10 Things Pregnant Women Say and What They Really Mean

Any one who has been pregnant or has been around a pregnant woman will tell you, when the hormones kick in anything can happen. From extreme sadness which will lead to crying to extreme happiness and joy. 

Being pregnant is one of the happiest moments in a woman's life but let's face it we can't always control all the different hormones that are suddenly taking over our body. So many hormones and changes in our bodies can really change the way we act, especially what we say.

Have you ever heard something come out of a pregnant woman's mouth and thought, "What does that really mean?" Especially if you have never been pregnant hearing a mom-to-be speak about her pregnancy can really sound like she's speaking another language. Well we have you covered here are 10 things pregnant women say and what they really mean.

10  I'm Eating for Two

Every pregnant woman has said this at least 10 times in her pregnancy and every not pregnant woman has thought "man I can't wait till I can eat all day, everyday and blame it on "eating for two", sounds like a blast!!" 

The truth is when you are pregnant you can't have a glass of wine, eat sushi, lunch meat or eat tons of cheese. Although you might crave these food items, your doctor will tell you why you should be giving them up over the next 9 months.

Don't poke this mama bear

So if a pregnant woman tells you I am eating for two she means. Leave me alone, I have not had a glass of wine in God knows how long, I can't eat as much sushi as I want and cheese? What is that magical stuff anyways? Let me eat all these chips alone while you drink that glass of wine! The nerve of these people!

9  Can You Pick that Up for Me?

Ever seen a 7 month pregnant woman trying to pick up something off of the floor? It will look like she's trying to twist, turn and then give up when she's out of breath. After, she will turn around and ask anyone to pick it up for her.

What this really means is, "I can no longer see my feet or anything past this huge bump! I know something fell but I really can not see it. Plus let's not forget I will most likely pee on myself from trying to pick that thing up. So can you save you and me an embarrassing moment and pick that up for me?!"

It's not an excuse, it's a call for help

It's not that she's incredibly lazy now that she's 7 months along, it's just that her belly is so big that not only can she not see her feet, but once she gets close to the object on the floor she wants to pick up, she won't be able to see that either.

8  We Have Picked a Name!

One of a mom-to-be's favorite moment is always knowing the sex of her baby. Will it be a boy and look like his dad? Or a baby girl and look like me? Then comes the tough part finding the perfect name for the new bundle of joy. Finding the name of your baby can become a daunting task for the fact that your baby will have the name you choose for them for the rest of their lives. So you know you need to make it good.

When a pregnant woman tells you, "We have picked a name!" It really means, "I have picked the name, if I left it up to the dad, this baby's name would be Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James, no thank you I refuse to name my child after someone who I do not know. Plus you really can't make fun of me even if the name that I choose is 'Apple' or 'Cherry,' it is my choice and I am sensitive. Don't You for Get that!"

Names are sacred

This can also be taken to mean, "If you even think about using the name that I picked out and lost sleep over I will make your life miserable because I know where you live and I have your phone number." You definitely don't want to use the same name that your pregnant friend has picked out or you'll never hear the end of it.

7  I've Been Having Weird Dreams Lately

One of the things that come with pregnancy besides the usual 3am ice cream cravings and the consistent bathing rooms, is vivid dreams. We all know when you become pregnant the first months are for sleeping, but once you become 30 weeks pregnant, sleep becomes a thing of the past. No more sleep just cat naps that transform into vivid dreams.

When a pregnant woman says shes been having weird dreams lately, it usually means, "I've dreamed about giving birth to a 10 pound baby! Like how am I suppose to recuperate from that! I guess no more sex for me EVER! I've also been dreaming about forgetting my baby Apply Cherry Pie at Walmart while shopping. Boy if this is anything of how my life will end up to be I better start googling how to not forget your kids at Walmart starting now!"

Don't get all Freudian with her dreams

And for the love of God, don't try to analyze the dreams for her. They're stress dreams, which are common in pregnancy. This is her subconscious' way of dealing with the changes in her body and the changes that will be happening in her private life. 

6  I Have a Birth Plan

Having a birth plan is always a very important task, especially for first time moms, we all like to know exactly what will happen and when. The problem is when it comes to giving birth you really do not know what will happen. All moms-to-be go in with one idea and leave with a total different story. Truth is, when it comes to labor, anything can happen.

So when a pregnant woman says, "I have a birth plan," this usually means Drugs! I want all the drugs that you guys have, give me everything! Where exactly do I need to sign so you can make it as painless as possible! You will not believe all the horror stories I have heard about labor so give me all the drugs you have and call it a day."

