8Fueled By Nervous Adrenaline 

Obviously , there are exceptions, but many new parents are on such a high with their newborn, and so busy with bonding, feeding, changing and putting them to bed that they don’t feel their exhaustion kick in until the adrenaline of having said baby has settled after the first month

or so.

It’s not to say that they won’t be tired. It’s only that Moms and Dads won’t care as much at the beginning as they are so in love with their little one. Moms, in particular, will be releasing the oxytocin which helps in maternal bonding and that will help in fueling that mother/baby love and building the maternal bond.

Moms and Dads have caught themselves staring dreamily at their baby, laughing at the tiniest movement and things they do, and being fascinated by the fact that they created this beautiful human being. The miracle of life will be right in front of them.

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