15A Change To The Chores


A couple probably has a pretty set division of household labor once they are having a child together, if they live together, that is.

That was my experience, anyway.

Although who did what changed somewhat over the years, we’d fallen into a pretty set routine during our adult and married years before

I got pregnant for the first time.

Here’s what I mean: My husband tended to do the dishes. I tended to clean the bathrooms. My husband tended to lug the vacuum out of the closet and tackle that, while I was the constant tidier-upper of the household. We did the grocery shopping together, actually, most of the time. We both did some of the laundry, with me doing my own stuff and him doing his. It’s what worked well for us.

Once I was feeding and caring for a newborn around the clock, what worked for us changed.

My husband now does all of the laundry, and he has from the time our first baby was born. (Oh, and uh, there’s a lot more of it now.)

I just couldn’t carrying the bulky bags and detergent over to the laundry room while also carrying a baby (or two babies, now…). I couldn’t even find the time to fit that in. It just wasn’t physically possible.

We’ve decided I can’t clean the bathrooms with disinfectants that I used to use regularly, as a breastfeeding mother.

Whether it means the hubs taking on more chores or just a change in the division of labor, in my experience, some sort of change will be necessary.

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