We’re not talking about Socrates or Plato here, although I’m sure their views on childbirth would be rather enlightening.

What you’re looking for here is the doula’s view on childbirth and how she can support you and your partner. It’s as simple as asking, “What are your philosophy on birth, and

supporting women and their partners?”

Why is this important? Well, you’re not going to let just anyone into that delivery room with you. You need to know you share the same ideas on just exactly how this bambino is going enter into this world.

Make Sure What They Believe Jives with Your Beliefs

For example:

  • How does she see her role in supporting you and your partner? Is she more cheerleader than advocate? Or is she like a soothing and loving mother who makes you feel valued and supported?
  • What does she do to provide comfort for the mother during birth?
  • Does she support natural childbirth, if that’s what you choose? And if so, what is her role in supporting you in this?
  • Does she support home births?

Nothing Is More Reassuring Than Knowing You're on the Same Page

  • What is her role and experience in a hospital? Is she a good advocate with medical staff?
  • Is she supportive if you elect to have a c-section? What will her role be if you’re in surgery?

There are a number of answers and you’re looking to see if the doula shares your views and will support your choices. It’s also good to find out how she supports you in the time leading up to birth and during the postpartum period. Some doulas specialize in one area or the other, while many do both. But you want to know what her thoughts are in supporting you after the birth.

Trust me, don’t be a hero on this one. You’re going to need all the help you can get in the weeks after your little bundle arrives. Your doula may just be the one who stops you from second-guessing every decision you make or from chronically calling the ER with every little cough and sniffle!

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