10 Things Shiloh Jolie-Pitt Is Allowed To Do (And 10 Things Angelina Won’t Allow)

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is the eldest biological child of former power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The couple was famous for having a massive brood — six kids to be exact. Three of their children (sons Pax and Maddox and daughter Zahara) are adopted, while three of their children are biological (daughters Shiloh and Vivienne and son Knox).

Angelina’s pregnancy with Shiloh was perhaps one of the most famous pregnancies of the early 2000s. She and Brad had just gone public with their romance after his high-profile divorce from Jennifer Aniston. The world couldn’t wait to see how adorable the baby of two of the world’s most beautiful people would be — and Shiloh definitely didn’t disappoint.

Nowadays, the once-famous celebrity baby has grown into a pre-teen at 12 years old. Shiloh has made headlines for her masculine style, charitable efforts alongside her family, and of course just for being the offspring of two incredibly famous people. With Brad and Angie as your parents, we imagine Shiloh and her siblings have to abide by some tough rules. Read on to learn what sorts of things Shiloh is and isn’t allowed to do — we bet you’ll be surprised by Angelina’s house rules!

First, let's take a look at ten things that Shiloh is allowed to do...

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20 She Was Allowed To Move In With Brad

via People

Although all six of Brangelina’s children lived with Angelina full-time following their parents’ divorce, recent reports claim that Shiloh has since moved in with her father- and it left her mother in tears.

"Ange was in a state and was sobbing as she begged Shiloh not to leave, but ultimately she didn't stop her,” a source told Woman’s Day. "Shiloh's staying at Brad's now, and while Ange is desperately trying to make amends, she's refusing to move back with the rest of her siblings until her mum holds out an olive branch to Brad and starts making a bigger effort to include him in their lives," they continued.

19 It’s Okay If She Runs Away From Home

via Closer

Children all react differently to divorce, so it’s no surprise that some of Brangelina’s children took their parents’ split harder than the others. Last September, reports said that Shiloh was having such a tough time adjusting that she actually ran away from home momentarily.

New Idea Magazine reported that the teen wanted to see her father who’d been preoccupied with work at the time. But the entire ordeal evidently left Angelina shaken. “There’s no doubt Ange would have been freaking out – it’s every parent’s nightmare come true,” the insider explained.

Still, the famous parents didn’t get mad at Shiloh for running away. Rather, they got upset with each other. “Brad didn’t get outwardly mad at Ange, but he couldn’t help but think it was a tad ridiculous that Shiloh managed to get out of a secure estate, especially with Ange’s large amount of hired muscle and nannies,” the source added.

18 She Can Dress However She Wants

via People

Angelina has made countless headlines throughout the years for allowing Shiloh to dress how she wants.

Since she was a toddler, the famous kiddo has been wearing distinctly masculine clothing, including loose shirts, ties, and pants as well as sporting short haircuts. This is in contrast to her two sisters, Zahara and Vivienne, who’ve always made traditionally feminine fashion choices.

Although there has been much public intrigue into Shiloh’s decision to present more masculinely, the Jolie-Pitts have never addressed the interest. Rather, they seem content to let Shiloh express herself however she wants.

17 She’s Allowed To Choose Her Name

via Us Weekly

Given her masculine way of dressing, it comes as no surprise that Shiloh prefers to go by a more boyish name. Back in 2008, Brad Pitt confirmed that the then-two-year-old preferred to go by the names John or Peter.

"She only wants to be called John. John or Peter. So it's a Peter Pan thing," he revealed to Oprah Winfrey. "So we've got to call her John. 'Shi, do you want…' ‘John. I'm John.' And then I'll say, 'John, would you like some orange juice?' And she goes, 'No!' So, you know, it's just that kind of stuff that's cute to parents and it's probably really [bothersome] to other people."

Then, in 2014, Amber Rose made headlines when she referred to Shiloh as John Jolie-Pitt in a social media post, confirming that the celeb child still prefers to choose her own name.

16 She’s Allowed To Have Famous Best Friends

via ET Canada

Brangelina has always seemed to do their best to shield their children from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood life. But as their tribe gets older, it’s to be expected that the kids will start rubbing shoulders with other famous children.

Shiloh has already found a good friend in a fellow famous teen- Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, to be exact. This past February, the actress was spotted hanging out with Shiloh and her sister Zahara, Hollywood Life reports.

“It blows [Brad’s] mind that they’re already at the age where they’re out at night socializing with a young Hollywood star,” a source told the magazine about how dad Brad felt about his daughters’ famous bestie.

15 She’s Allowed To Attend Fancy Hollywood Events

via Daily Mail

Despite Brangelina being private about their family in the past, now that the kids are older, they’ve been making more public appearances. Angie has made headlines for taking her eldest kids to numerous Hollywood events in recent years.

