10 Times Dads Nailed The Craving Errand (And 10 Times They Missed The Mark)

Pregnancy cravings strike without warning and moms-to-be desperately want the food and drink that they crave. Growing a baby is hard work and expectant moms often want food and drink items that are a little bit unusual, like the proverbial pickles and ice cream.

Usually, pregnancy cravings happen because moms-to-be need certain nutrients for their babies. For example, a woman who is pregnant might crave salt because her body needs more sodium, or chicken because her body needs more iron. Sometimes, expectant moms ask their partners to go and get food or drink items for them. When dads-to-be step up and get the food that their wives are craving, they nail the craving errand.

When the women need to get their own food or drink, their husbands fail the craving errand. Of course, it's possible for a dad-to-be to nail the craving errand sometimes and fail the craving errand at other times. The gestation period lasts nine months and there may be a host of pregnancy cravings during that time period.

This lighthearted list features some celeb guys who've gone the extra mile to satisfy their wive's pregnancy cravings and a few who stepped back and let their wives handle their own food/drink cravings. There are also some stories about non-famous guys who did the same things.

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20 Nailed It: George Clooney Spoiled Amal With Treats


George Clooney seems utterly bewitched by his smart and stunning wife, Amal, so it's no surprise that he made sure she got the foods that she was craving during pregnancy. George was once the eternal bachelor who never, ever wanted to get married again. Then he met a human rights lawyer who turned his world upside down.

While Amal was expecting their twins, she wanted risotto flavoured with white truffles and also craved pasta. He would nail the craving errand by taking Amal to fancy restaurants so she could enjoy exactly what she wanted. With an estimated net worth of half a billion bucks, George can afford to indulge Amal anytime.

19 Nailed It: One Hubby Cooked More To Satisfy His Wife's Cravings


Non-famous hubbies step up during their wives' pregnancies, too. One regular guy helped by making sure to cook meals at home more often. He went out of his way to shop for ingredients that his wife wanted and then prepared meals from scratch. This is a very kind thing to do, as women tend to get tired sometimes while they are pregnant. Expectant moms may not always feel like cooking. When their partners help by making the right foods, they are being so caring and supportive. You don't need to be rich or famous to nail the pregnancy craving errand.

18 Nailed It: Adam Levine Kept Watermelon In Stock For Behati


Adam Levine is another famous guy, like George Clooney, who seems to have found incredible happiness through marriage. Adam is devoted to his VS Angel wife, Behati Prinsloo, who was born in Namibia, Africa. Behati craved watermelon while she was expecting a baby and Adam made sure that she had more than enough of the tasty fruit. It's safe to say that Adam would have gone to the ends of the earth to get Behati what she was craving during pregnancy. He is always there for his wife. Adam and Behati have two daughters named Dusty Rose and Gio Grace.

17 Nailed It: Jessa Seewald's Hubby Took Her To Arby's


Jessa Seewald is often referred to by her maiden name, Jessa Duggar. During her pregnancy, she had cravings for Arby's shakes. These days, she's a mom of two, to Spurgeon Elliot Seewald and Henry Wilberforce Seewald. During pregnancy, her hubby, Ben Seewald, would go along to Arby's with her, so she could get the satisfying fast food menu items that she craved. In 2015, she documented one trip to Arby's by posting a pic of the trip online. She was sipping on a Jamocha shake and her hubby was chowing down on a sandwich. Her Arby's cravings surfaced during pregnancy number one.

16 Nailed It: Ryan Reynolds Bought Blake's Snacks


Blake Lively is all about lifestyle living. She's a friend of Martha Stewart's. So, it's unsurprising that Blake's pregnancy food cravings were a bit gourmet. Ryan ran himself ragged picking up pickles (small batch only, please) and pumpkin-flavoured ice creams that were hand-churned and one hundred percent organic. This stuff is not available at 7-11 stores, so Ryan would have had to haunt Whole Foods or other pricier grocery stores. Not that the bill for the pregnancy snacks would make much of a dent in his massive bank account. Ryan is believed to be worth 75 million dollars. Blake and Ryan now have two daughters, named James and Inez.

