10 Shocking And Unbelievable Birth Stories! WOW!!

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10 Woman who gave birth on , and

First of all, what and easy way to go about making birthdays easier to remember. A Michigan housewife gave birth on those dates even though the odds of this happening is 50 million to one! Wow!

Despite the awesome and unique pattern, she insists that it was not planned at all! She was just lucky!

9 Baby born at :on

A woman in Minnesota gave birth at exactly 1:11 am on January 1, 2011. The beautiful baby was welcomed by lucky parents: Amy Zeller and Codjo Mensah!

8 Twins who gave birth on the same day and at the same hospital!

Twins are often close and share a very unique connection. This was especially true for twin sisters Amy Gilbert and Allison Oliverio, 25 years old. Their babies were born a mere 14 minuets apart. Although they both married their high school sweethearts, they said that they didn't plan to both get pregnant at the same time or deliver on the same day!

7 Five Family members end up with the same birth date! 

Whether it's luck or extremely careful planning, this family has 5 family members who share the same day of birth over several generations. This tradition started over 70 years ago and they celebrate it with one big cake, big enough to fill with all the names!

6 The Woman who preformed her own C-Section! 

This tough mama, Ines Ramirez, is the only person known to have performed her own c-section successfully. When she went into labor, the nearest clinic was 80 km's away, her husband was out and she had no phone. 

After 12 hours of pain, she know something was wrong, so she did what she had to do with a 15 cm blade and pulled out her son. She was soon after assisted and both are doing great!

5 Woman gives birth hours after finding out she is pregnant! 

Belinda Waite, 21, had not been well and visited the hospital several times. They told her she has IBS and sent her on her way. They were wrong... she was pregnant! 

On February 6th 2010, she went into the hospital due to pain. At 10pm doctors confirmed she was 3 months pregnant (oups, wrong again.) They were so very very wrong and she gave birth to a healthy baby girl at 2:30 which she had carried full term.

4 Twins born min apart but in different years! 

In Northern Illinois, a couple welcomed their new daughter in the last min of 2010 and their son in the first min of 2011. 

Although she was only due at the end of January, they decided to make a grand entrance into the world. The parents and doctors even did a countdown as she was giving birth! Woah, what a moment!

3 The mom who has a single birth, then twins and then triplets! 

Natasha Wilson is one special mom from New York . Several years ago she gave birth to her first child Nicholas. She then gave birth to twins James Jr. and Isaiah. She then joked that on her third pregnancy she would have triplets... because what you wish for. 

During her third pregnancy she found out she is having triplets. Another 3 boys. She will have 6 boys in total!

2 The Couple who had 'Black & White' twins... Twice! 

A mixed race British couple has defied the odds twice after giving birth twice to twins where one appears white and the other black. 

Scientists say it's rare enough to have two sets of twins and even more rare that they do not look alike. 

1 The woman who gave birth to a baby nearly her size

Stacey Herald is only 28 1/2 inches or 71 cm tall. She gave birth to a baby who measured 18 inches or 46 cm in length. She said that while she was pregnant that her baby bump made her look funny. She says "If I laid down, I looked like a snail." 

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