10 Tips For Picking Your Nursery Wall Color

Designing the nursery is one of the many fun things you get to do when having a baby. There are a few decisions you need to lock down on, when decorating the nursery. One of the major decisions that you will have to make is what furniture you will need, and how they will be arranged in the room. The other major decision you will have to make is the wall color. The difference between the two choices, is that the wall colour will set the whole mood for the nursery. If you are unsure of where to begin, this article will help you select the perfect wall color.

10 Mood

When you walk into the nursery, what feeling do you want it to convey? Some common moods that are suitable for nurseries, are calm, fresh, earthy, bright, and cheerful. The best way to narrow down your decision is to write down all the moods you would want the nursery to convey. Then, beside each mood, write down what colours come to mind when you think of those moods. The color that repeats the most will be your winner as it will represent the various moods you have chosen.

9 Theme

Whether or not you know the gender of the baby, there is a theme for everyone. Knowing the gender of the baby will make it easier to choose a gender specific theme. Generally, for girly themed rooms, pink is the most popular color, and blue tones for boys. Neutral colors, such as yellow and green, are typically used for unknown gender, or for those who do not want the traditional blue and pink and want to keep the wall color gender neutral.

8 Future

If you are worried about having to change the wall colour in the future, pick a transferable color. A transferable color is one that can easily transition to your child’s older years. Going with this approach isn’t lazy. It is sensible as it saves you time and money. If you decide to take this road, choose a wall colour that is neutral, such as earthy tones, like green, beige, and brown. 

7 Furniture

When deciding on a wall colour, you want it to match the furniture in the room. If your crib and storage units are on the lighter end of the spectrum, like white or lighter toned woods, they are more likely to match with any wall color. Darker furniture, however, will go better with lighter walls, such as pastels. Dark walls and dark furniture will make the nursery appear too heavy and less open, minimizing the soothing nature of nurseries.

6 Décor

Similar to furniture, you want the baby decorations to match the colour of the wall as well. The same concept applies to decorations. You want to pair a light coloured wall with light or dark colored frames and pillows. With darker shaded decorations, you want to keep the wall color lighter, so it doesn’t all blend in and become one dark space. 

5 Budget

If you are on a budget, paint can be an expensive item to purchase, especially if it is a large room. A good tip would be to check out your nearest paint store for deals. Your best bet is to look for mistint paints, which are paints that people buy, but return because it isn’t the color they wanted. You should also check out your local paint dumping facility. Paint dumping facilities will take in unwanted paint. They are also more likely to give it out for free, too! You can find your perfect wall colour on a budget using these great money saving tips. 

4 Trends

If you are absolutely clueless about what color to pick for your nursery, look to social media for what’s trending. Websites and apps like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram, are great areas to gain inspiration. Type in exactly what you are looking for, i.e. nursery ideas, and you will receive a lot of visual ideas. You are bound to find something that will speak to you.

3 Best For Baby

There are psychological studies that show the effects colors have on babies. Generally, the research shows that warm, friendly colors like yellow, pink, blue, orange, and pastels, have a positive effect on babies. These colors will soothe and relax your baby. Dark colors, such as red and black, should be used as accent colors rather than wall colors. Dark colors are less inviting and offers a closed-in environment. You want your baby to feel open and welcomed.

2 Lighting

Paint have a tendency to fade over time in direct sunlight. Assess the lighting in the nursery to see where the sun comes in the most. If you receive a lot of light in that room, you may want to consider specific colours of paint to avoid them fading out. There are some colours that tend to fade more than others. Dark colours, such as red, dark orange, dark blue, and dark purple all tend to fade a lot faster, and it’s more noticeable. Strive for lighter colours, such as pastels, in extremely sunny rooms.

1 Complementary Colors

When designing a nursery, or any room for that matter, you want the walls to complement the accessories and furniture in the room. There are certain colors that go very well together, which are known as complementary colors. Take an inventory of the colors that will be residing in the nursery, and use the most popular colour to check the color wheel for its complementary color. The complementary color would be the best option for your wall. 

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