10 Signs Mom Is Spoiling The Baby (And 5 Ways To Fix It)

When it comes to raising children, managing life with a baby can be challenging. Many moms fret over their tiny angels, often bending over backwards to do ‘everything right,’ and don’t consider that their actions could be spoiling their babies rotten. Other moms seem to treat their kids like they are a step above an accessory, and seem to forget that babies do need some attention now and then. Sorry, but just throwing money, toys, or putting on a DVD to play babysitter is not enough.

Finding the right combination of nurturing, love, attention, and more for a baby can be a real tough balancing act for moms. With all the advice that moms get bombarded with on the daily, informed on how to handle a baby from celebrity moms, social media feeds, and well-meaning veteran mamas, what’s a new mom to do? Not to panic, as there are some surefire signs to see if baby is getting too much attention, and how to fix things.

Babies are constantly growing and changing, so most of the things baby experiences will most likely not scar them for life. Babies can be so manipulative with those cherubic face of theirs. Who wouldn’t want to spoil them silly, right?

15 Mom Is Always Rescuing The Baby

mom and baby sleep

Babies know how to get mom’s attention, are masters at guilt-tripping, and many mom’s are unaware of easily the manipulation begins. Most moms want to make sure her baby is safe and comfortable, and will run in at the slightest sign of crying or whimpering. Within less than a few seconds, a mother’s sensors will go off to uncover whether baby is hungry, needs a diaper change, or is hurt and needs coddling.

If mom is always running to baby’s rescue, their precious little one doesn’t learn to deal with moments of discomfort or upset. One critical part of developing self-soothing and self-mastery, is to allow a baby to occasionally deal with life’s setbacks and disappointments. Before a mom knows it, she might be fighting all of her kid’s battles, and will never get a moment to rest.

14 The Baby Only Eats For Comfort

Food is not only a source of comfort for adults, but babies too are guilty of filling a void with food. Babies who nurse enjoy the benefits of being close to mom, and learn how to best get mom’s attention when hungry. Once babies see that a mom will run to the rescue with a bottle or the nip for some breastmilk, baby makes an amazing connection.

If baby wants to indulge in some extra-attention from mom, all they have to do is cry that they are hungry. Babies who might be eating for comfort may actually overeat to the point of vomiting, cry more often, and only find contentment in the arms of mom or while being fed. As overeating and balance for a baby’s diet can be a huge concern for mom’s, it is important to keep track of feedings and baby’s behavior.

13 Too Dependent On The Binkie

Sleep Baby Child Toys Pacifier

The invention of pacifiers, aka ‘the binkie,’ have been a life-saver for many a mom. There is nothing like the soothing qualities that the binkie offers to babies, and often puts little ones to sleep with little fuss. Getting babies to give up their binky as they grow up, can prove challenging for many moms.

If a baby is too dependent on a comfort item, they might be suffering from attention overload. As babies grow and develop, they are constantly bombarded with so much information to take in. Having the aid of a binkie, favorite stuffed animal, or blanket as their go-to, can make things a bit easier to deal. Eventually though, mom and baby are going to have to have a heart-to-heart about baby’s dependencies. Many moms have been guilty of passing on a comfort item to baby, especially to silence protests or cries.

12 The Baby Never Sleeps Alone

Babies can find the dark and being alone a scary thing. Many a mom lovingly fight off sleepiness, staying up with their little ones and coddling them to fall asleep. Eventually, mom needs to teach her babe to self-soothe and sleep without needing a bottle or a nipple in their mouth to get some rest.

If baby is constantly waking up in the night because mom isn’t in the room, or sleeping right next to them, sleep problems might become another problem for the household. Babies are very good at adapting, and although mom might feel some tinges of guilt if baby whimpers or cries out for her, it is best that baby learns to sleep without the milk, pacifier, or mom as a pillow at nighttime eventually. Otherwise, mom might really regret struggling to get some personal time and space back later.

11 The Baby Manipulates With Tantrums

Babies can be quite the manipulative little creatures, as cute as they might be too. Once baby discovers how belting out high-pitched wailing, non-stop crying, and thrashing about sends mom into a frenzied panic, the power games are on. Moms really need to be on the lookout as to when and how their baby behaves, and what mom does as a result. Babies are really smart, and learn early how to get their needs met. It is just a matter of survival.

Babies may get really upset if moms don’t give them what they want. Unfortunately for the ears of a mom, babies do need moments to cry things out, or wait just a little bit before getting a response. If baby is always being mollified immediately, they grow up never learning that life doesn’t always go their way.

10 The Baby Refuses To Share Toys


Sharing is one of those difficult milestones for young tots. Moms who make an effort to engage in playtime with baby, can make different games with baby to encourage sharing and development of their motor skills. If a baby is just tossed a lot of toys all to themselves, without having to share with a trusted adult, siblings, or other babies, baby might be a little bit spoiled.

Learning to take turns and give others a chance to use things is a huge step. Sharing teaches the importance of being more aware of the needs of others, is necessary for diplomacy, and just keeping the peace. As children focus on themselves for a long time, sharing is hard to learn, but can be picked up eventually. Toys do not replace quality attention time.

9 Mom Always Shares The Food On Her Plate

Since baby was growing in the womb, they grew up tasting and thriving on whatever foods mom ate. After baby is out and about, crawling around and doing their thing, many moms stress over their diet and development. Although sharing is caring, if baby gets comfortable only eating off of mom’s plate, they might not want to eat their own food.

