10 Things We Know So Far About Mom-To-Be Meghan, And 10 Questions We All Have

Meghan has become an icon over the few years. The Suits star has had a whirlwind few years to say the least. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, but she got her acting start while studying at Northwestern University, where "she began playing small roles in American television series and films. From 2011 to 2017, she played her best-known role, Rachel Zane, on the [drama] series Suits." Meghan believes strongly in expressing her beliefs and supporting other women and giving back: "Her humanitarian work in the 2010s saw her represent international charity organizations. She has received recognition for her fashion and style, releasing a line of clothing in 2016,” shares Wikipedia.com. Meghan was married in May of this year and has since retired from acting, focusing on her marriage and the responsibilities that come along with it.

News broke early this week that Meghan is expecting her first baby, and the whole world is buzzing with the excitement. In fact, she has already started to receive gifts from the public for the new arrival. People.com states that a source noted Meghan has already had her 12-week scan and is feeling well. There are certainly many aspects of Meghan’s pregnancy that remain a mystery, but there are also a few things we can say for sure. Keep reading for ten things we know so far about mom-to-be Meghan and also the ten biggest questions we want answered.

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20 This Is Her First Child

This baby will be Meghan's first child. In an interview with Lifestyle magazine, LifestyleMag.com, in 2016 Meghan stated the following, “...I also dream to have a family. It's all about balance, and I have so much happiness in my career and am fortunate to travel the world and see so many amazing things — it will also be nice to be anchored to something grounded and in the same place...Raising a family will be a wonderful part of that.” If only 2016 Meghan knew that dream was only two years away. She will be getting that family after all, starting with her first child she will welcome next year.

19 The Baby Is Due In The Spring Of 2019


Another thing we do know for sure is that Meghan is due this coming spring. “As of the announcement day (October 15), Meghan was 12 weeks along in her pregnancy, and she was feeling "quite well" after her 12-week scans. She'll give birth in the spring, probably around April,” writes Cosmopolitan.com. So Meghan has more than likely surpassed the first trimester of her pregnancy and is well on her way into the second trimester. It’s good news that she has reportedly been feeling quite well, as things should only get better for her from here on out, or until the uncomfortable third trimester stage, anyway!

18 She Will Be 37 Years Old When She Gives Birth

Meghan turned 37 this August, so she will be 37 when she gives birth to her baby next Spring. It looks like she conceived at the perfect time, too! “At around age 37, fertility starts to decline at a much more rapid pace. Research has found that in any given month your chances of getting pregnant at age 30 are about 20 percent. Compare that to your odds at age 40, which are just 5 percent,” shares VeryWellFamily.com. Many women successfully conceive after the age of 35 and even over 40. Still, it seems Meghan wasn’t wasting any time when it came to start a family, as she was just married in May of this year.

17 Meghan Has Always Wanted To Be A Mom

The pregnancy comes as no surprise to anyone, as Meghan has always gushed on wanting to become a mother. “She said after becoming a successful actress, next for her was putting down roots and having children. 'I dreamt [of becoming] a successful working actress, which I can now very thankfully tick off the list. And I also dream to have a family,' she told Lifestyle magazine in 2016,” shares HarpersBazaar.com. She has even dreamed of reading to her future child. “During an interview on the set of Suits published to the show's Youtube page in 2015, Meghan revealed she can't wait to read Shel Silverstein's classic picture book The Giving Tree to her future children,” adds HarpersBazaar.com.

16 And Motherhood Already Looks Good On Her

Monday, October 16th was the day it was announced that Meghan was pregnant and the Suits star chose wisely when it came to her first official maternity outfit. “... stepped out in a white dress by Australian designer Karen Gee with a pair of nude pumps. This also marks Meghan's first appearance since the news of her pregnancy was confirmed,” writes TownAndCountryMag.com. Fans and style blogs are already speculating the different ways she will, and already has, styled the bump, but we’ll discuss that in a minute. Wondering if Meghan’s pregnancy will slow her down at all? No it definitely will not, see below.

15 Her Pregnancy Will Not Slow Down Her Busy Schedule

Meghan has always been known for incredible work ethic, so it’s no surprise she will not be slowing down now, especially since she’s out of the trying first trimester. “When she was 11, [Meghan] wrote a letter to various notables...about a TV advertisement featuring the idea of women being bogged down by greasy cookware. The youngster deemed the ad [wrong] when male classmates started yelling, upon seeing the commercial, that the kitchen is where women belonged. (The language of the ad was subsequently changed.)...In 2002 [Meghan] landed her first TV role with a guest spot on General Hospital, and she went on to appear in a number of other series that included Cuts, The War at Home, CSI: NY and 90210. As a biracial actress, [Meghan] would eventually talk about the challenges of navigating Hollywood’s check-a-box casting landscape while also finding her voice as an actress,” shares Biography.com. Meghan went on to land her role in Suits in 2011, and the show led to her success.

