15Baby Keeps Eyeballing Mom’s Plate

A baby getting caught staring at mom’s plate is not a sure sign that a baby is interested in eating solid foods, but it is a good indication that the baby is paying attention.

One sign that baby might be ready to start eating solid foods, is when mom catches the baby staring longingly at their plate of food. It is important that a baby shows some genuine interest in what’s going on around mealtime because it helps make introducing baby to solid food

a bit easier.

Of course, babies learn a lot by observation and mimicking their mom and dad. Some babies might be simply fascinated watching mom use a fork or spoon to eat their food, and the whole process of chewing and swallowing.

According to Science of Mom, a baby’s readiness to eat solids depends on how much pressure is placed on a baby, in relation to responsive feeding, and mom’s awareness of baby’s hunger cues. Babies should definitely not be pressured into eating solids.

Depending on a baby’s age, mom might be interested in offering a small bite of food to her 4 to 6-month old, to see how the baby reacts. If the baby rejects the offer, begins to cry, or turns their head away with a closed mouth, it might be too early to more seriously try offering solid foods to the baby.

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