One way to definitely spoil baby rotten, while possibly giving them a persnickety palate, is to always share whatever mom is eating. Many babies will whine, cry, pout, and even try to reach out for mom’s food. If mom is always giving in to their little one at the slightest whimper, babies risk choking, allergic reaction, and exposure to food that might not be as balanced as their baby food. Moms need their calories too.

8 Bites And Pulls Mom's Hair

bite toes

Looking into the innocent and loving eyes of a baby, no mom would suspect that their little bundle of joy could turn ugly. Yes, even babies are capable of understanding how to quickly manipulate mom, and having her wrapped around their little finger in no time. There’s nothing like the surprise of a pair of tiny hands, suddenly violently pulling at mom’s hair.

Babies know how to push a mom’s buttons and get the attention they want, pronto! Fingers, toes, and unmentionable places will and can be bitten. Hair will be pulled by babies who do not get their way, coupled with high piercing screams. Toys will be tossed, as baby delights themselves watching mom pick up the same toy over and over again. Moms should be aware, as biting, kicking, and hair pulling are definite red flag behavior.

7 The Baby Is Always First

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Real life can be stranger than fiction, as moms obsessed over their children are not solely characters devised for television and films. Babies can be narcissistic enough, as children have to go through various developmental stages to understand their place in the world. Moms will actually make life better for their children, when they make sure to give themselves much-needed alone time without baby.

Certain unmentionable websites have had skyrocketing memberships thanks to moms neglecting their partners. In fact, some experts for rearing children and maintaining healthy relationships have both agreed that it is important to not put baby first all the time. It might be tough to believe, but if mom is not always running to baby’s rescue whenever baby emits a whimper, baby will learn to survive despite. Life is about balance for everyone, and mom’s need time too.

6 Mom Keeps Falling For The Pout

Babies have some of the funniest and cutest expressions. As baby looks to mom and dad for cues on how to react, babies enjoy getting cooed over for their selfie-ready faces. There are moments when if baby is not happy nobody is happy, or adults are laughing at how that tiny human is really putting on a show for attention. Why so serious baby?

Pouting is a natural reaction to baby finding displeasure with something or another. Whether baby doesn’t want to eat their peas and carrots, is upset that mom is giving in to their demands, or just wants to see how mom will react, pouting happens. Giving in to a whining, pouting, and tiny clenched fists of fury may lead to a spoiled kid later. Immortalizing a pouting face online for everyone’s entertainment too often, may lead to mom ending up in a third-tier nursing home later.

5 How To Fix It: Schedule Play Dates

There is nothing like learning that no one is an island. Although babies are pretty much all about themselves and their world, interacting with other babies creates a magical atmosphere for babies and parents both. When babies are on a play date, they will have to learn to share toys. Babies will learn a little bit more, that the world is not solely about them, and natural curiosity really helps foster positive playtime.

Playtime also helps baby and moms see how other parents and children interact. This is especially good for learning diplomacy, and delegating the needs and wants of both mom and baby. Children often learn by imitating others, so seeing how other babies respond and interact with their mom show them a lot. Many a little one have learned to love the sippy cup, shortly after watching another baby in action.

4 How To Fix It: Let The Baby Cry

When it comes to naps and bedtime, it can be rough if baby fights off sleeping alone. Moms that always run to baby’s rescue may find this difficult, but letting baby cry things out for a little bit may help baby get more comfortable self-soothing. Comfort items, a night light, and keeping a routine before baby is put down for a nap or bed help a lot.

Mom can also work on slowly removing herself from baby’s environment little by little, so baby gets more comfortable with sleeping alone. It might be helpful to read to baby from a chair close to the door, and then slowly end reading time with mom exiting. Baby just wants to feel safe, know that their mom is close by, and that someone will be around when they wake. Comfort items are great too.

3 How To Fix It: Be Firm

baby in lap

Biting, kicking, and hair pulling are some behaviors that baby has to get under control. Aggression should only be shown in an extreme circumstance if a baby is in danger. It is so important that a mom be firm with their little one, let them know that what baby is doing is causing pain, and to correct the action every time. Baby should not be corrected out of anger, or have their hair pulled or be bitten in response. Mirroring will cause more aggression than good.

Babies learn to bite, kick, or pull hair to coerce mom to do what they want. Mom should always be the boss. Correcting baby is not about instilling fear of reprisal, but learning how to cope with not getting their way. Always firmly correcting baby on ‘bad behavior’ the same way every time, will eventually get baby to stop.

2 How To Fix It: The Baby Gets His Own Plate

Moms like to share their food to encourage their kid to stay curious, and be open to new gustatory experiences. Who doesn’t want a cultured and well-rounded baby, who doesn’t play into picky eating? In order to stop baby from only wanting to eat off of mom’s plate only, make mealtime for baby an adventure.

One good example, is a famous mom on Instagram who enjoys making her kid’s dishes look cute and appetizing. Baby food is specially formulated for baby’s health and development. Get baby into the mood to eat their own food with personalized utensils, fun bibs, and scheduling feeding around the same time. Moms may find that they have to limit or discontinue sharing food of their plate, until baby develops a liking for being into their own food.

1 How To Fix It: Stay Calm

Babies and young kids want to know why. Asking why, being curious, and trying to figure things out is not a bad thing. Without curiosity, there would be no innovation or wonder in the world.

When baby is about to have an epic meltdown mom must stay calm at all costs. Mom can help her baby develop a better character by firmly, but calmly explaining to baby what is going on, why it is happening, and when things are happening. If baby gets a heads up that they are going to take a nap soon, or that mom isn’t buying that toy today, etc. it can really work wonders. Babies and young tots understand a lot more than we think, as their brains capture and decipher so much information that they just might not be able to verbalize yet.

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