15Skin Looks Blue

This is a sure sign that, for whatever reason, your baby or child is not getting enough oxygen.

A baby turning blue is something that no parent ever wants to experience, it is a scary thing to go through, and in the heat of the moment we can panic and forget what to do. If your baby is turning blue on any part of their body,

but especially on their lips and face, then 911 needs to be called right away.

This could be due to an underlying medical condition, or they could be choking on something, whatever the case may be, the 911 operator will usually instruct the parent calling to administer CPR in hopes of getting some oxygen to the baby, while they wait for the ambulance to arrive. It is important in moments like these to remember not to panic, and to handle things smoothly and in a calm fashion, in order to provide your child with the best chance possible.

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