10 Things Mom Does She Had No Idea Will Affect Baby's Personality (And 10 That Don't Matter)

During those first few months with a baby, it may appear as though all the little one does is eat, poop, sleep, and cry a lot. However, most moms cannot help but wonder what their babies will grow up to be like and what kind of personalities they will have. As much as a baby’s personality might not be clear when they are an infant, he or she might throw off certain gestures that may give mom and dad a hint of what their child will be like.

If mom has a girl, she might start imagining that her child’s behavior will be similar to hers; while if it is a boy, mom can begin picturing the young man growing up to be like the father. At times, mom might look at her baby and it may seem like the child will end up with a very different personality from both parents.

Some experts believe that a child’s personality is genetically programmed into them and it starts developing as early as in the womb. Other experts go on to add that external factors play a major role in influencing the behavior of a child.

Therefore, parents should only focus on raising their kids to the best of their abilities and hope that they turn into sensible adults. Here are 10 things mom does that will affect the baby's personality (and 10 that won't).

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20 Will Affect Baby's Personality: Displaying Different Emotions

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A baby’s first trace of personality emerges about four months into life, that is, according to Moms. Babies begin showing mild patterns of feelings and behavior at this point. What mom does after the four months can thus influence their sense of self.

A mother’s emotions, especially, can affect her baby’s personality, even when the baby is still in the womb. She can pass on her anxiety to her baby and, according to parents, babies who were anxious in their first few weeks in life will likely be more anxious as adults. Therefore, moms should try to display more positive emotions when around their baby.

19 Doesn't Matter: Being Too Strict


Some moms may think that having strict rules will have a positive impact on their child’s personality. Such a child may seem alert and intelligent but may not be happy despite mom having met his or her needs.

Strict parenting affects children differently, that is according to The Cut. Some kids might benefit from it while others may end up unaffected by it. There are even kids who end up negatively affected by too many rules. Instead, parents should set reasonable boundaries for their children so that they are able to openly discuss issues and thus maintain a close relationship with them.

18 Will Affect Baby's Personality: Where Mom Chooses To Live

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How moms care and protect their little ones while they are growing affects their personality. This includes all the factors in the child’s physical environment as well as her social environment. The physical environment includes the size of the house they live in, the cleanliness of their home, people around and the neighborhood. This all affect a child’s personality.

As stated by Psychology Discussion, the behavior of siblings, peers, or even teachers around the child can have an impact on their personality. Parents get to choose what their children eat, drink or wear which is all part of their physical environment. The social environment encompasses what people in a society do, which also affects a child’s personality.

17 Doesn't Matter: Giving The Little One A Pacifier

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Using a pacifier on the baby does not affect the child’s personality. Some myths indicate that using a pacifier makes a child a late talker. Parents claim that a pacifier has no effect on a child’s personality although using it has other advantages and disadvantages.

Moms give kids pacifiers to get them to calm down especially when they are fussy. Pacifiers are also used to prevent children from sucking their finger. The downside of using pacifiers is that children can get too attached to them, which means moms will have a hard time trying to get them to let go. According to whattoexpect, once the baby becomes a toddler, using pacifiers may lead to teething problems.

16 Will Affect Baby's Personality: Her Feeding Style

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Moms can easily decide whether to breastfeed or bottlefeed their children as soon as they give birth. What they do not know is, whatever they decide can affect their baby’s personality. According to Mother and Baby, it is recommended that women breastfeed exclusively for six months because of the positive impact it has on their baby’s health. Exclusive breastfeeding is known to lower levels of infection and allergies.

According to The Guardian, there a few tendencies of behavioral problems among breastfed babies compared to those who are formula fed. These behavioral problems involve repetitive ill behavior, which can mold a child’s personality negatively. Therefore, breastfeeding is beneficial to a child as well as his/her psychological development.

