10 Things You Should Look for in a Diaper Bag

Whether you're a new mummy-to-be, a mother of 3, or an active daddy, there's one thing you all need: a diaper bag to suit your individual circumstances. Carefully selecting all the essential items that fill a diaper bag is arduous enough (believe me, there's a lot that needs to come with bub wherever he/she goes), and choosing the right diaper bag is just as critical as the contents it contains. 

How can you set about your task to choose a diaper bag that meets your requirements? With all of the different choices in diaper bags, you really have your work cut out when selecting the best one for your needs. Being a mummy is challenging enough with all of the seemingly endless options of baby goods and products, how can one possibly decide on the ultimate diaper bag with literally hundreds of different options out there?!

The process of selecting the most practical, stylish, and convenient diaper bag suitable for your needs essentially comes down to 10 considerations. Consider the below factors to help you choose a diaper bag that will keep you organized, contain enough room to fit all you need to carry, and with a look and features to match your unique style. Let me break it down, and do the hard work for you.

10  Price

Having the right diaper bag really does matter, when you consider that it will be strapped to you each time you leave the house with bub. It may well be your number one fashion accessory for quite some time to come!

If your first consideration for you is price due to having a strict budget, there are relatively cheap diaper bags available to cater to your needs. Making a decision based on your budget is a good way to reduce a lot of hard work in selecting an appropriate bag, as it will limit your options and other factors listed below will become less important in your hunt. 

Be careful buying a cheap diaper bag as the quality might not be there

At the lower price range, you can pick up a basic diaper bag for around the $30 mark. However, you need to prepare yourself to sacrifice options on style, material, color, and features. In the mid-price range, you will find yourself spending upwards of $30 to purchase a diaper bag with more options in style room, features, and quality. 

At the higher end of the market (I am talking $100 plus), you can pick up a more stylish and snazzy designer diaper bag. 

9  Size

Size is important when considering the practicality and portability of your diaper bag. The aim is to invest in a diaper bag that fits all bub's needed items, whilst remaining small enough to reduce the possibility of it potentially becoming an additional burden. 

Some diaper bags can verge on the size of ridiculous. Yes, you want a diaper bag that contains loads of features; however what is the point if it becomes cumbersome and gets in the way of everything. 

If your diaper bag couldn't pass as carry-on luggage it's probably too big

At times, you will be carrying bub in one arm, or pushing in the pram, and may end up dragging that ultra-sized diaper bag you chose by the other arm! 

8  Style

The range of different styles of diaper bags is far and wide. There are different colours, patterns, and materials. You need to weight up fashionable versus practical when it comes to the importance you place on style. 

On one hand, if you choose a "chic" style of then at least it will be one item that may make you feel like the fashionista you once were, when things like washing your hair become a luxury with bub demanding your attention 24/7! 

A stylish bag should also be practical

On the other hand, what good is a stylish diaper bag, if it doesn't fit half of the necessary items to cater for bubs growing needs? Perhaps consider the amount of time you will be carrying the diaper bag each day, and where, and then evaluate how important style is to you. 

7  Portability

When looking at the size and style of your future investment, ask yourself: how portable is my diaper bag? You need to consider that your diaper bag will literally become an extension of you when out and about with bub. 

For example, can you easily locate that pacifier you so desperately need in the shopping center whilst bub is screaming the place down? When choosing a diaper bag, perhaps visualize yourself madly rushing around with a crying baby demanding your attention in one arm whilst porting around your diaper bag in the other arm. 

Make sure you choose a bag that works well with carrying bub around at the same time! 

There's nothing worse than having a bag that doesn't travel well, or that makes travelling more difficult. If you can't attach it to your stroller or comfortably wear it while holding onto your baby or other objects, then you should probably decide on another bag.

6  Quality

This is where the saying "you get what you paid for" becomes relevant. Your diaper bag is going to be constantly strapped to your arm, bound to your pram and thrown around the car (and everywhere else!), so it needs to be durable. 

Quite often, if you opt for a cheap diaper bag it will not survive the yards. Investing in a mid or upper range diaper bag may cost more in the short-term, however, it may just prevent you from having to replace that cheaper version at a quicker rate. 

Weigh up the cost versus quality when you are shopping around for that bargain diaper bag.

Your diaper bag should at the very least last you the first year of your baby's life. That means that no pocket should pop a seam, the zipper shouldn't fail, and the straps shouldn't fall off. If this happens before the first year of use is over, then you have a low quality diaper bag.

5  Features

The best diaper bags come packed with loads of accessories designed to make your life just that little bit more manageable and easier. There are far too many features to note each one here; however you will want to evaluate both interior and exterior storage options, closures, and features. 

Types of bonus accessories you may want to look out for include a changing pad, an insulated bottle tote, stroller straps, a dirty clothes sac, and a detachable shoulder strap.

4  Practicality/Functionality

One required skill of a super mom is practicality! Hence, you need a practical bag to match! A bag must rate high on functionality or if just won't cut it. Look out for practical features of your future diaper bag, such as containing a matching "clutch" to store necessities such as money or credit cards to carry with you. 

This way, you can reduce bulkiness and double up its purpose instead of carrying a purse and a bag. It is super practical ideas and accessories like these that will save you time and effort, making your hectic role as a mummy that much easier. 

3  Material

Before you are totally taken away with a diaper bag based on its sexy fabric, you need to consider that your diaper bag will be thrown around all kinds of places in its life ahead. Perhaps aim for a fabric that can withstand a bit of dirt and mess here and there, and can be wiped or spot cleaned. 

Choosing a diaper bag based on its fashionable material may cause you heartache in the end if it only lives a short life. Faux leather can make for a fashionable diaper bag which is easy to clean. Whatever the fabric you choose, ensure it can withstand baby messes (there's likely to be a lot of them!).

2  Closures

Diaper bags come with all types of different closures – including zippers, fold-over tops and snap or tie closures. This can be an important consideration, depending on how frequently you need to access items from your bag. Give some thought to when and where you will likely be using the diaper bag, and how quickly you will need to grab items out. 

Ensure that you can easily work the diaper bag closure, and consider that there may be other things you need to simultaneously wrangle when accessing the bag, such as a baby or pram. With your bag being thrown around in all different places, you don't want things spilling out and potentially getting lost or spoiled. 

A couple of tips here: snap closures are convenient for easy and quick access, and zippers are useful to prevent any unwanted wandering hands from prying open your bag. 

1  Multiple Bags

Different diaper bags suit different uses, so if money isn't a deciding factor for you then you may opt for purchasing more than one diaper bag. Whoever said you have to limit yourself to one diaper bag? Us women LOVE to shop! 

You could invest in a different bag for different purposes – a practical bag, a stylish bag, and/or a large bag (dependent on your wants and needs). Backpack diaper bags are really handy hands-free carrying and in particular for long distances. Stylish diaper bags can be attractive enough to carry at social outings such as café dates with other mummy friends. 

Sometimes two bags are better than one

Large diaper bags may be useful for outings which will require additional items such as all day trips. Why stop at one bag, if you can afford the money and space that additional bags will take up in the nursery or your clothes cupboard? Shop away at your heart's content, mummy – after all, you deserve it!

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