Why He Can't Keep His Hands Off You During Pregnancy

I know what a lot of you women might be thinking (wow, never said that before); “I certainly don’t feel sexy," either while you are, or were in the midst of pregnancy - and I completely get it. Your figure is changing; your hormones are on the fritz, and your body aches with pain you might not have ever experienced before. And to top it all off, it lasts for the better part of a year, and from what I’ve gathered from my first-hand experience, it usually doesn’t get easier as the months pass.

However, perspective is a very powerful thing, and as the timeless adage states ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’ Keeping that idea in the forefront, I am here to tell all you ravishing expectant women that you are all goddesses; and should be adored as only goddesses are.

While it's easy to see why many women with child don’t feel like they're at their most provocative; from the male point of view, more specifically your partners, we think that you have a seductive quality all your own, that is the direct result of you being pregnant. So the next time you second-guess the caliber of your heavenliness mid-term, read these points to remind yourself that even if you don’t think you're sexy, we most definitely do.

10 Your Soft & Supple Skin

No women wants to have stretch marks (right?) - although if you have them, I think you should wear them proudly. In order to combat this, most women use lotions and oils to moisture the skin and help with its elasticity. A completely side bonus of all of this is you have incredible soft, often pleasant-smelling skin, that we have a hard time keeping our hands off of.

Note: As we progress through this list, I entirely encourage you to use any of these things to leverage against your spouse in order to get your way. Just don’t tell them where you got it.

9 We Just Want To Touch You

While I can’t speak for all men, for myself and the half-dozen other fathers I’ve had this conversation with, we all agree; from foot rubs to back rubs and from brushing your hair to helping you dress (and undress), we can’t get enough of you.

Pregnancy can very often weigh down the mother to be, and for this reason, they might need a little extra pampering. Feel free to ask us for a massage, and chances are, we will say yes.

Oh, and if you really want to ensure success, try asking us at night, maybe an hour before you normally go to bed. Massages often have a wonderful tendency to turn into a more intimate encounter.

8 Our Sex Life Has Changed - And Change Can Be Exciting

While it is quite possible that you and your partner have celebrated every page of the Kama Sutra (and likely that is one of the reasons you are pregnant), not to burst your bubble, but in case you didn’t know, your sex life changes after you become pregnant.

This is no reason to panic. In fact, many couples report a spike in their intimacy level during pregnancy for a multitude of reason. What I am referring to here is the often ‘logistical changes’ that couples have to take into account when having sex during pregnancy. You will mostly likely be unable at one point or another throughout your term, to perform some of the same positions/acts that you and your partner have come to love. Again, don’t worry, this is a great chance to try some new positions, and who knows, you might just find a new favorite.

7 Use Your Imagination

As mentioned in the previous point, surely you must accept some changes in your love life. However, with all of these changes underfoot, this might be a good opportunity to use your imagination and maybe try something in the bedroom that you have wanted to for a while.

In my experiences and conversations, it seems most men are highly receptive of their spouses needs and wants during pregnancy, with them often wanting to take on a nurturing, protective roll. I say - take advantage of it. This is a difficult and wonderful time for you, and if letting your freak flag fly during it helps you out, more power to you.

6 We Feel Like A Man

Call it foolish, cool stupid pride, or call it cute, but chances are you partner is going to feel pretty good about you being pregnant.

Why you might ask? Well, the answer is simple - much like carrying a child is among the most natural and inherent things a woman can do, on the inverse, causing the pregnancy is where we come in.

While archaic in nature, these feelings we have knowing that we're able and capable of procreating taps into something almost primal in men. What does this mean for you? Let's just say we might be looking for every possible chance to reaffirm that macho feeling, and the only one we want to impress is you.

5 Slow Down, Curves Ahead

Going back to Pregnancy 101, we are all aware that a women's body goes through changes, right? Good. Now, I know for many women some of these changes can be uncomfortable; things don’t fit; you feel bloated and often nauseas. All and all no picnic.

Now, I really hope this doesn’t come across as insensitive, for that is the furthest thing I want to do, but from a male point of view, we love the curves you develop. Not only does it reaffirm our masculinity as mentioned earlier, but for the most part, men seem to be attracted to aesthetically pleasing, ultimately curvy things. Don’t ask me why, it's in our DNA.

4 Pregnancy = More Sex?

I never would have believed it if I did not experience it first hand (and confirmed my findings with several other sources), but it seems that with all the hormonal activity going on inside of the voluptuous vessel of our offspring, very often her sexual appetite will increase.

In the morning, in the evening, to be honest at moments it was difficult to keep up, but much like the whole process of being pregnant, nothing lasts forever, so I say to enjoy it while you can.

3 Things Get Bigger - Specifically 2 Things

Come on; you all had to know I would eventually get at this point (or would it be two?) One of the added bonuses - and I say this for both the women and her partner - of being pregnant is the natural growth of a women's breasts.

Large breasts have been a sign of fertility and the object of countless (not all) men's desires, as well as often being a desirable addition for many women. Now please, don’t think that I am equating large breasts with happiness, no, what I am saying is to take advantage of this gift (and all of them) of pregnancy.

Fact: They will get bigger. They will become more sensitive. And chances are we really want to touch them…if you let us.

2 Commitment Level Goes Up

There is a good chance that you and your partner have been together for a fair bit of time prior to becoming pregnant. Then again, you might not have been. But one thing that remains regardless of how long the ‘courting’ process was, is that now you share a child with someone; your commitment to that person goes to a whole other level.

I can tell you first hand, that feeling that close and that connected with somebody, is incredibly sexy. When a man knows that he shares his whole life with that special someone, and they have something together that will never go away, you might find him all of a sudden on his best behavior.

1 You Can’t Get Pregnant While Pregnant

Last, but certainly not least is one of the most enjoyable aspects of being in love, and making love to a pregnant women - no birth control.

I don’t think there is a man out there that enjoys wearing condoms, and I also don’t think there is a form of birth control that anybody particularly enjoys, but when you're pregnant, this is no longer a problem. It's like getting a hall pass, with the ability to have sex as often as you want without having to worry about getting pregnant - for obvious reasons.

How do you feel sexy when pregnant? I’m sure I missed some, and I know our readers would love to hear your first hand stories and experiences. Please share in the comment section below.

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