15 Nailed It: Dax Shepherd Got Kristen Bell Frozen Yogurt


Dax Shepherd and his wife, Kristin, often talk about pregnancy and parenting. They are a couple who are open about their lives to a fairly large extent. Because they are so open, we know that Dax was happy to nail the pregnancy craving errand, by going out to get Kristin her preferred treat, frozen yogurt, when she was expecting a baby. Dax and Kristin filmed a commercial together, to promote a tablet computer. In the ad, the couple lounged in their bedroom, using the tablet to help plan their day, before Dax went on the pregnancy craving errand. Sure, the commercial is not real, but it's based on real life.

14 Nailed It: John Legend Made Chrissy Teigen Fancy Dinners


Chrissy is a cookbook author. She's the type of person who will tweet Panera Bread to let them know what she thinks of their business practices. She's a foodie. When she was expecting, her crooner hubby, John Legend, nailed the pregnancy craving errand by preparing what she really wanted...fancy dinners. That's pretty nice, isn't it? It convenient to have a partner who's comfortable in the kitchen. Also, his willingness to make family meals says a lot about him and all of it is good. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have two kids, Luna and Miles. Luna is now two years old and Miles is a baby.

13 Nailed It: One Non-Famous Dad-To-Be Ran Out For Orange Juice


When one non-famous mom craved orange juice, her non-famous hubby sprang into action and went to get what she wanted. So, why would she be craving orange juice? Well, it's got a lot of vitamin C and the unborn baby might have been needing that. There is often, but not always, a link between pregnancy cravings and missing or low nutrients. A woman will crave what she needs to boost certain nutrients that aren't present or are in short supply. Lots of women do crave fresh fruit or fruit juice while they're pregnant. Doctors advise giving into pregnancy cravings in moderation.

12 Nailed It: This Dad Raced To The Store For Jell-O Cups


Another expectant mom wanted Jello-O cups while she was pregnant and her non-famous husband was happy to go and get them. Finding Jell-O cups wouldn't be so hard. I see them in the grocery store every time that I go there. There are cheesecake cups and all kinds of flavours to choose from. I'm not sure which flavour this mom-to-be was craving when her partner went out and nailed the pregnancy craving errand. I have tried the cheesecake cups and they are pretty good, but, IMHO, not as good as actual slices of cheesecake. I personally craved chicken while I was expecting my son. Every woman is different.

11 Nailed It: Ashton Kutcher Bought Craving Food For Mila Kunis


Ashton Kutcher filled a secondary, smaller household refrigerator with the food that his wife, Mila Kunis, was craving during pregnancy. I've read a lot of comments from Mila about marriage, pregnancy and parenting and it seems like Ashton really hits a home run in terms of being a considerate partner. He was nailing the pregnancy craving errand by filling a whole fridge with foods Mila wanted, and he was also reading up on baby care tips and parenting tips before their children were born. Ashton has really embraced his second marriage...and parenthood. Mila and Ashton have two kids, named Wyatt and Dmitri.

10 Failed It: Scott Disick Let Kourtney Handle Her Bagel Cravings


We're not saying that Scott Disick never helped Kourtney by going out to get the food that she craved while she was pregnant, but she did take care of her pregnancy bagel craving on her own. Kourtney loved eating bagels while she was expecting. She often had them for dinner. She also said that she carried bagels around in her handbag, just in case the urge to eat these delicious carbs became irresistible. She may have craved carbs during pregnancy because they are viewed as comfort food. Carbs make us feel really full and satisfied. She may have also needed the calories from carbs for energy.

9 Failed It: Ellie Kemper's Hubby Didn't Get Her Ice Cream


Ellie Kemper got her pregnancy ice cream fix on The Tonight Show, rather than at home. This happened when she announced to the world that she was expecting. She got a drumbeat from the house band, as well as a delicious pint of ice cream (it was Ben & Jerry's). I'm sure that the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star got plenty of pampering from her husband at other times. Ellie has a son named James, who is showing a fairly strong resemblance to his famous - and talented - mommy. Ellie thinks James is the cutest thing ever. Kemper is married to producer and writer, Michael Koman.

8 Failed It: Nick Cannon Let Mariah Cook Her Own Soul Food

Maybe Nick Cannon didn't know how to cook the soul food that Mariah Carey was craving while she was pregnant with their twins. For whatever reason, Mariah ended up making the soul food herself. Nick and Mariah's relationship ended long ago, but probably not because of the soul food. Since she was carrying twins, she must have had a big appetite while she was pregnant. I know how much work it is to carry one baby. Carrying two must bump up the appetite, as well as the usual pregnancy symptoms. Mariah's twins are named Monroe and Moroccan. The twins are now seven years old.

