10 Trusted Remedies For Morning Sickness (10 Innovative New Treatments)

Fifty percent of women in the USA experience morning sickness during pregnancy, according to the Americanpregnancy.org website. One to two percent of women in Canada suffer from an acute form of morning sickness which is debilitating, according to the CBC.ca website. Morning sickness, whether it's typical or acute, is a global pregnancy symptom. Women all over the world deal with it and want solutions.

Any woman who wants relief from annoying and exhausting morning sickness (which may just last all day and night) should know that there are trusted and innovative morning sickness remedies to try. Every woman is different, so experimenting with a variety of remedies may be the key to finding that one "magic" treatment that provides fast and significant relief. Some of these remedies are home remedies, which are easy and affordable options; others require minimal cash outlays, which may be well worth the cost.

This comprehensive list will give moms-to-be the inside scoop on remedies that work well for lots of women. Some treatments will be familiar, others are options that some expectant moms might not be aware of. Expectant moms may try one, a few or all of these options. Hopefully, the very first options that they try will be just the ticket.

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20 Acupressure Wristbands Provide Good Results (Trusted Remedy)


Experimenting with acupressure wristbands will be a drug-free, economical way to relieve nausea related to pregnancy. The most famous acupressure wristband is definitely the Sea-Band. It's easy to find this brand of wristband online and they aren't too expensive. The Sea-Band and other wristbands of this type work their magic by activating a pressure point on the inside of the wrist.

When this Nei-Kuan pressure point is stimulated, nausea may be minimized or eliminated. Look for anti-nausea wristbands that are washable and reusable. Then, you'll get more value for your money. Choose a wristband in your fave color, so you can wear something that looks nice as you relieve morning sickness.

19 Eating A Few Crackers Works Well (Trusted Remedy)


Crackers are dry and easy on the stomach. Eating a few of them may be enough to relieve your morning sickness, or, at the least, take the edge off. So, why do dry crackers help some moms-to-be to soothe or conquer pregnancy-related nausea? Well, they work because of their high starch content. The starch in dry crackers soaks up gastric acid. This helps to relieve queasiness.

To banish morning sickness, keep some crackers right near your bed. When you wake up in the a.m., munch a few, even though you might get some crumbs on your bed sheets. When you eat dry crackers as soon as you wake up, you may find that you feel so much better.

18 Sports Drinks Help Many Women (Trusted Remedy)


This actually worked for me, to an extent. Sports drinks did minimize my morning sickness. I drank Gatorade, but any popular sports drink should offer the same results. These drinks are easy to digest and they have special features which make them useful as handy and affordable treatments for morning sickness.

When you choose sports drinks (we don't mean Red Bull or Monster - you don't need to drink those and you shouldn't drink them while you're expecting), you'll access helpful hydration, as well as electrolytes (sodium and potassium), which help to relieve your nausea. Bear in mind that sports drinks contain sugar, so try to use them sparingly, when you really need them.

17 Eating Ginger Soothes Nausea (Trusted Remedy)


Ginger is a time-honored folk remedy for nausea, whether it's pregnancy-related or not. Scientific studies show that it does help women to feel better. Ginger ameliorates digestion and also boosts the flow of saliva.

When you eat ginger or make a nice tea with ginger, you may notice a big improvement fast.

Since a big chunk of fresh ginger from the grocery store will cost very little money, and boxes of ginger tea bags are available for just a few bucks almost everywhere that food and drink are sold, this morning sickness cure-all is definitely convenient and cost-effective. Nibble some ginger when you feel unwell or sip some ginger tea. Then, track your results.

16 Vitamin B6 Supplements Are Useful (Trusted Remedy)


Some supplements are safe for pregnant women to take and one of them is vitamin B6, which does help some expectant moms who are battling morning sickness. However, it's important to take the correct amounts.

You may take two hundred milligrams or less of this vitamin daily while you are pregnant. Start with a smaller dosage, such as twenty-five milligrams, three times per day. Build your dose if you aren't getting good results.

Medical experts aren't totally sure why this vitamin is beneficial for pregnancy-related nausea, but many recommend it nonetheless because moms-to-be who have tried it find it helpful.

15 Bananas Make A Great Breakfast (Trusted Remedy)


The humble banana is delicious, supremely portable and a treasure trove of nutrition. Buying a bunch of bananas will be a smart move if you want to banish morning sickness and this anti-nausea treatment option won't bust your budget.