14 Meghan Already Has A Gift For The Little One, If It’s A Girl!

As mentioned above, Meghan has always dreamed of being a mother. She even purchased a gift for her future daughter when Suits was picked up for a third season. “'I’ve always coveted the Cartier French Tank watch,' [Meghan], 37, told Hello! magazine back in 2015. 'When I found out Suits had been picked up for our third season – which, at the time, felt like such a milestone – I totally splurged and bought the two-tone version...I had it engraved on the back, ‘To M.M. From M.M.’ and I plan to give it to my daughter one day. That’s what makes pieces special, the connection you have to them,'” shares PageSix.com.

13 Friends And Family Are Over The Moon With The News

“...the BBC reports that Meghan's mother, Doria Ragland, is "very happy about this lovely news," adding that she "looks forward to welcoming her first grandchild,” shares Bustle.com. Meghan's mom isn’t the only one stepping forward with the well wishes. It has also been reported that Meghan’s in-laws are all overjoyed and happy for Meghan and her partner. A quick Google search will lead you to some darling recounts of family reactions to the big news. None of Meghan’s friends have publicly shared yet their congratulations at this point, but they likely soon will, once the news calms down a little bit.

12 And So Is The Rest Of The World...Obviously

Obviously the rest of the world is obsessed and overjoyed with the news as well. The pregnancy announcement that was dropped on Monday was picked up and covered by just about every single news outlet there is, and the pregnancy will be a heavily reported topic in the months to come. “now that [Meghan] is pregnant we all need to emotionally prepare ourselves for the Cutest Child In All Of Human History,” shared Emma Lord on her Twitter account, @dilemmalord. With another user chiming in, “[Meghan] has officially secured the bag...go on girl.” @weaveykeeney. It’s safe to say we will be hearing lots of opinions and well wishes for Meghan in the months to come.

11 She Will Have One Very Fashionable Bump


Meghan is a style icon, as we stated above, so it should come as no surprise that her maternity fashion will be a hot topic. “This is a great opportunity for Megan to highlight an emerging independent business featuring maternity wear by showcasing bold and stylish designs during her working day in the later months of her pregnancy," Franklin said in an email. In doing so, Meghan could potentially spark new trends for pregnant women around the world,” reports CNN.com. “With several months to go until her due date, we've likely got some time before Meghan will have to swap her straight-sized outfits for something noticeably roomier. 'Given her penchant for chic clean lines and dark colors, she'll keep it chic and tailored, with pieces that will flatter and make a virtue of the bump,' Helena Lee, features director at Harper's Bazaar, predicted in an email,” adds CNN.com.

10 Will The Baby Be A Boy Or Girl?

The question many fans are dying to know, but will have to wait to find out, is whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. Of course it’s about a 50/50 chance, though modern science suggests the odds of any given pregnancy leading to a baby boy are a little higher. “Seem like everyone you know is making the 'It's a boy!' announcement? It's not just you — it's statistics. Since the 17th century, scientists have noticed a slightly tilted [gender] ratio at birth: 51 percent of babies born are boys,” writes TheBump.com. but you can rest assured that fans and news outlets will undoubtedly be playing the guessing game until we all find out...in the spring when the baby is born.

9 Will The Baby Be American?

Will Meghan’s baby be an American citizen? This seems to be a little blurry as of now. “It will be years before [Meghan] completes the lengthy process of becoming a British citizen. Even then, she may or may not renounce her connection to the United States. So will the baby automatically be considered a dual citizen? Not necessarily. Will he or she have to pay taxes in the United States, and subject the [family's] notoriously private finances to examination in a foreign country? Maybe,” reports NYTimes.com. This is yet another aspect of Meghan's pregnancy that only time will be able to give the answer to.

8 How Does Her Family Feel About The Pregnancy?

We know her Mom is excited about her pregnancy, but I think we are all a little curious as to how the rest of Meghan's family are taking the news. Her half-sister Samantha, of course, had something to say on the subject. “[Samantha] told The Sun on Tuesday she wants her sister 'to be happy,' but also urges her to include their father, Thomas, in her pregnancy. 'It just makes everything that happened over the last year disappear. I want Meghan to be happy and calm and have peace. Everybody needs to be positive,' [Samantha] told The Sun. 'I would hope that — for the sake of the baby, the family, the world and my dad — that leaving him out of the statement was not intentional,'” reports FoxNews.com.

