10 Trendiest Baby Shower Themes That Will Be All The Rage In 2019

To some, baby showers may evoke thoughts of those baby pinks and blues. It may cause people to think of games, such as guessing the baby’s name, birthdate, and measuring the mommy’s tummy with toilet paper.

Baby showers have evolved beyond all that, though — especially since we live in a world where blogs, Instagram posts, and Pinterest exist. Nowadays, over-the-top themes are carried out through coordinating decorations, foods, and favors.

We get it, though: Some people can’t afford to go all out for a baby shower that's happening for just one afternoon. Some expecting mothers are very into traditional shower ideas and games.

That being said, I have a feeling that the following 10 themes are going to be all the rage next year, and there is truly something that can work for everyone!

10 Balloons

A celebration of any kind can be completed with a balloon or two, but next year, we think that balloons are going to completely rule baby showers. Archways created out of giant inflated balls, names spelled out through little latex poppers, shimmery metallics seen in the form of cute shapes... Get ready to see balloons of all kinds as the focal points of baby showers in 2019. Plus, just think of all the amazing photos that can be taken for blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest using the balloons as a backdrop.

9 Vintage Chic

A vintage chic theme is another smart way to go; it's great for a mother-to-be who is into thrifting, DIYing, and frugality. Hostesses can come together and hit up antique stores in order to obtain ornate picture frames, spools of burlap and lace, strands of pearls, and other elements that can come together for an adorable shower. While the frills may be better suited for celebrating a baby girl, neutral decorations and pieces, such as old suitcases, can help make a vintage chic shower work for either gender!

8 Clean & Simple

Sometimes, understated is better; less can be more. Clean and simple baby showers may seem minimal to some, but they have a very classic appeal to them. Minimalistic place settings, contemporary backdrops, and two-tone decor sometimes work better than numerous items, busy settings, and a rainbow of colors. It just depends on what the expecting parents are like! The baby shower pictured above, for instance, utilizes an almost-naked cake, lots of white, and a touch of greenery — all in order to obtain that perfectly clean and simple atmosphere.

7 Luxurious Lullabies

Those who are not fans of simplicity can go for a more luxurious theme. I'm gonna go ahead and call this one: luxurious lullabies! This is reaching for a Kardashian/Jenner-level baby shower, with flowers everywhere, gifts fit for a prince/princess, and details so small, guests will be in awe of the dedication. The bouquets, the multi-tier cake, the clouds (does everyone see those clouds?!)... All of this and more is what we're talking about. I can see parties like these popping up everywhere in 2019. Plus, this is another theme that can be customized to fit any parent, working for either a baby boy or baby girl.

6 Geekdoms

Luxury is not for everyone, so this next theme is a bit more playful. Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones, Marvel... Geekdoms like these will be seen at baby showers in 2019. So many people—including expecting mothers and fathers—are obsessed with many of these great shows, books, and films. Why wait to have a Harry Potter-themed birthday party when you can have a themed shower?! With Harry Potter, specifically, hostesses can turn the venue into a real-life Hogwarts, filled with floating candles hanging from the ceiling and wands to give out as favors. They can also have subtle touches here and there, like a candy buffet inspired by Honeyduke’s or decorations that incorporate lightning bolts, owls, and pointy hats.

5 Children’s Lit

Speaking of books, this next theme is all about popular books for babies. One story, in particular, can be chosen and ran with throughout the party. You could do an entire shower based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar or numerous books that you grew up with as a child. To add a sweet touch to the party, you can even hand out the book as a party favor! On top of the favor, parents can have themed foods, desserts, and munchables that follow suit. A party like this is also a sweet reminder of all the beloved children's books out there that we forgot about. I can definitely see a teacher or librarian loving a themed party like this one. 

4 Rock-A-Bye Baby

Another genre that could work at baby showers is music. For this next theme, we have come up with the name: Rock-A-Bye Baby. Music will surely be incorporated into various aspects of showers next year, and just as every person enjoys different music, every shower will feature music in a different way. Some may opt for musical notes on everything, while others will take a favorite song and turn it into decor, foods, and backdrops. However it's executed, we know there are going to be lots of baby showers that hit the right note!

3 Candy Land

At baby showers, the games can either be super fun or a tad dated. But all the beautiful presents and decorations always make up for the silly baby shower games most parties have. The best part of any party, however,  is the food. Sometimes, there is a full meal served. While other times, there are appetizers set out for everyone. Then again, some baby showers just feature cake (which no one complains about). But what if a shower was all about candy? First off, this would make guests happy, as they would get to sample sour and fruity kinds all the way up to sweet and chocolatey types. And just think of the decor! We are ready for rooms that look like Candy Land boards next year!

2 Holidays

Since everyone will be celebrating, why not just double up on the parties? We predict that next year there will be lots of holiday-themed baby showers. We can see a Gatsby theme that's full of black and gold on New Year's Day. We're also envisioning red hearts and pink lips in February. A garden party would actually be great around Easter time, as well. And come summer, an Americana theme would be adorable in July. Oh, and don't get me started on a fall-themed party once Halloween/Thanksgiving hits. I can already see the mini pumpkins! Each and every one of these could be utterly fantastic.

1 Milk

Last but not least, here we have a milk theme. Yes, that is right: milk! It is already a big part when it comes to babies, so take this idea and run with it! In an ideal world, there would be a black and white color scheme for this party. There could be a giant chalkboard serving as a backdrop, with some cute sayings written on it (like “Milk & Cookies for a SWEET Baby Shower” or even “Got Milk?”). And, of course, the provided refreshments would be milk and cookies! This is another theme that is sure to be a hit for anyone and everyone.

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