Bananas work wonders because of their potassium content. The potassium in bananas helps to relieve annoying and tiring nausea.

If you get tired of eating plain bananas, incorporate them into recipes. They are easy to add to healthy cereals (not the high-sugar cereals), steel-cut oats and a variety of baked goods, including the timeless favorite, banana bread. A banana a day, for breakfast, is a great recipe for a calmer tummy during pregnancy.

14 Lemon Water May Give You Relief (Trusted Remedy)


Lemon water is the preferred morning drink of many actresses and supermodels, when they aren't expecting babies, and it's also a good choice as an anti-morning sickness home remedy. Some moms-to-be actually get relief from morning sickness just by smelling fresh lemons!

Squeeze some fresh lemon juice into a cool glass of water, or use hot water for the comforting effect of a warmer beverage. However you make lemon water, you'll find that its high vitamin C content and other nutrients help to quell your nausea.

Since lemons are all-natural, smell amazing and taste great when their juice is added to water, this is a morning sickness cure that you'll enjoy trying.

13 Toast Is Easy On The Stomach (Trusted Remedy)


Toast is comfort food, which may be topped with so many yummy and healthy things, such as natural, sugar-free peanut butter and fresh banana slices. While it's fun to make toast with a range of wonderful toppings, a lot of pregnant women find that eating toast dry is a great way to soothe their morning sickness.

Dry toast works the same way that dry crackers work. The high starch content helps to absorb the acids in the stomach. Toast is cheap to make and fast to prepare, so many moms-to-be do rely on this quick and trusted treatment for morning sickness.

12 Eight Cups Of Water Per Day (Trusted Remedy)


We should all be following the "8 by 8" rule, which is eight glasses of pure water, eight times a day. Pregnant women who are dealing with morning sickness may find that following this basic rule is one of the keys to soothing their nausea symptoms.

Our bodies need a lot of water to function effectively. When we're not fully hydrated, it sets the stage for negative symptoms. Drink your water chilled and plain or add some lemon slices. Sipping it slowly may give you instant relief.

When you monitor your hydration and make sure that you get your "8 by 8", you'll be battling morning sickness in such an easy and affordable way.

11 Organic Peaches In Moderation Are Worth A Try (Trusted Remedy)


If you want to try peaches for morning sickness, stick with organic fruit and make sure that you don't overdo it. A modest serving of peaches will taste great and may settle your stomach. Some women do eat canned peaches to get relief and many enjoy good results. The organic peaches are healthier, though, because they don't have the pesticides.

So, how do peaches help with morning sickness? Well, they contain potassium, just like bananas do, and potassium is definitely helpful in the fight against nausea. Peaches also contain ingredients that are good for your unborn baby, including folic acid. Have half a peach when you feel ill and see if it helps.

10 Eating Small Snacks All Through The Day (Innovative New Treatment)


Eating many small meals or snacks throughout the day is sort of a modern approach to eating. Some people who aren't pregnant find that it helps them to control their size because they are receiving a steady stream of nutrients regularly, rather than letting themselves get really hungry, and then overeating a mealtime.

Pregnant women who want to overcome morning sickness may find that eating small snacks or meals throughout the day corrects nutritional deficiencies which might make morning sickness worse. A pregnancy hormone, progesterone, makes the pace of digestion slow down, so eating smaller meals/snacks will also be easier on your body.

9 Eating Sour Candies May Be Beneficial (Innovative New Treatment)


We're not recommending that you gorge on hard candies, because they are sugary snacks, and pregnant women need to monitor sugar intake during pregnancy. However, sucking on hard candies, such as lemon candies or other types of sour candies, definitely helps some women to manage their morning sickness symptoms.

If you're feeling nauseated, head out to 7-11 or a local candy store and find some appealing hard candies. Sour Patch Kids might work, too. Women who suffer from morning sickness do seem to benefit from consuming hard candies with sour flavor profiles. To cheer yourself up, add the candies to a pretty candy jar and keep them on a coffee table or kitchen counter.

8 Smoothies Neutralize Acids In The Tummy (Innovative New Treatment)


Most healthy smoothies, with pure and yummy ingredients, soothe morning sickness by neutralizing acids in the stomach. If you get into the habit of whipping up smoothies with wholesome ingredients on the regular, you may find that your creamy, satisfying drinks help to zap your morning sickness.

