14Sleep Is Central


Once a couple has a baby together, sleep becomes one of the main things they talk about, think about, and even worry about, in my experiences as a mother to two very little ones, that is.

Sure, there are probably some ups and downs to many adults’ sleeping habits, based on illness or job changes or stress – things like that.

But more or less, it’s not too hard, if you try a little, to get to bed at a similar time each night and wake u

at around the same (and, in many cases, necessary) time each day. You do it, it works out alright, and there’s not much more to talk about.

When we check in half-awake in the morning, it’s about who was awoken at which time to help which kids with what in the previous 8 hours.

As soon as we see each other again at the end of the day just before dinner, it’s all about a recap of the babies’ naps – when they happened, how it went, and how this necessarily affected the entire rest of our day.

It’s the main subject. It’s something you try to have as much control over as you can, in order to encourage healthy habits for everyone and wellness for all involved.

With friends, your partner, other parents… sleep is what is being discussed.

And you’re just more tired because catching those 8 hours is simply harder to do once there’s a baby.

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