10 Tips for Finding Bargains on Baby Clothes

There are lots of really great things about babies, but dressing them has to be one of the best parts!

Baby clothes have come a LONG way in recent years too. With top designers getting into the baby clothing game, babies are being toted around looking like they came right off the runway. Of course, the price tag that comes with those designer baby clothes is nothing short of astronomical.

But, no worries! Just because you aren’t prepared to spend your entire month’s salary on baby clothes doesn’t mean you can’t still dress your littlest addition like the little fashionista she is bound to become.

Baby clothes shopping is one of my favorite things to do. I still love buying clothes for all my kids, even my five year old, and I’ve become pretty good at getting the best bang for my buck. When you have babies growing faster than you can buy clothes, you have to. And when they like to poop up the back of the awesome outfit you just put together before you even get them out the door, you NEED lots of back up.

Here are 10 tips for finding bargains on baby clothes that have helped me keep my babies looking fly over the years.

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10 Plan Ahead

I’m a huge fan of clearance and there is nothing like an end of the season clearance rack to get me going! As we all know, stores start stocking their shelves with the next season ridiculously early. Like, as soon as Christmas is over the Spring lines start popping up all over the place. But while it might be slightly annoying to see bathing suits in January, it can be a big win for us bargain shoppers!

All those leftover winter clothes had to go somewhere, lucky for us, they can be found in the clearance section marked WAY down. The same thing happens at the end of summer when stores start bringing in the pants, sweaters, and coats. Think shorts and tank tops for two dollars. Score!

If you have a pretty good idea of what size your babies will be in the following year, you can stock up early and save big by hitting these sales. Worst case scenario, you guess wrong and have lots of new clothes with tags to sell. (Then you get to shop again!)

9 Shop Around

If you have time and enjoy shopping, this is the best way to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Don’t just hit one store and buy the first cute baby outfit you see if you’re looking to save money.

I like to visit all my favorite stores, see what kind of stuff each store has to offer and for what kind of prices, and then go back later to buy.

Of course, this requires the time and energy to do that… and the cooperation of your baby if she’s with you. 

8 Join Local Facebook Groups

If you’re lucky, your area has groups dedicated solely to buying and selling used kids clothes. And if there isn’t one, start one yourself! You’ll love it.

I’ve bought huge bags of gently used baby clothes from people on Facebook for great prices. And I’ve sold literally everything my kids have grown out of in the same groups. It’s pretty simple. I sell their clothes as they grow out of them and I use the money I make to buy more. I’ve found that I can get a little more out of my gently used name brand clothes on Facebook than I can at a yard sale where people tend to want to spend next to nothing. Which means more money to spend on my next bargains!

7 Find Someone with a Baby a Year Older than Yours

Finding someone with similar taste in baby clothes with a baby the same sex a year older than you is like hitting the baby clothes jackpot. I had this happen with my daughter. I had a friend with a daughter a year older and I bought everything from her as her daughter grew out of it. The seasons matched up perfectly and we were good to go. She kept selling and I kept buying. 

It was great, until my daughter stopped growing and now our seasons are out of whack. So if you know someone who has a baby a year older than you, ask the momma if she’s interested in unloading some baby clothes. 

6 Hit up Garage Sales

Everyone knows garage sales can be a great place to find a killer deal. Neighborhoods near schools or parks and areas known to have lots of kids are a great place to hit up garage sales when looking for baby clothes, but baby items tend to go super quick at garage sales, so it’s a good idea to hit the streets early if you’re counting on this method to snag some baby clothes. 

5 Visit Consignment Stores

Stores like once upon a child www.onceuponachild.com can be great places to load up on lots of gently used baby clothes for less. I have friends who hit these sorts of stores up a couple times a year and have a ton of luck. I myself have bought a few things over the years from consignment stores. 

I have found the experience to be hit or miss. Sometimes the prices are really great and other times they aren’t much better than what you would spend on new clothes. So don’t let yourself be fooled if you try this method, sometimes you can get new clothes for the same price.

4 Shop on Consignment Sites

Personally, these sites are more my style because you can look through used clothes without an audience. Sites like www.schoola.com and www.ebay.com allow moms to sell their used baby clothes online.

I have had some luck purchasing lots of clothes in the same size and have landed some nice brand name clothes in great shape for far less than they would have been new. I prefer the sites like schoola that take the clothes in from the moms and sell them on consignment. They often only accept certain brands and are picky about the condition of the clothes they sell which means a better bang for your buck. 

3 Buy in Bulk

I almost never buy just one or two things when I buy baby clothes. As fast as babies grow, they need a new wardrobe every few months. I like to buy everything at once which typically results in better deals for me. Buying a pack of three onesies or pants is always cheaper than buying just one. Buying outfits or sets usually saves over buying pants or tops alone. And shopping smart saves too. 

Buy multiple outfits in similar or neutral colors that will allow you to mix and match tops and bottoms to make different sets.

Use coupons and rewards for your favorite stores and you’ll be rewarded for spending more. Whether it be with a coupon for next time or cash back rewards, use these to your advantage as they can result in big savings over time.

2 Sign up for Emails at your Favorite Retailers

Most retailers will ask for your email address as soon as you visit their site. This may seem annoying, but I recommend you give it to them! Most of the time, the retailers will start sending you emails about upcoming sales and promotions and coupon codes.

When I’m ready to shop, the first thing I do is check my email to see who is having the best sale that day and to get my coupon codes. The bargains literally come right to your inbox mommas!

1 Just Shop Online!

I have a confession. I buy 99.99% of my baby clothes brand new and online. It’s so easy and actually pretty fun for me.

While I’ve used all of the aforementioned methods of finding good deals on baby clothes, this is my number one go-to method of shopping… for everything, ESPECIALLY baby clothes!

I have a system and I have my favorite sites. I check my emails, see my deals, and ALWAYS wait for free shipping. Unless of course I’m going to be spending enough to get free shipping anyway, which I usually do (see #4).

Over the years, I’ve found that when I combine coupons, sales. Rewards, and free shipping, I can dress my babies in super cute, brand new clothes for great bargain prices. Then, I have really nice clothes to sell that people actually want to buy when my babes grow out of them in 2 months. Score!

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