10 Shocking Real Stories Behind Your Favorite Fairy Tales!

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10 The Little Red Riding Hood 

In the story we all know and have shared with our children, The Little Red Riding Hood is saved by the Woodsman who kills the bad wolf.

In the Original French Version written by Charles Perrault, Little Red asks for directions to her grand mother's house from the wolf, who misguides her and gives her false directions which she follows. She then ends up being eaten by the wolf and no where in the story is there a Woodsman or Grandma that makes an appearance. 

The moral of the story was not to take advice from strangers.

9 The Little Mermaid

We all know the Disney version of the little mermaid which ends with Ariel getting her legs so she can marry her true love Eric. 

In the original story from 1989 called "The Big Whopper" by Christian Andersen, the mermaid sees her prince marry another princess which devastates her.  She is given a knife to kill him but she cannot bring herself to do it so she jumps into the sea where she dies and turns to foam. In an alternate ending, she dies by becoming a "daughter of the air" and awaits to go to heaven.

8 Snow White 

In the story we know and love, the Evil Queen asks the huntsman to kill Snow White and bring her back Snow's heart. However, he cannot bring himself to do it so he brings back the heart of a boar. 

In the Original, which does not differ much from the Disney movie, the Queen asks for Snow's liver and lungs which end up being served for dinner that night. Also, there is no magical kiss that awaken the princess, she wakes from a bumpy horse ride. Not so romantic huh?! In the Grimm version, the Queen is forced to dance to death in red hot iron shoes.

7 Sleeping Beauty 

In our known version, Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger on a spinning wheel and sleeps for a hundred years until a wonderful prince awakes her with a kiss and they live happily ever after. 

In the not so sweet original story, the girl is put to sleep due to a prophesy. There is also no kiss to wake her from her slumber either. While asleep, she is taken advantage of and gives birth to two children (all in her sleep). One of the children sucks on her finger which removes the piece of flax that kept her asleep and she awakens to two kids. 

6 Rumpelstiltskin 

In the story we know, Rumpelstiltskin spins

straw into gold for a girl who is sentenced to death. In return he asks for her first born child to which she agrees. Once the child is born she cannot bring herself to give it up, so they make a new deal. If she can guess his name she will be off the hook. She guesses his name and he runs away and never returns. 

In the original version, the writer modified the ending. After she guesses his name, he becomes so filled with anger that he stomps his right foot into the ground, grabs his left legs and rips himself in half which kills him.

5 Goldilocks and the Bears

In this bedtime story, we follow a little girl who finds a house belonging to the 3 bears. She enters the home and eats and sits and finally falls asleep in the little bear bed. When the bears return home, she gets woken up and escapes through the window. 

In the original, which dates back to 1837, there are two different endings. The first, the bears just eat her. In the second, she is an old lady and jumps out the window and ends with her either breaking her neck or getting arrested.

4 Hansel & Gretel 

In the known version, two young children get lost in the woods and fall upon a gingerbread house where a wicked witch lives. They eventually figure out a way to get out and they throw the witch in the fire. 

In the original french version, which is called "The Lost  Children", we have a devil instead of a wicked witch. The devil puts together a sawhorse so he can put the children on the bleed (nope, not kidding). The children trick the devil by asking him for a demonstration. The devil being fooled gets killed by the children in a very violent way.

3 Cinderella

In the story we know and adore, Cinderella ends up marrying Prince Charming and wins over her two wicked step sisters. 

In the original, which can be traced back to the 1st century and where she is named "Rhodopis", has a similar story to the one we know. However, in the Grimm Brother's version the step sisters try to cut their feet to fit into the slipper but ultimately get attacked by two birds who blind them and they end up living as blind beggars while Cinderella wins the Prince. 

2 Pinocchio

A story about a puppet who comes to life by wishing upon a star to become a real boy.

In the original, a book from 1883, Pinocchio is very mischievous. He runs away from home and gets found by the police who return him and he kills his cricket friend. He then goes to school, where he leaves and meets a fox and a cat who try to hang him but fail. He does eventually get his act together and becomes a real boy. 

1 The Lion King

The Lion King follows the story of a young lion, Simba, as he grows up and tries to find himself after the murder of his father. 

The Lion King is originally a loose adaptation of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" where a jealous brother kills the king and son seeks revenge. In the end, the son does get revenge but everyone dies. Talk about a somber story! 

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