10 Things Dads Do That Drive Their Partners Crazy (And 10 Things Moms Do)

Let’s face it: Raising a baby and trying to keep a marriage strong is never easy, no matter how solid the relationship may be or how much help parents may be getting from nannies or family and friends. One of the biggest challenges in life is trying to find that coveted home, work, and marriage balance. Often times if parents find themselves succeeding or at least content with two parts of their lives, the third one might be hurting. And more often than not, many moms and dads find themselves pulling on strings in hopes that their carefully put together lives don’t collapse in front of them.

Honestly speaking, sometimes the smallest details or the little things that a partner does can easily set things off, especially if things are already stressful at home. We’ve all heard stories of that one spouse who never throws his socks where they belong (in the laundry basket), takes naps on the couch (when someone is needed for carpooling the kids to sports activities), or does the unthinkable by flushing the toilet while his wife is taking a shower. We’ve all been there, right?

That’s why we’ve got a list of 10 things that dads do that drive their partners crazy, along with ten things that moms do that drive their husbands wild! Let us know if any of this rings true.

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20 Doesn’t Take Part In Disciplining The Kids

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For a lot of families, many parents often find themselves in one of two roles: the good cop and the bad cop. And more often than not, the mom plays the bad cop while the dad is the good cop. The mom reinforces all of the rules, tries to instill some discipline into their kids and make them pick up after themselves in their bedrooms or bathrooms. Dads, meanwhile, just want to have fun. They are available to play football in the backyard, go for a bike ride, or watch a marathon of movies on Netflix. Some moms just wish they would help reinforce household rules, but it just doesn’t happen.

19 Leaves The Dirty Work For Their Spouse

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Picking up the dog’s mess from inside the house might seem like it’s the lamest job in the world, but someone’s got to do it. Both moms and dads can agree that they often get irritated when their spouse leaves all the “dirty” work for their partner. To make matters worse, they pretend that they either don’t see it or are surprised to find out that their toddler is walking around in a diaper that is about to explode into one huge, disgusting diarrhea mess. Hey, no one said that parenting would be a germ-free job. Put on your gloves and your big boy underwear and get it done, cowboy.

18 Delegates Household Chores

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If there is one thing that husbands can’t stand it’s when their partners delegate household chores. They see that things need to be done, but they just don’t need someone that is constantly reminding them to do it. Yes, the grass will get cut. Yes, the bathroom will get caulked and the tiles will be fixed. Yes, the hallway will eventually get painted to a brand new color. But for now, it’s the weekend, the NFL games are on, and there are buffalo chicken wings and nachos to be had. The chores can wait until next weekend, can’t they? Life’s too short to work all the time, anyway.

17 Has Nights Out With ‘The Guys’ But Doesn’t Communicate Plans

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Truth be told, moms aren’t the only ones who try to escape their family duties and household chores because dads are the same way. But the difference between men and women is that the females often do a better job of communicating where they are going, what they are doing, or who they will be with. And they leave you a list of reminders for the children’s nightly routine before the leave the house, too. In comparison, dads don’t call. Eventually, when you are forced to call them, they tell you that they are having a guy’s night out at their local wings stop.

16 She’s Not Honest About Her Shopping Sprees

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Unless you split all of the bills, have separate bank accounts and separate credit cards, and live a 50/50 life, it’s not cool when the other partner makes a huge life decision by making a purchase that might either stretch your budget or break the bank. A lot of fathers complain that they get annoyed when the monthly credit card statement rolls in just for them to discover that there were several charges made to Nordstrom and Bloomingdales and everyone’s beloved department store, Target. Everyone likes to say that raising kids is expensive, but keeping up with your wife is just as costly.

15 Has Mom’s Night Out Several Times A Week


If there is one pet peeve that dads have, it’s when moms have several “mom’s nights out” with their girlfriends each week. Okay, dads get it. Everyone needs a break, especially when you are stuck at home with the kids all day. But is it really necessary to fly out the front door with a bottle of wine in hand each time your partner comes home from work? Some women make it look like being a stay-at-home mom is like a harsh sentencing. But on the other hand, everyone needs a little adult conversation. There’s just only so much Peppa the Pig that one can handle!

14 Takes Naps… In The Middle Of The Day


One of the biggest challenges that many parents have to overcome, and especially during a child’s first year, is the lack of sleep they get. It’s hard to function as a human being when you are running on low energy or just 4-5 hours of sleep per night. That’s why many moms get annoyed when they find their partners taking a nap… in the middle of the day. Actually, they are not just annoyed, but jealous, too. Move over, buddy, and make some room on the couch. Mama needs a little shuteye, too! For one parent to be well-rested while the other is not is just not fair.

13 Tries To Wiggle His Way Out Of Diaper Duty


As we mentioned above, delegating all of the dirty work to your spouse gets super annoying and super frustrating. But there’s something much worse than not picking up your dog’s mess from the kitchen floor: trying to wiggle your way out of diaper duty. Hey, both mom and dad both contributed to making this little human being. Everyone needs to do their part in changing about a dozen or so diapers every day. Dads shouldn’t act like no one has never done it for them. It’s part of the parenting process. Just hold your breath, look away if you have to and everything will be fine.

12 Never Checks In Before Inviting Guests

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You know what’ worse than having no guests show up to your party? Having uninvited guests show up to your party. Sure, we get that you are really enjoying that new co-worker you get to spend time with at the office, but your wife might not feel the same way about him, especially when he comes around the house smelling like yesterday’s takeout dinner buffet. Make it a rule to always check in with the other partner before inviting anyone inside your kingdom. The same goes with family members, neighbors, friends, and especially with someone that your partner might not already be familiar with.

