10 Signs You're in Love with Your 2-year-old

Having children is a truly beautiful and fulfilling experience. Their smiles and their innocence seriously have the power to mesmerize you. However, the one thing you can be assured of is that having kids and living with them isn’t easy. That’s because when you have children, you get to put up with sleepless nights, lots of throwing up, and when that gets settled, just about everything you set your eyes on is broken. All of this particularly holds true for 2-year-old kids, but even with all that, it’s a baby’s cuteness that makes everything so totally worth it.

Living with a toddler doesn’t come easy. There’s endless running about to do paired with your constant battle of getting your bundle of joy (read terror!) to eat something and potty training him/her. But as we all know, mothers love every single thing about their little ones, and if you have a 2-year-old at home, given below are 10 signs that you adore her to the max:

10 You Apologize for Their Mistakes All the Time

The number one sign that you are completely in love with your little one is that you keep apologizing for the mistakes she makes ALL THE TIME. “Oh, I’m so sorry. She’s just a bit tired because she’s been playing for so long,” “She’s just finicky because she missed her nap” – all of these excuses come out of your mouth like clockwork!

Oh just so you know, a majority of people that you make these excuses to know that you are outright lying to protect your child. The only reason why they don’t say anything to you is because they don’t wish to embarrass you – it wouldn’t really be right for them to just say “Hey stop lying! I know your daughter beat up her friend over a toy – and NOT because she’s hungry!”

9 Snacks Galore! Everywhere You Go!

If you’ve never seen a two-year-old who is hungry and experiencing low blood sugar, well, let us put it in simple words for you: it is NOT a pretty sight. Honestly speaking, you’re going to lose every single ‘scary’ thought you’ve ever had in life once you see a two-year-old throw such a tantrum.

In order to make sure that your baby doesn’t ever act out in a hyperglycemic manner, your love for him/her forces you to carry around snacks EVERYWHERE you go. Be it the grocery store or the laundry, there are snacks galore.

8 You're Happy Even if Your Home Is a Mess!

As a mother, there are bound to be days when you have your home look like it just crashed, and considering how much you love your 2-year-old, you still love it. Yes, even having your new t-shirt buried deep beneath layers of blankets, baby journals and half-eaten fruits is no biggie – as long as it makes your precious baby happy, it is all worth it!

7 You Don’t Want to Force Your Baby Into Using the Potty!

So you bought a potty to train your baby to use it, but there’s no way that’s going to happen. Even if that sucker has been lying around in the closet since months, you refuse to take the hard way and force your baby into trying it out. The mighty potty has since admitted defeat!

6 You Don’t Find Playdates Interesting Anymore

There was once a time in your life when you loved taking your baby out to the park with your friend and her kid. While the kids played, you got to have adult discussions, but lo and behold, it’s now all about making sure that your child has the time of his/her life at the park – how else will you know when to scream out at the kid blocking the slide to move?

5 Most of Your Stuff is Garbage to Others

A majority of things that you have lying around at home are mere garbage to others – but you still love them. Need an example? Well, consider that project you did with your two-year-old where you ‘made’ a dog out of construction paper and popsicle sticks. To you, it’s the cutest thing in the world – to the rest of the world, it’s nothing but junk!

4 You Keep Swooning Over Their Pictures

Oh yes, the final realization that it has been two full years since you had our precious angel is marvelous. This is when you start going through your photo album and find yourself going “awww”, and “oh my baby!” at every other picture that you see –it’s love at first sight all over again.

3 You Research Preschools All the Time

If you go back in time, you will think of times when you looked up all the possible bed and breakfast options available for your weekend away with your husband/partner. But things have changed and you now carry out the same amount of research over the best preschools around you. Something that you once did to enjoy a bit of romance has finally progressed into a means of making sure that you stay sane over time!

2 You Continue Smiling Even if You’ve Had a Roughest Day

No matter how exhausted you are, just hearing your baby saying “I love my Mama” or “Mama/Daddy kiss me” puts an enormous smile on your tired-as-hell face. With that, life is totally worth all the efforts put into it as long as your child is happy!

1 You Record Your Kid All the Time!

No matter what it is that your two-year-old is up to, it is necessary for you to videotape it. Whether it is bath-time, or the moment that s/he says ‘I love you, Mama’ for the first time, it NEEDS to be videotaped. How else will you be able to show it off to the rest of the world?


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