10 Tried & Trusted Organic Baby Food Brands

It's a debate that moms often have: is organic baby food better than non-organic? There are so many things to know about feeding babies, from foods that they shouldn't have until a certain age to the best solids to start with. What decision a mother chooses is her own.

Every mom is devoted to feeding her children healthy food, and organic baby food could be a good start. It's smart to be aware of the highest quality brands and products so we can make the best choices when we're at the supermarket or ordering food online.

Read on to learn more about the 10 best organic baby foods.

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10. Plum Organics

Why should moms give their babies organic food? The main reason is to buy food that is free from refined or added sugars and chemicals.

According to Mommyhood 101Plum Organics is one of the best baby food brands out there: "The Plum Organics baby foods are certified organic, non-GMO, and they use whole and simple organic fruit and vegetable ingredients as much as possible. There are no added salts or sugars, and there are of course no harmful preservatives, additives, or artificial colors or flavors."

Most organic brands are also doing a good part in our environment, and this baby food is too: it comes in non-BPA packs.

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9. Pure Spoon Organic Baby Food Sampler

When we think of baby food, we most likely think of vegetable or fruit purees (and a sweet little one smiling big, eating it all!). Not all babies are happy eaters, however. Who knew that even babies could be picky eaters?!

As The Bump reported, Pure Spoon is a good brand for moms to buy when they want purees. The publication says, "The brand pasteurized its cold-pressed fruit and veggie purees without the use of chemicals or high heat, meaning the food’s nutrition, flavor and texture is kept intact. The baby food has zero preservatives, additives or coloring, and comes in completely transparent packaging so you can see what you—and baby—are getting every time."

Grab the sampler pack and see which combination your baby enjoys more.

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8. Earth's Best

With a name like Earth's Best, we're pretty sure that this sounds like an amazing organic baby food. The review on Mom Tricks furthers this assumption and leaves a very positive review.

This mom wrote, "No added sugars, salts, artificial flavors, preservatives of any kind. This does mean, however, that you have to use it up within one day of opening the jar, or you should throw it away. I like to taste-test all of my baby food, and Earth’s Best is one of the yummiest. I think that’s a pretty huge bonus!" She also mentions that the packages are BPA-free, which all conscious moms will love.

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7. Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Food

Moms know that what a baby eats when they are young is different compared to a few months down the line, along with what's on their plate as a toddler.

Very Well Family recommends Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Food. The brand has three different types and suits various ages. First Taste pouches are mango, banana, pear, and apple purees. Then there are pouches of cereal, cereal and fruit, veggies and fruit, rice and fruit, and even cheese and pasta! The third type of organic baby food is for little ones who have had their first birthday and can eat fruit smoothies in pouch form, along with organic snacks that have a crunchier texture.

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6. Once Upon a Farm

We've heard of cold-pressed juices before, but did you know that baby food can be made this way, too? Yup, it's true, and if moms are looking for a brand of organic baby food that is cold-pressed, then this brand, Once Upon A Farm, will fit the bill perfectly.

As My Mommy Needs That writes, "These pouches contain cold-pressed purees, which are different from the typically cooked purees. You must keep these pouches cold in the fridge or with an ice pack. Once Upon a Farm also uses coconut milk and other healthy fats to support brain development."

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5. Sprout Organic Baby Food

Maternity Glow loves this brand of organic baby food, which has flavors such as banana, quinoa, raisin and carrot, apple, and mango. Yum!

This mom explained why Sprout is such a great type of organic baby food, and this makes it stand out amongst all the brands out there: "Moms love this line because their babies get exposed to different flavors and textures, in a non-confrontation and natural way. This helps them become better eaters and to develop a more sophisticated pallet, which in the long run enhances their taste buds and their willingness to try to foods and flavors."

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4. NurturMe Power Blends Organic Baby Food

It makes sense that if we eat healthy ourselves, and perhaps stick to a diet that is free of gluten and soy, we would want our baby's food to be the same. Moms who want organic baby food that is also free of gluten and soy will be happy with this brand: NuturMe Power Blends Organic Baby Food.

My Mommy Needs That puts it perfectly: "Their tummy-friendly foods promote good digestive health and are free from common allergens that can upset sensitive little bellies – helping take the worry out of feeding your little one. Free from any allergens."

Every mom wants baby food to be easy on their baby's stomach, so this sounds like the perfect brand.

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3. Happy Baby

What's in a name? This brand of organic baby food couldn't possibly have a better name since every mom wants a baby who is full of joy.

Maternity Glow recommends this brand for six-month and above babies. She writes that these are great since babies can hold these in their little hands: "The pouches can be used on the go and are free from BPA, which is important to many moms. Whether your baby is ready to squeeze and serve themselves, or they’re able to enjoy it with your help; you can ensure that they always have a tasty treat in your diaper bag or purse."

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2. Peter Rabbit Organics

What an adorable name for baby food, right?! The positive review from Maternity Glow will also make moms interested in trying out this brand of organic baby food.

This mom wrote, "A bit more on the affordable side, you can purchase a pack of 10, four-ounce packs for less than you'd spend on Starbucks during the week! The pouches are made in Oregon, and many moms like the fact that it’s an American made product."

She added, "There is absolutely nothing artificial included in the pouch, and because it’s composed of 100% of fruit and vegetables, your child can be sure to get the recommended daily dose with ease." Sounds awesome.

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1. Gerber Organic Baby Food

Oatmeal is a soothing breakfast, and it can also be something that we feed our babies. of course, we want to give them the highest quality possible, and that's where Gerber Organic Food comes in.

Mommyhood 101 recommends this brand for brown rice, along with oatmeal, as one of the early solid foods that a baby can eat. The publication points out the iron levels as a stand-out: "All varieties have just about the same nutritional composition, with 45% daily Iron content per serving, 2 grams of sugar, and about .5 to 1 gram of fat. The iron content is a good supplement for a growing baby, and not so much that it will induce constipation."

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