11 Doesn’t Clean Up After Themselves In The Bathroom

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This has got to be the winner: a lot of husbands and wives can’t stand it when their partners do not clean up after themselves in the bathroom, especially if it’s one that they are forced to share. Either someone forgets to throw the dirty towels in the hamper, never picks up their clothes from the floor, or uses all of the available sink room as their personal vanity. By now you would think that people would get smart and buy homes or apartments with at least two private bathrooms, but that just hasn’t happened yet. One can dream, though.

10 He’s Not Interested In Giving Mom Her ‘Free Time’ By Taking The Kids

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Now, for a lot of dads, they don’t do this intentionally. In fact, some just seem rather aloof about this. But a lot of moms complain about their spouses not giving them any “free time” by taking the kids away. And by that, we mean taking them out of the house and allowing mom to have an interruption-free nap. A lot of people have no idea just how wonderful it is to hear what silence sounds like when there are no children at home. It doesn’t happen very often, and that’s why moms want dads to pick up on their clues and take them to the park, gosh darn it!

9 Complains To Their Mother Or Father About Their Spouse

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Now this one can easily be a deal breaker for a lot of married couples. When one spouse complains to their parents about the other spouse, you are in for a lot of trouble! If there is one thing you should never, ever do is talk poorly about your husband or wife to your parents, no matter how frustrated you may be about an argument or a situation that you are in. Remember, arguments happen often, and there’s a very good chance that you will kiss and make up. With that being said, no one needs to get a stink eye from their in-law during family get-togethers and holidays. Just don’t do it!

8 Expects The Other Spouse To Do The Weekend Laundry

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For the longest time, there was a notion that it was up to the wife to get all of the laundry done at home. As Burt Reynolds once said, “Marriage is about the most expensive way for the average man to get laundry done.” But we’ve got some news for you, buddy: That’s not the case anymore. Inside a lot of homes, the chores are often split, meaning that everyone pulls in their weight. Yet, when it comes to the laundry, no one seems to want to do it anymore! What makes it worse is when your partner expects you to do the laundry during the weekend, leaving the two of you with no clean clothes by Monday morning.

7 Doesn’t Clean Out The Fridge

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It’s a job that no one likes to do, but one that has to be done: cleaning out the fridge. Plus, have you ever seen some of the stuff that is usually growing out of the forgotten pasta sauces in the back of the fridge? And what about all of the fruits and veggies that were meant to be eaten, but were instead forgotten about? Yes, someone needs to make it their responsibility and duty to make sure that no one gets sick from eating veggies that were otherwise ignored and neglected by every family member. Well, it’s not like anyone would eat them past their expiration date, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

6 Moans And Groans About Grocery Shopping

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Okay, so this little chore might soon grow obsolete thanks to the number of grocery chains and department stores that are offering home delivery services. But even with that said, a lot of dads can’t understand why moms moan and groan about doing the grocery shopping several times a week. Shouldn’t a trip to your neighborhood Trader Joe’s feel like a tropical getaway? And doesn’t Whole Foods make you feel like you are doing something right for your family (even though you are spending your ‘whole’ paycheck so to speak)? Men just can’t understand why women complain about buying food when it’s so much fun eating it.

5 Hates Visiting The In-Laws For The Holidays

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This is something that many couples can relate to, regardless of what side of the fence you are on: having to visit the in-laws for the holidays. Truth be told, it’s something that you should do, as a way to respect the person you love the most in your life. But what if the person you love the most just happen to have two parents that you can’t help but despise? We are sure you know what we are talking about. The father-in-law who constantly makes awkward or politically-charged jokes and comments during dinner. Or the mother-in-law who makes passive-aggressive comments about your weight. Can’t everyone just eat Thanksgiving alone already?!?

4 Constantly Complains About Being Overworked

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Let’s face it: When it comes to raising a family, there are very few “easy” days. As a matter of fact, everyone feels like they are overworked, regardless of whether they work inside or outside of the home. And when the other spouse constantly complains about their office job, their line of work, or all of the overtime they put in, it does get slightly annoying. That’s not because the other spouse isn’t being sympathetic to their situation, but rather because they are in the same shoes, too. No one has it easy unless you happen to be a trust fund baby. Everyone has their good days and their bad days, both at home and in the office.

3 Leaves All Of The Party-Planning Work For Mom

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Throwing celebrations and parties for your kids, whether they are for their birthdays, graduations, or soccer teams, are almost part of your parental obligations. You don’t want your child to cry to his or her therapist later on in their lives that you never threw them a Thomas the Train-themed party. Or worse, forgot to buy them a custom social-media-worthy one-of-a-kind cake with their favorite flavor and organic buttercream topping. And let’s not forget the party buses, the makeover parties, the pool parties, the arcade parties, the bowling parties, and the theme park parties, too. But want to know what’s more annoying than a Fortnite-themed party? Having to plan all of these parties yourself.

2 Has Sky-Rocketing Energy Levels At Night (When The Other Partner Doesn’t)

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Now, a lot of couples might not want to talk about this (or even admit to it for that matter), but by the time everything is said and done, all you want to do is jump in bed every night. And once you jump in, mind, you don’t want to move, let alone do anything that requires gymnastics under the sheets with your partner. A lot of parents would agree that there is nothing more annoying than when your partner has sky-rocketing energy at night, especially when all you want to do is get at least seven hours of sleep before the next day.

1 Slacks Off On Showing Love And Support

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Last but not least, one of the biggest pet peeves that many moms and dads have is when their partner just doesn't show them any love or support, especially when things get pretty tough. Hey, raising a family is no walk in the park, and that’s why so many people admit that it takes a village to raise a few small kids. If you have a partner or spouse who doesn’t communicate their feelings or react to the ones that you are sharing with them, let them know. You can only be a team when both people put in the work and effort that it takes to make a relationship great.

Sources: Babble, Reddit

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