10 Times Chrissy Teigen Rocked Pregnancy and Motherhood

Chrissy Teigen has been everywhere lately. She's a TV host, model, author, and social media star. She cracks jokes on Twitter and posts food porn pics like the rest of us on Instagram. She's been open about her marriage to musician John Legend, their infertility struggles, and her pregnancy which was made possible through IVF. In April 2016, Teigen and Legend welcomed their daughter Luna Simone.

10 This Mom Does it All

The smoking hot mama is all over the place. As L.L. Cool J's co-host of Spike TV's Lip Sync Battle, she provides funny color commentary and sings and dances along with the competitors. She was also a co-host on The Fab Life during the show's brief existence. She recently released the cookbook Cravings, which became an instant USA Today Bestseller. She's walked the red carpets for the daytime Emmy's, the Oscars, the Grammy's, and more. Teigen also recently appeared on the covers of Women's Health, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and appeared for the seventh time in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

9 Infertility Struggles

Though you'd never guess what was happening behind the scenes of Chrissy's steamy 2016 SI swimsuit shoot, she opened up to People Magazine about doing fertility treatments while shooting in Zanzibar. She said the constant hormone injections left her face full and puffy, and she expressed concern over bruising at the injection sites. Looking at her flawless pictures, you'd never know!

Teigen has said that she and Legend would have had kids years ago, but the couple has struggled with infertility. She has remained refreshingly honest and open in interviews and on social media about her experience with the IVF process and her resulting pregnancy.

8 IVF Backlash

Teigen and her husband John Legend received a flood of criticism for revealing that they selected the gender of the embryo that was used during the IVF procedure. Teigen wasn't expecting the backlash, and of course, it's hard to explain something as complicated as IVF in 140 characters.

To simplify, when embryos are screened for diseases and genetic abnormalities, IVF specialists also learn the gender. Some critics raise the question if choosing a gender is going too far, and Teigen was quick to defend the couple's decision on social media. Although an extremely personal decision, infertility, IVF, and the ability to select a child's gender are things that should be discussed more openly, and by speaking up about her experiences, Teigen is paving the way for others who struggle with the inability to conceive.

7 Standing up to Critics

The decision to have a baby girl isn't the only time Teigen has had to defend herself from critics. She has shut down body-shamers and mom-shamers on social media on more than one occasion. Teigen defended the couple's decision to hire a night nurse. She was immediately picked on for showing off her post-baby bod in a crop top in an Instagram post. And, one week after giving birth to daughter Luna, when she and Legend were (gasp!) spotted going out to dinner. The internet trolls rushed to label her as a bad mom!

So, when you have a baby, you're no longer allowed to go out to dinner? Can't you have a life of your own? Teigen and Legend went out for a quiet dinner to relax and enjoy each other. As she pointed out in her Good Morning America interview, if mommy and daddy are happy, then the baby is probably happy, too.

6 Supportive Hubby

Teigen has said that reading mom blogs and websites kind of helped prepare her for the unnecessary mom shaming all over the Internet. Although she has lots of fans and supporters, her biggest supporter is without a doubt hubby John Legend. After their much-criticized dinner date, Legend took to Twitter to ask why everyone was shaming Chrissy, bringing up a very good point: how come the moms get all the criticism?

Nobody freaked out over the fact that dad went out to dinner, but mom went out and the Internet lost it. It's hard enough to be a mom these days, but being constantly scrutinized by the public must make mom life that much harder.

5 Glamorous and Glowing

Teigen remained chic and fashionable throughout her pregnancy, walking red carpets and making appearances at swanky award show after parties. One of her signature maternity looks was pairing sheer, lacy, revealing pieces with a long duster-like sweater or coat. She managed to look sexy and show a little skin, while not going overboard. She often accentuated the bump with bodycon dresses but from time to time was seen sporting more casual, flowing maternity styles.

4 True to Her Own Style

Teigen stayed true to her own style throughout her pregnancy, refusing to give up wearing short-shorts and sky-high stiletto heels. In casual pictures around the house, she often has her hair pulled up in a sloppy top-knot or her hair flows in long, messy waves. She somehow managed to make pregnancy look both effortless and glamorous, although she's made it clear that pregnancy isn't a picnic!

3 Keeping it Real

Teigen was very candid during her pregnancy, talking about everything from the IVF process, to wardrobe malfunctions, and her pregnancy cravings. She shared a list of her favorite foods on Twitter, including ice cream sandwiches, burgers, lasagnas, and fast food staples like Taco Bell, KFC, and Carl's Jr. She learned to embrace her bump and all of the body changes that come along with being pregnant. She has also said that she really enjoyed being pregnant. According to an interview in the April issue of Self, it sounds like there may be more babies in store for Teigen and Legend.

2 Hilarious and Crazy

Whether she's busting a move on Lip Sync Battle or busting out of her pants, Teigen always has a way of making us laugh. The foodie and cookbook author celebrated her baby shower by feasting on McDonald's, Wendy's, and Taco Bell. Who does that?! Her social media posts are often hilarious, like the time she responded to a Tweet accusing her of being irresponsible for being an unwed mother by posting a picture of her middle finger and also showing off her ginormous wedding ring. Hopefully, she keeps her sense of humor throughout motherhood!

1 ...And Also A Lot Like Us

One of the reasons why so many moms are fans of Teigen is because she's a lot like us. She gets fired up on social media. She posts tons of pictures of her food, her dogs, and her bump and her baby. She eats Shake Shack. She binge-watches Real Housewives and Face Swaps with her husband. She has stretch marks. And she hopes to be the best mom she can be. Just like us.

Welcome to the club, Chrissy!

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