This past February, the mom-of-six brought Shiloh, Zahara, Maddox, and Pax to a swanky art opening in New York. The party of five sat through a screening of Prune Nourry’s Serendipity at the Museum of Modern Art and later posed with the filmmaker for photos.

The film had a personal connection for Angelina, as it followed the story of the artist’s diagnosis (Angelina had undergone a preventative double mastectomy the year earlier).

14 She Considers Herself To Be One Of The Boys

via People

Angelina has since confirmed that Shiloh considers herself to be more of a boy than a girl. While the actress has never said if her daughter prefers using a different gender pronoun, she did admit that Shiloh relates more to her brothers than her sisters - and the family is totally cool with that.

"Shiloh, we feel, has Montenegro style. It's how people dress there. She likes tracksuits, she likes [regular] suits. So it's a suit with a tie and a jacket and slacks, or a tracksuit," Angie revealed, E! News reports. "She likes to dress like a boy. She wants to be a boy. So we had to cut her hair. She likes to wear boys' everything. She thinks she's one of the brothers."

13 She Can Buy Whatever She Wants

via Tribute

Angelina has devoted a huge part of her life to her charitable work and has demonstrated multiple times that she’s teaching her passion to her children. Still, this doesn’t mean that the celebrity won’t spoil her children every now and then.

Shiloh has been spotted on numerous shopping sprees with her brood of siblings. In August 2017, not long after Brangelina’s divorce news broke, Angie took all of her kids to Toys R’ Us for a massive haul. According to paparazzi shots, it appeared like the mom-of-six literally let her kids pick out whatever they wanted.

It must be fun being the child of a celebrity!

12 She Gets To Throw Epic Parties

via Hollywood Life

When you have parents with the wealth and resources of Brangelina, there’s no guessing how great your parties would be - and Shiloh surely hasn’t disappointed. She and her siblings have thrown multiple lavish bashes throughout the years, but it was her most recent Survivor-themed soiree last January that made headlines.

Angelina arranged for her kids and their friends to be taken to a recording of Survivor and then followed it up with an epic after-party. A source told People magazine that it was an “impromptu gather” with a “small group of friends.” Well, if that’s what the Jolie-Pitt kids come up with on a time crunch, then we’d like to see what kinds of parties they throw when it’s not so impromptu.

11 She Can Do Whatever She Wants Online

via People

There are lots of not-so-nice stories about Brad and Angelina that we bet they wish their kids would never see. But the parents have been open about the fact that their kiddos largely have unrestricted access to the Internet. After all, it’s not like they can control everything they see online, right?

“There are certain realities to teenagers and also our generation doesn’t understand half of what they are doing with their tech so they can get around us pretty easy,” Angelina said on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today.’ “We’re the last family that hasn’t gone on [a certain popular social media platform]!” she added, saying none of her kids have asked for an account at the moment.

Now let's take a look at some of the things Shiloh isn't allowed to do...

10 She’s Discouraged From Speaking English

via Twitter

Angelina and Brad adopted children from all over the world, and they’ve made it a point to introduce their kids to as many cultures as possible. Part of this plan is having their children all learn different languages. Speaking English is actually discouraged in their household!

“All the kids are learning different languages,” Angelina told BBC in 2016. “I asked them what languages they wanted to learn and Shi is learning [a language of Cambodia], Pax is focusing on [the language of Vietnam], Mad has taken to [the languages of Germany and Russia], Z is speaking [the language of France] ... and Knox is learning sign language.'

9 She's Not Allowed To Go To School

via:Star Magazine

With her parents’ hectic work schedules and the extent of their fame, it’s no surprise that Shiloh and her siblings don’t go to a traditional school. Rather, the children are home-schooled by their mom and army of private tutors. Nevertheless, Angelina has made it very clear that none of her children are allowed to neglect their studies.

“I homeschool partially because they are from around the world and it’s very … I didn’t want them to have the same education I had when it came to Vietnam or Cambodia,” Angelina has said about how she educated her brood, Daily Mail reports.

8 Brad Doesn’t Want Her In The Spotlight

via Zimbio

Despite the fact that Angelina has been taking her kids to more and more Hollywood events, sources say that Brad wants his children to be kept from the spotlight - and that includes Shiloh.

Back in January 2018, Hollywood Life reports that Brad was furious after Angie showed up to the Golden Globes with their son Pax. Despite her ex’s frustration, Angie then proceeded to take her four eldest kids (including Shiloh) to a New York art gala, which only added to the couple’s messy divorce proceedings.

“While Brad appreciates that his children get extraordinary experiences in life thanks to their unique family,” a source told the magazine. “Brad thinks it is not entirely healthy the way Angelina drags the kids everywhere she goes.”

