14Baby’s Teeth Have Started To Come In

baby teeth

Although a baby has teeth coming in and may be ready to eat solid foods, happily accepting pureed carrots, peas, or little bits of turkey, the baby should be slowly weaned off of milk or formula.

Mom knows that it won’t be long before the tooth fairy will have to make her rounds, once a baby’s teeth have finally come in. And with the appearance of a tots first set of teeth, mom may be eager to get baby to start trying out solid foods. However,

mom should not be so quick to rush her little one to stop drinking the baby bottle, or nursing from the girls. Some babies are actually born with a tooth or two at birth, but that doesn’t mean that their tummies and digestive system are capable of handling breaking down solid foods.

When introducing baby to solids, mom should observe her child’s actions when around foods. If the baby is showing a clear interest in foods, reaching to grab food off of a mom’s plate, staring at food, and opening the mouth when a spoon of food comes near, those are more positive signs that a baby might be ready for solid foods.

It is good practice to not immediately stop feeding baby breastmilk or formula when giving them solid foods, just to make sure baby gets their nutritional requirements as needed.

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