7 Did Her Dad Find Out Before The Media Picked Up The Story?

So that leaves the question on many minds, did Meghan’s Dad know about his future grandchild before the media did? It looks like no, he probably did not know. “Meghan did not tell [her father] about the pregnancy,” the source told Us on Monday, October 15, just hours after the announcement. “He found out the same time as the rest of the world,” states USMagazine.com. It’s hard not to feel for Meghan and her strained relationship with her father. Hopefully the arrival of her little one will help clear the air and bring her family a little closer together.

6 What Will The Nursery Look Like?

It’s hard not to dream about and gawk over what Meghan’s baby’s nursery will look like, and of course, many are already speculating the topic. “Meghan will likely be torn between British classic decor and her penchant for modern contemporary with boho flourishes. The pair will need to choose a gorgeous crib or bassinet, changing table, baby basket and a regal rocking chair, just to get started. Regardless of the overall style Meghan will choose, we've no doubt white will be a key colour with natural materials like timber and linen. Textural furnishings including florals and animals will add softness and visual interest. It also wouldn't be a nursery without a touch of whimsy, something we think Meghan may add through patterned wallpaper or decals, prints, and lighting,” speculates Homes.Nine.com.au.

5 What Name Will She Choose For The Little One?

Along with the announcement of Meghan’s pregnancy comes all of the baby name predictions, and again, it’s hard not to have fun speculating what the little one might be named! In London, folks are even betting on the name. “Victoria earned the top spot at 8/1 within the first minute of the baby news announcement, according to bookmaker William Hill. The name is a leading favorite for a girl for Ladbrokes as well at 8-1. Alice and Elizabeth are also tied at 8-1, according to William Hill. For a boy, Ladbrokes bets place Albert and Arthur closely behind at 10-1, while William Hill has Alexander up at 7-1,” shares People.com.

4 How Long Will We Have To Wait To Hear The News Once The Baby Does Arrive?

How soon will the public be notified after Meghan gives birth? Will an announcement be made right away, or will we have to wait awhile before hearing the news? If Meghan follows tradition, we will likely hear about the birth mere hours after it happens, and she will probably be dressed to the nines for the announcement, which is actually hilarious to think about if you have ever given birth. The idea of wearing anything but sweatpants and a t-shirt in the days after giving birth is quite funny.

“If you have children, you can probably remember planning what to pack in your hospital bag. From your health insurance card to toiletries to magazines, you wanted to be prepared. You probably also packed a comfortable outfit to wear home. The American Pregnancy Association recommends an outfit that fit when you were around six months pregnant...,” writes TheList.com.

3 Will Her Bestie, Jessica Mulroney, Be The Godmother?

It’s no doubt that Meghan and Jessica Mulroney are bestie goals. Mulroney is actually traveling with Meghan as of right now, and will do so for the next few weeks. Mulroney was undoubtedly one of the first to know of the pregnancy, so here’s what we really want to know, is Jessica Mulroney going to be the Godmother or what? It’s likely the little one will have several Godparents, and none of them will probably be family, so there is actually a good chance Mulroney will get to be a Godparent to the little one. Though, we will have to wait and see.

2 Will This Be Her First And Last Baby, Or Will She Have More?

Yet another aspect of Meghan’s pregnancy you can bet everyone has an opinion on, will this baby be Meghan’s first and last? Or will she have more? If Meghan were to follow tradition, (which, let’s be honest, she’s not too keen on), she would probably have at least one more baby. But Meghan is always one to go against the grain, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she only had one, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if they end up with three or four. But again, this is something we will have to wait a long to time, like years, before we know the answer.

1 Will Her Mom Be Present At The Delivery?

We know Meghan and her mom are super close, and the duo are so sweet together. So will her Mom be present at the delivery of her first child? “Meghan and Doria are famously very close, and it’ll be no surprise that Meghan will want her mum nearby as she embarks on motherhood. [Sources] have said Doria was spotted taking baby-care classes in Pasadena, California, perhaps with a view to helping with the baby. Sources have also suggested it is likely the yoga instructor will relocate to London at some stage,” writes Express.co.uk. It’s likely that Doria will be present when Meghan gives birth, and it will be so sweet to see her as a Grandma!

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