7 She Doesn’t Get The Same Amount Of Attention As Her Siblings

via Zimbio

With six kids in tow, we can imagine that it’s likely difficult for Angelina to split her time equally amongst her children. However, many fans still found it surprising when the actress once acknowledged to having a bias for other children over Shiloh.

But Jolie admitted in the past that she may show bias toward her adopted children. As she told the Daily Mail, “Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born,” Angelina once told Daily Mail, referring to the fact that Shiloh is her biological child whereas her other, oldest three are adopted.

“But I’m conscious that I have to make sure I don’t ignore [Shiloh’s] needs, just because I think the others are more vulnerable,” she continued.

6 She Can’t Stay Home Alone

via Hollywood Life

Even though she’s already 12 years old, Brad and Angelina still don’t allow Shiloh to stay home by herself (at least not for more than a few hours). Shiloh had to miss out on the 2018 Golden Globes after she injured her collar bone during a family vacation. And even though the rest of the family continued on to enjoy the festivities, they made sure Shiloh wasn’t home alone.

Hollywood Life explains that her older brother Maddox elected to stay home and watch his sister while the rest of the brood went to the awards show. “Maddox has taken on the role of caretaker in the family, and just like his mom, he’s not a huge fan of awards shows and the red carpet, so he preferred to stay home and look after his little sister Shiloh rather than go to the Golden Globes with Angelina,” a source explained to the publication.

5 She Can’t Get Away With Not Volunteering

via Instyle

Considering her mother is a UN Ambassador and her brother has a charity founded in his name, it’s no surprise that volunteering is a large part of Shiloh’s life. Although the teen hasn’t been on any charitable trips like some of her older siblings, there have been plenty of occasions Angelina has put her daughter to work.

Most recently, this past January, Shiloh was spotted alongside her mom and several of her siblings selling organic dog treats at a local park. “I’m not sure why God chose me to tell this story but I have to fulfill my calling: A couple months ago I went to the dog park and saw Angelina Jolie selling organic dog treats,” actress Sarah Ramos said on social media after witnessing the strange sight, Hollywood Life reports.

4 She Can’t Let Her Physical Fitness Slide


Both Angelina and Brad are in impressive shape for their ages, so it’s no surprise they make physical fitness a big part of their kids’ lives. Based on what fans have seen, Angelina strives to make working out a fun part of her family’s routine.

Last January, the celeb posted photos of her and her brood rock climbing during a trip to Disneyland. All six of her kids participated in the family-friendly activity and they were later spotted enjoying the theme park’s rides.

Aside from this, Angelina has often been spotted on walks with her large brood and has spoken about the importance of teaching healthy habits to kids from a young age.

3 No One-On-One Time With The Parents

via James News

We get that having six kids means it’s hard finding time to spend alone with each individual child. But add in a bustling Hollywood schedule that involves tons of traveling and public appearances, and you’re not likely to see your parents for one-on-one time.

For years, tabloids have been reporting about how many nannies the Jolie-Pitts have employed to help care for their brood. Daily Mail once reported that the kids have spent more one-on-one time with the hired help than with their own parents, which has likely got to be tough on this famous family.

2 She Doesn’t Get A Say In Her Parents’ Dating Lives

via Daily Mail

As has already been mentioned, Shiloh had a particularly hard time adjusting to her parents’ surprising divorce. So, it comes as no surprise that the teen is also having difficulty with the thought of her parents dating other people.

Last January, Hollywood Life reported that Shiloh was unhappy over rumors that her dad was dating actress Charlize Theron. Likewise, they added that Angie also wasn’t pleased with the news.

“Angelina has never been too warm toward Charlize because they’ve competed for some of the same roles in the past,” the insider explained, adding, “[She’s] upset that Brad would ever possibly pursue a relationship with someone he knows his ex-wife isn’t fond of.”

1 She’s Got To Act To Be In The Family

via Pop Sugar

If you take a look at their IMDB pages, it’s clear that all of the Jolie-Pitt kids have dabbled in show business at one time or another (and none of them are even legal yet!). Shiloh is no exception, and the young starlet has several acting credits to her name, which is proof that you’ve got to act at least a little bit to be part of Brangelina’s brood.

In 2016, Shiloh lent her voice to Kung Fu Panda 3 as Shuai Shuai. She also played an uncredited part in her father’s famous flick The Curious Case of Benjamin Button where she was featured as a baby. In recent years, it appears Shiloh has said ‘no’ to anymore acting roles, although we’re sure her parents would be thrilled to see her follow in their footsteps.

Sources: Now To Love, New Idea Magazine, Hollywood Life, E! Online, Daily Mail, ET Canada

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