10 Unique Baby Shower Games

While every baby shower is special, many of them are quite similar: From the decorations and gifts to the refreshments and games, we have seen it all numerous times! Well, it is time to shake up our showers.

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Instead of playing the same ol’ games, try these that we have listed out down below. They are unique, they are entertaining, and they will make guests glad to be participating in a fresh, new activity. Furthermore, they will allow even more loved ones to gather together, all in order to celebrate a new child entering into the world/family.

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10 Random Winners

Everyone loves free stuff, and, while a baby shower is about making sure a family is ready for this new adventure, party favors may be expected in return. Therefore, gift people presents in a unique way: whenever guests arrive, give them a piece of paper or a baby block that has a word on it, such as a celebrity baby name or a baby clothing item. Throughout the party, randomly draw out one of these celebrity baby names or clothing items—which will have been listed out, separately, beforehand—and the person with that one will receive a little prize!

9 The Price Is Right

Just like in this well-known game show, this activity forces everyone to guess the prices of common baby items. A hostess may want to have a piece of paper with images of different products on it, or she may choose to line up the actual items on a table for all to see. Either way, have guests write down their guesses on things like a pack of diapers, one can of baby food, and a stroller. When everyone has finished, read out the actual prices, and give the person who did best, which is to say, whoever ended up with the most correct guesses or the closest ones, a prize.

8 Diaper Pong

A shower can be any sort of celebration we want it to be, and we can just imagine a festive one that involves men and women playing diaper pong! Yes, everyone can relive their college days by trying to toss ping pong balls into diapers that are set up to create a sort of basket; one may even want to adhere the diapers to a board of some sort so that they don’t fall over if the game is getting too crazy. Either way, attendees will enjoy this game of aim, which works for all genders, levels, and ages.

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7 Who Am I

Another special game will require gathering up baby photos of all who are attending the shower beforehand. Display these sweet images all around the venue, and let people guess who is in each one! This is a more chill game—for this who may not be into something active like pong, for instance—and it is a neat trip down memory lane. Once again, the person who has the most correct guesses, in the end, can also win some sort of reward such as a pretty frame or a photo album for all of their family portraits.

6 What Am I

On a similar note, play a game of "what am I…" When someone arrives at the party, tape a piece of paper onto their back. On this piece of paper is some sort of baby-related thing, such as a dirty diaper, a onesie, or even a famous kiddo like Michelle Tanner or Chucky from Child’s Play! Throughout the shower, everyone must guess what is written on their backs based on clues they receive from those who are talking to them; so don’t give it all away, but throw out hints that will help each guest figure out what they are.

5 Bingo

Another easy activity everyone can partake in during a baby shower is bingo. First, the hostess must make up or print out a bingo card for everyone, full of all that may be seen during the day. Some examples include a tiny pair of socks, a slice of cake, someone asking what the due date is and a gift bag with an animal on it, but get creative with it based on who will be attending. People can search for these things, and the one who gets a bing—a line of things found, all crossed off—first wins the game!

4 Relay Race

For a more competitive time, have guests compete in a relay race. This is an especially good idea if men and children are also invited to the celebration. Participants can race to see who can put a diaper on a doll first, who can eat a can of baby food first, who can push a stroller to a certain mark first and/or who can drink up a baby bottle first. The day is bound to get silly with something like this going on, so guests will always remember the good time they had at this baby shower!

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3 Pin The Paci

A classic party game is pin the tail on the donkey, but here it is with a twist; the person or persons in charge of the baby shower just need some sort of baby head first and foremost. It can be one on a doll, a big foam one that is intended to be a costume or a paper one that is printed out. There also needs to be a pacifier, which everyone will try to pin onto the baby’s mouth; this can be a real one with tape on it or a sticker that depicts one instead. Then just blindfold people one at a time to see who can pin the paci!

2 The Celebrity Match Game

Pop culture-lovers who are at the baby shower will enjoy this next game! On a piece of paper (that is DIY’ed or purchased on a site like Etsy), list out celebrities on one side and baby names belonging to the celebrities on the other side in a mixed-up order. Of course, the guest who can match the babies to all of the correct celebs first is the winner (like Kim Kardashian and North West), and this person can receive a nice favor like a gift card, cute mug, vase of flowers or pretty journal and pen set.

1 Art Class

Last but not least, instead of just playing a traditional game, we encourage baby showers to get creative. Some popular ideas include the following two; for one, hostesses can provide attendees with blank onesies and craft supplies like iron-on appliques, paint pens, and glitter glue, allowing everyone to make the baby something to wear. A similar art project is to give everyone a quilt square to decorate, then to sew them into a custom blanket for the new babe. Both are very original ways to have fun and provide the parents-to-be with a one-of-a-kind present.

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