10Pets Will Be Second in Line

Our golden retriever was our first shot at being mature adults. She was our first child, our only love and she ruled the roost for a really long time. When we had our first human child, she was 4 years old and we didn’t realize that anything would change. While

it might not have been very different for my husband, things were extremely different for me once my son came around.

Once he arrived in our lives, our dog seemed to be in our way a bit more and everywhere we went, she was under foot. She really seemed to annoy us at the time which, in hindsight, was definitely unfair, although my stresses were totally legit at the time. Having a new baby to care for is hard work and a dog is just like another child.

Rest assured though- now that my children are a little bit older, she’s once again one of my babies and gets spoiled like her ‘royal highness’ should!

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