It's her plan, let her have it

Should your pregnant friend of relative share their birth plan with you, don't critique it like a movie or a restaurant. They're looking for you to listen and nod your head in agreement that their plan is great. If you start blowing holes in her plan, the next place you might find said person is in a psych ward until she goes into labor.

5  Yep, I'm Still Pregnant

Sometimes we all seem to forget that it takes 9 months to have a healthy baby, we all assume it will fly by, but it really doesn't. It takes almost a whole year! the reason why so many people even forget how long you've been pregnant is maybe they haven't seen you in a while and think you must have had the baby already. This results in the constant question of, "Wow, are you still pregnant?" And every time you will roll your eyes and think, Yep I am still pregnant!

If you ever ask a pregnant woman if she's still pregnant, 99.9% of the time she will tell you, "Yep, I'm still pregnant!" But what this really means is, "Yes, I still look like a whale and feel like death! I know it's been almost 9 months, but damn it feels like 3 years! I can't wait till this is all over! I don't remember the last time I saw my FEET!"

No pregnant woman wants to be asked this whether in jest or seriousness

If you get a woman who's gone over her due date, then you've asked an obvious question which is probably going to result in her giving you the look of death. She'll politely say, "Yep," but what she's really thinking is, "Well now Captain Obvious, seeing how I still have gigantic belly out front, swollen cankles, and can barely move, sit or lay down, yes, I'm still pregnant 3 days after my due date thank you very much!"

4  Nope Nothing Fits

When you become pregnant you have the joy of bringing a little slice of heaven onto this earth. But it does come with a price, you lend your body to your baby so they can survive. It's a beautiful thing, but along with everything beautiful and wonderful comes the not so wonderful. Like becoming a beached whale in the process! 

No joke, if you ever hear a pregnant woman speak you will know that at the end of the day, NOTHING FITS! That's right, no more skinny jeans and crop tops, more like baggy sweats and tank tops.

This is what happens during the last month and a half of pregnancy for some unlucky women

When you hear a pregnant woman say, "Nope, nothing fits." It means, "Yes I'm aware that I look like a beached whale and my thighs are 3 times their normal size along with my triple chin, but I'm content because I got to eat my 3rd slice of pumpkin pie. And the best part of it all, is nobody judged me because I am pregnant and eating for two!"

3  Boy it 's HOT!

Hot flashes are one of those pregnancy symptoms that we all know about, whenever you see a pregnant woman fanning herself, she's in the throws of a hot flash. Even if it's 50 degrees outside. This happens because of all the hormonal changes that are happening in her body all at the same time. Along with the fact that when you are pregnant your blood pressure rises by a couple of degrees.

With all those different things happening, no wonder all pregnant women are always HOT! So when a pregnant woman says, "Boy it is HOT!" She really means, "Mother of God it is HOT in here! I'm sweating from areas I didn't know I could sweat from! Like my ears and my head! My brain is sweating! Lordy, where is old man winter when you really need him?"

Pass that lady a drink!

Please don't ask another obvious question to a pregnant woman fanning herself, instead offer her a fan or a cold drink. I would think that the self fanning motion alone is international sign language for, "I'm hot." So really the only reason you should be asking is because you've lost your glasses and are just trying to keep up with what's happening.

2  Flip Flops Are My Fancy Shoes

Water retention is one of those, 'I'm pregnant,' symptoms. Some women may even say they knew they were pregnant when they started retaining excessive amounts of water everywhere. When you retain water your body swells up. Which may cause your feet to double in size. Which means no shoe will fit!

For some women this change is permanent. They will seriously never be able to fit into the shoes they wore prior to pregnancy again. So don't buy yourself any type of expensive fancy shoes in the beginning of your pregnancy because they might not ever fit your foot again.

Pregnancy is NOT the time to go shoe shopping

If you have ever been pregnant, you'll know the struggles of trying to find a shoe that will fit your swollen feet. So when a pregnant woman says, "Flip-Flops are my fancy shoes," she means, "Thank you for inviting me, but I really have no more shoes that fit, but my flip-flops. So if I go, I'll wear my flip-flops and sit in a chair all night long eating all your food."

1  Do You Have a Bigger Bra Size 

When you're pregnant getting a new bra every two weeks might become a constant thing. Your body is getting ready to produce milk, so your glands start expanding and creating a sweet yellowish substance called Colostrum. Some women may start to notice around the 3rd trimester that their breast will leak this substance. It's just your body telling you that it's getting ready to produce milk for your baby.

When a pregnant woman goes into a store to buy a new bra and she says, "Do you have a bigger size other than this one?" What she really means is, "Goodness, they have grown again! This is the 3rd bra this month I can't keep up! They better have a bigger size this is getting ridiculous."

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Now that we have decoded the mother-to-be language for you, what is your favorite line? How many of these have you heard before? 

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