15 Doesn't Matter: Training The Baby To Walk Too Early


Some mothers believe that if their child hits a certain milestone earlier than is expected then they will be brighter than those who do not, which unfortunately is incorrect. Some children will teeth, crawl, or walk earlier than they should while others will be late bloomers. Milestone achievements do not predict a child’s personality.

Other parents also believe that if their babies walk early then they will be great athletes but Dr. Dunlap disagrees. While on an interview with parents, he stated that a child must have an interest in playing sports and the desire to practice for him to be a pro athlete, therefore, moms should avoid putting labels on their kids so that they can build their own personalities.

14 Will Affect Baby's Personality: Having Other Kids

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The way a mother treats and raises her first child will be different from how she raises her subsequent children. Their birth order will also affect their individual personality. According to Parents, the oldest kid in the family tends to be very responsible while the second one becomes the pacesetter who is always trying to surpass the older sibling. Thus, the order in which kids are born into a family inherently influences their personality.

According to brightside, an only child, on the other hand, tends to compete with the parents and has a difficult time interacting with peers. Despite the difference in personalities, moms should ensure that they treat all their kids equally.

13 Doesn't Matter: Putting The Baby To Sleep On Time Every Day

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Babies sleep a lot during those first few years, this is because they need sleep to boost their growth hormones. Moms can struggle to put their little ones to sleep especially at specific times in accordance with their routine. Some babies have a hard time falling asleep while others take only a few minutes and they are out like a light.

Nevertheless, a baby’s sleeping pattern does not have any effect on whatever their personality will be. Moms who put their babies to sleep on time every single day only create a good sleeping routine for them, however, this does not have any impact on the kind of person the baby will turn out to be.

12 Will Affect Baby's Personality: Labeling A Child

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More often than not, parents tend to give their children labels before they are even born and continue to do so in their childhood. According to motherandbaby, moms who label their children affect their personality. A mother should allow her child to express his or her own personality.

Parents who constantly tell people their child is short-tempered will likely end up with a short-tempered child. Once the child grows up and learns that that is how he or she is perceived, then there will be no room for them to express their own self other than to follow the label that has been given to them, according to parents.

11 Doesn't Matter: How She Soothes Her Baby

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There are those moments a baby will cry more than usual. Some babies will cry for hours when they are upset, frustrated, sick or moody and when they do so a mother’s goal is always to calm them down. The method they use does not necessarily have an effect on what personality they will have.

Some moms will shoosh and bounce them, others will turn up their favorite music, others will put out the lights while others will just change their location as claimed by Parents. Whatever method a mom chooses depends on what her child prefers and what moms notice works well for them.

10 Will Affect Baby's Personality: Teaching A Child Her Culture

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A mother’s culture can have a great impact on a child’s personality and should not be ignored. According to unique2brilliance, cultures, values, and norms accepted in a particular society influence a child’s personality. Even identical twins raised in different cultures will develop different personalities.

Culture influences the manner in which children learn and behave. For instance, a child raised outside of the US may have a different fashion sense that matches their culture, or refrains from eating certain foods. Aptparenting says that as the child grows he or she will sub-consciously absorb the same culture. People who also share the same culture exhibit common personality traits.

9 Doesn't Matter: Holding The Baby All The Time

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Some moms might think that holding their babies all the time can negatively affect their personalities but this is not the case. Constantly holding a baby in their early childhood days does not make them spoilt, it only makes them clingy. Such kids will slowly start getting unattached to mom when they start developing an interest in other things around their environment.

There is nothing wrong with holding a baby all the time. Studies show that babies who are held and cuddled by loved ones thrive even more. Cuddling gives babies a sense of security as well as builds their self-esteem and coping mechanisms.

8 Will Affect Baby's Personality: Conversing With The Baby

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Moms who constantly talk to their babies influence their personality without them even knowing. How moms talk to their babies can also affect their kids’ personality. A baby’s personality is greatly developed by the type of language they hear around them even when they are still unable to talk.