7 Failed It: Ellen DeGeneres Had To Help Natalie Portman


Charming talk show host and comedienne, Ellen DeGeneres, made sure that Natalie Portman got the pickles that she was craving while she was pregnant. While Natalie's ballet dancer hubby, Benjamin Millepied, may have failed the pregnancy craving errand, he's surely catered to his actress wife at other times.

Natalie is a vegetarian, so Benjamin would know exactly which meat-free foods she wanted while she was carrying Aleph (he's a boy and the older child) and daughter, Amelia. Natalie tended to crave sweet things, like cream puffs, during pregnancy one and had more savoury cravings, such as the desire for burritos, during pregnancy two.

6 Failed It: Molly Sims Had To Get Her Own Cake


While pregnant, model Molly Sims once ended up eating cake while sitting in the driver's seat of her vehicle. Clearly, she wanted the cake and couldn't wait another minute to indulge, so she might not have given her hubby a chance to nail the pregnancy errand. Like Natalie Portman, Molly had a bit of a sweet tooth while she was expecting. Molly is married to Scott Stuber, who is an important Netflix executive, as well as a producer. He and Molly have three kids. Molly has her own website and she posts a lot of updates about her life there, so check out the website to see what she's up to.

5 Failed It: One Hubby Ate The Whole Supply of Dill Pickles


Ok, - this is not ok! I'm just kidding, sort of. One non-famous hubby managed to polish off the household supply of dill pickles, which his pregnant wife was craving. He could probably have left a few pickles behind. Hopefully, this guy went out and got more. Maybe his wife had to do that herself.

Pickles are the classic pregnancy snack. If a woman is craving them, a partner should stock up on them if he wants to eat them, too. Pickles are salty and crunchy and quite strongly flavoured. It's also easy to grab a pickle from a jar in the fridge unless a pregnant woman's partner has already inhaled the whole jar.

4 Failed It: This Hubby Kept Forgetting To Bring Home Taco Bell


One epic pregnancy craving fail happened when a hubby repeatedly forgot to bring his pregnant wife the Taco Bell that she craved. Honestly, this guy could have done better. Everyone forgets stuff, but he could have made a note of the task and then carried it out. He clearly didn't understand the intense food cravings that come over women who are expecting babies. Or maybe he was just really, really busy. He might be a forgetful type in general. Most guys (married or not) tend to offer a lot of support to their pregnant partners. Guys don't have to be perfect to help a lot.

3 Failed It: One Mom-to-be Had To Buy Her Own Butter Spray


One mom-to-be wanted to make her own popcorn. She was excited about grabbing just the right seasonings, including butter spray. Unfortunately, she had to go shopping for butter spray herself. It would have been nice if her partner stepped in by heading to the grocery store for the ingredients that she craved. She could have relaxed a bit while he shopped.

Anyway, she got what she needed, popped some corn, adding powdered Ranch seasoning and butter spray and then settled down with her snack. The problem is, she had to do a lot of work before she could eat. It's nice when partners help with the cravings, so it's easier for pregnant women.

2 Failed It: This Mama Found Her Own Chocolate Shake


An expectant mom was craving chocolate milkshakes and decided to hit different milkshake providers in town until she found the ideal shake. While it's not realistic to expect her partner to go on this kind of quest, he could perhaps have brought home a few chocolate milkshakes for her to try.

It is possible that the pregnant woman enjoyed finding the perfect milkshake. Women have talked about their pregnancy cravings. They sometimes fixate on the foods/drinks that they crave and enjoy figuring out how to get the food. Of course, they also enjoy eating it! If pregnant women want help with the cravings, they should let their partners know.

1 Failed It: One Mom-to-be Had To Get Her Own Sugary Cereal


Have you been pregnant? What did you crave? One woman was craving sugary cereals...the kind that little kids want, but aren't always allowed to have. Craving sweets, like cake, ice cream, cream puffs or chocolate, is very common during pregnancy. A little bit of what you crave will be beneficial, but you should keep an eye on sugar intake. Too much sugar may set the stage for health problems in pregnancy. Anyway, this mom got her own cereal and then chowed down. She didn't have her partner bringing her cereal, pouring it into a bowl and adding milk. Naturally, she survived.

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