worries that once they’re indoors, they’ll be comfortable and cool. The temps outside may be climbing, but as long as the AC is functioning at full throttle, it could be a desert out there and a super pregnant mom won’t mind a bit. The others in the home may start to shiver, but pregnant moms get to choose just how cold they want the place to be. Deal with it.

7 Hazardous: Tight Clothing Can Chafe the Skin

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If a super pregnant woman is confident enough to put on form-fitting clothing while she’s only getting bigger by the moment, more power to her. But with style comes consequences, in some cases, chafing. Even women who aren’t pregnant deal with chafing due to tight clothing rubbing against sweaty summer skin. All that friction is not fun or forgiving. But super pregnant women have a whole new set of curves and crannies to deal with, and their clothing can get wedged in these flaps and folds. After a long day or night in tight clothing rubbing back and forth, chafing is bound to become a problem. Perhaps some talc could tackle the problem, but going for a looser look may be a wiser decision.

6 Amazing: Floating in the Pool is So Relieving

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Nothing feels as refreshing as a dip in a cool pool on a sweltering summer day. As for pregnant women, taking the plunge is the perfect way to soak away the sweat and swelling. When summer pregnancy is at its peak, those ultra-warm days can be doozies. That’s why being in the pool is a pleasure. Moms-to-be can go “belly up,” so to speak, and float to the surface without any strain on their bigger-than-usual bodies. And when the sun is shining brightly all afternoon, a day outdoors can be hard to handle. For those who have the luxury of being able to pop into a pool of their own or one at a nearby park, this calming cooldown time is like a mini-retreat.

5 Hazardous: More Prone to Sunburn - Even on Hazy Days

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It may feel nice to catch some rays while relaxing on the beach in a maternity bikini, but super pregnant women better watch out. Those strong rays aren’t a friend to anyone’s skin, but pregnant women are at a particularly increased risk. Parents explain that pregnant women are more sensitive to the sun due to increased estrogen levels flooding their bodies. And along with painful and potentially dangerous sunburn, pregnant women are also more likely to develop melasma – dark patches around the forehead, lips, cheeks, and chin. While a bit of time outside is certainly okay, overdoing it can have its consequences.

4 Amazing: You'll Never Feel Bloated During Swimsuit Season

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Far too many women tend to get needlessly obsessive about their bodies come swimsuit season. No matter how great they look, there’s always some perceived “flaw” that makes them self-conscious as they sit by the pool. But super pregnant women have no such qualms come summertime. They may have big bellies, but that’s not bloat, it’s baby! So they let their robust round bellies shine in the sun, feeling free and fabulous.

When else can they show the world how happy they are to let it all hang out? And these days, as a plus, maternity bathing suits are quite chic. Hanging out by the pool pregnant is a fun way to spend those last warm weeks of pregnancy. And for those gals who still don’t want to stuff themselves into a swimsuit? Nobody’s there to tell them otherwise. Loose clothing feels just as comfy as they lounge and read their “chick lit.”

3 Hazardous: Exercising Can Become A Lot Harder

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If a woman is used to exercising, she can surely keep at it while pregnant—even when she’s super pregnant—as long as her OB/GYN gives her the go-ahead. But she may not realize she has worked out too hard before feeling exhausted with all the action. With her body changing every day, an exercise routine that was easy to do pre-pregnancy or even at the early stages may not go as smoothly with a big belly butting in. And pregnant women’s bodies are working overtime, so adding more activity to the day can zap her of her last bits of energy. Super pregnant women need to pay attention to their bodies when they’re exercising. Even the most active ladies need a break for the sake of their babies.

2 Amazing: Primping Takes a Fraction of the Time 

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No pregnant woman wants to take hours doing her hair and makeup…she has enough to deal with. That is why summer pregnancies make things so simple. Moms-to-be can wash their hair and go; even a slightly damp look works well in the summertime. And a freshly scrubbed face is summer-perfect. Heavy makeup when the mercury keeps rising only means it’ll melt off her face. No one will think she’s being sloppy or lazy or has given up on taking care of herself. She will simply look summery and sweet, with nothing more than a swipe of sunscreen on her face.

1 Hazardous: Even Walking Wears Her Out

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The summertime takes a toll on anyone who isn’t used to all the humidity and heat. Now add pregnancy to the package and even walking around can become a challenge. Super pregnant women can feel worn out, even after a short walk. The normal daily activities are more of a challenge when their bodies are working ‘round the clock for the sake of their babies. Add an afternoon of walking around to the mix, and a super pregnant woman will be asking for a seat sooner than she may have expected. While walking is great for the body as far as exercise and movement are concerned, doing it at small stretches is probably a more pregnancy-friendly idea.

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