Rather than use baby talk, moms can engage in normal and simple language that will eventually help boost their child’s personality and language. As stated by motherandbaby, talking to a baby builds strong confidence from an early age. Such a child ends up developing stronger language skills when they were older which in turn affects their personality.

7 Doesn't Matter: Being In Labor For A Long Time

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Being in labor for a long time does not affect a baby, and hence, her personality. As long as the baby is not in distress and that her heart rate is normal, moms should not worry. A distressed baby and fatal preeclampsia, as stated by BabyCenter, can cut short labor. Mom having emergency surgery does not affect the baby or her personality especially if the operation goes on well without any hitches.

They type of birth mom chooses also has no effect on the outcome of a child’s personality. The only thing mothers should concern themselves with is coming up a birth plan that is safe for both mother and child.

6 Will Affect Baby's Personality: What Mom Watches And Listens to Around The Baby

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Babies begin to perceive sound by around week 18 while in the uterus. Although their hearing is not fully developed, they are still able to hear and respond to sounds in mom’s environment. Therefore, what moms watch and listen to when pregnant and also after giving birth affects their child’s personality.

Fear-Free Childbirth says that if mom spends a lot of time watching TV and listening to music, then her baby will mimic her behavior. Excess screen time can have a negative effect on a child’s personality; it can lead to obesity, learning, eye, heart, and brain issues, and unproductivity. Moms should encourage their kids to play instead.

5 Doesn't Matter: Eating Whatever She Likes


From the time a woman is pregnant to when she is breastfeeding, she is advised to eat certain meals for the healthy development of her baby. However, whatever she eats does not necessarily affect the personality of her baby, rather, it affects mostly their health and general development.

According to the Guardian, there are many myths out there about how eating a certain type of food affects the outcome of your child. While the matter might be debatable, what matters is that moms eat from a variety of food groups and avoid those foods and drinks that have been deemed harmful to a growing baby.

4 Will Affect Baby's Personality: The Way She Brings Him Or Her Up

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A mother's parenting style can greatly affect her baby’s personality. Every mother has her own way of parenting her kids and as stated by parents, a mom's parenting style can make a difference in determining whether the child will be an introvert or extrovert.

For example, some parents will follow the authoritarian style, where a child is required to follow strict rules; if they break them, then they are punished. Others go for the permissive style of parenting where few demands are made from a child and children are rarely punished. These two styles will affect children differently and mold two very different personalities.

3 Doesn't Matter: Showering The Baby With Love

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There is nothing wrong with a mother showering her little one with lots and lots of love, while it is important, it has no effect on the child’s personality. Moms can show affection to their kids however they want. If the little one needs a hug from time to time, then they really should not deny them.

When babies are showered with love, it builds their sense of security and their self-esteem. According to psychologytoday, a loving parent positively influences her child’s health while neglecting a child can have negative effects on them that can actually last a lifetime.

2 Will Affect Baby's Personality: Being A Good Role Model

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Children are more likely to mimic their parent’s behavior as they grow and that is why most children end up taking similar business paths to those of their parents. Moms who set a good example influence their kids positively and the vice versa is also true.

A mother’s traits and behavior contribute to her child’s positive or negative personalities as claimed by momjunction. Therefore, moms should try their best to reinforce positive behavior. In any case, a child who has good behavior says a lot about the parents. Therefore, moms need to be on their best behavior at all times and always lead by example.

1 Doesn't Matter: Taking Her Baby To Social Gatherings

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Moms often wonder if taking their babies out to public gatherings will make them social and affect the person they will be when they grow up but whether they do or don’t it does not matter. According to moms, some babies are born already social beings while others take time to warm up to people.

Social babies will have no problem with being tossed from one arm to another while non-social ones will cry their lungs out when held by strangers. This, however, has no impact on their personality. Nevertheless, moms should be careful not to overstimulate their babies when they go out.

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