Ingredients to consider include nut milk, low-fat dairy milk, yogurt, berries, peeled and chopped ginger root, a touch of sea salt and a pinch of cinnamon. Add most or all of these ingredients to your blender and then enjoy. If your smoothies do make you feel better, you may find that preparing them is a ritual that you actually enjoy.

7 Brief Workouts Offer Advantages (Innovative New Treatment)


Fitness guru, Kayla Itsines, is currently expecting and she found the first trimester of her pregnancy tough, just like most women do. She did milder workouts of shorter duration. You should, too. When you exercise for twenty minutes a day or up to twenty-eight minutes, you may find that you soothe your morning sickness. Staying fit will also help to prepare you for the physical challenges ahead, such as labor and caring for a newborn.

Kayla had morning sickness for three full months and combated it as best she could with short, low-intensity workouts. She avoided jumping moves during her pregnancy workouts. Exercise releases endorphins that make pregnant women feel better.

6 Motion Sickness Patches (Innovative New Treatment)


If morning sickness is getting you down and the home remedies just aren't cutting it, consider going next level by trying motion sickness patches. These patches are designed to quell nausea in people who suffer from morning sickness and pregnant women with nausea use them, too.

Just be sure to talk to your doctor before you try this treatment. Make sure that any motion patches that you choose are safe for pregnant women. Scopolamine is the active ingredient in many of these patches. It is quite effective when it comes to banishing nausea. This cure-all may be just right for you.

5 Prescriptions From The Doctor (Innovative New Treatment)


Some unlucky women experience a severe form of morning sickness. It doesn't happen just in the a.m. It's a non-stop issue that makes it very hard to keep down fluids and food. If you're one of these expectant moms, please talk to your doctor.

Some pregnant women receive prescriptions for Vistaril or Zofran. These meds are designed to keep severe nausea at bay, so you can get the vital nutrients that you and your unborn baby need.

You deserve to feel as good as possible during pregnancy, so please reach out if you are really ill with morning sickness and need help. Don't be afraid to ask for prescription medication.

4 Some Antihistamines Are Safe to Take (Innovative New Treatment)


You might not realize that antihistamines are helpful in the battle against morning sickness, but they really are! Benadryl is one over-the-counter medication for allergies that also helps pregnant women to soothe their nausea. Actually, Benadryl isn't the only pregnancy-safe OTC medication option. Unisom, which is typically a treatment for sleeplessness, is also used to combat pregnancy nausea.

We do recommend speaking with your doctor about these OTC meds before taking them. It's always best to get the "all clear" from your doctor before taking medications during pregnancy. That being said, pregnant women do use these medications to battle nausea and both medications are considered safe for them.

3 Taking Prenatal Vitamins At Suppertime (Innovative New Treatment)


Adjusting the time that you take your prenatal vitamins at may be enough to help with morning sickness. If you're used to taking these sorts of vitamins when you wake up in the morning, or at bedtime, change it up by taking your vitamins at suppertime. This is considered the optimal time for the vitamins to help with morning sickness, probably because they have ample time to enter the bloodstream before a pregnant woman goes to bed.

If you're taking prenatal vitamins, be aware that most formulations contain vitamin B6. If you take extra B6 to fight nausea, make sure that your overall dose is within the safe range.

2 Avoiding Perfumed Personal Care Products (Innovative New Treatment)


Some pregnant woman are really sensitive to smells. For me, it was Parmesan and Romano cheeses that set me off. They would make me want to throw up while I was expecting and my aversion was such that I still dislike the smell of them and don't eat them. However, I never really liked them much before I was pregnant.

Avoiding strong smells may be one of the keys to alleviating morning sickness. Switch to unscented personal care products. Consider milder cleaning solutions for the home, too. Lastly, ban foods that make you feel sick from your place during your pregnancy.

1 Eating Right Before Bedtime (Innovative New Treatment)


Eating right before bedtime will probably be a pleasure. If you're a typical pregnant woman, you may find that you experience ferocious hunger at times, not to mention some interesting pregnancy cravings.

Usually, we all try to avoid eating before bed, because we won't be able to burn off some of the calories from bedtime snacks while we sleep. If you have morning sickness, now is the time to indulge in bedtime snacks. Try to make them healthy ones. Maybe, occasionally, let yourself have that Taco Bell that you're craving, or whatever junk food you're dreaming about eating. Try to eat healthy foods 90 percent of the time.

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