10 Ways Jill Duggar Parents (And 10 Ways Jessa Does It Her Own Way)

Since the Duggars are the only well-known family with 19 kids (or at least the only one with a reality show), people are pretty fascinated by them. Moms who have one child and wonder how bigger families manage it definitely look at the Duggars and wonder what their daily life is like. This isn't something that many families, if any, can relate to, and they have been in the public eye for several years by now.

Two of the most famous Duggars are the daughters Jill and Jessa. They are both moms now. Jill is 27 years old and married to Derick Dillard, and the pair have two sons, Israel and Samuel. 26-year-old Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, have two sons, Spurgeon and Henry. Jessa is currently pregnant with her third child.

Since people watched these two on the reality show 19 Kids And Counting, they are especially curious about how Jill and Jessa raise their children. The sisters are pretty different from each other when it comes to how they are bringing up their families and it's interesting to see. Read on to find out 10 ways that Jill Duggar parents and 10 ways that Jessa does it her way.

First, here are 10 ways that Jill Duggar parents...

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20 She Has Real Talk With Her Kids


According to Cafe Mom, Jill Duggar decided to get honest with her kids and talk to them about a subject that many parents are super nervous about approaching.

As Cafe Mom says, Jill read her kids a book about "the birds and the bees": She read them a book and talked to them and said, "Want to teach your kids about the [birds] and the [bees] before someone else does, but you don’t know where to start? Someone in our small group told us about these books (4 book set) and we love them!"

Although some moms might prefer to wait longer than Jill did to talk to their children about this subject, this is what she decided to do.

19 She's A Creative Cook (But Her Salad Dressing Was Criticized)


Even moms who are the best cooks find it tough to cook for kids since they sometimes would rather eat fish sticks and potato chips than an actual healthy meal. It sounds like Jill Duggar cooks a lot.

One thing that moms should know about Jill Duggar is that, according to Yahoo, she once made a salad dressing that people said had way too much salt. As Yahoo says, "In Touch Weekly was the first to balk, observing that the 'horrifying' condiment, which calls for olive oil, Dijon mustard, and a choice between Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, tamari, and soy sauce, largely contains salt: 'How has no one had a heart attack yet?'" All of these things have way too much salt, so moms might want to skip it.

18 She Has A "Stroller Hack"


Moms know that strollers are a big part of raising kids. You love putting your kids in a stroller and going for a nice walk together or heading out to shop somewhere.

Jill Duggar has a "stroller hack" that she has been following. According to Msn.com, she showed a video of her using a stroller this way: "In the video, the mom of two explains hows she rests a car seat in an umbrella stroller so she doesn’t always need to bring a bulkier [one]-seat stroller for her young son, Samuel Scott." She says that she got this trick from her mom, Michelle Duggar, and people started saying right away that it's not a safe idea.

Moms will definitely want to stick to using strollers the regular, traditional way.

17 She's Awesome At Multitasking


According to She Knows, Jill Duggar did one thing that people were talking about: she answered the phone when it rang and then chatted on the phone while blowing bubbles for her kid.

We might think that this is a really small thing for people to point out... and it definitely is, which is why it's an interesting thing to note about the way that Jill Duggar parents. It proves that she can multitask really well, and every mom knows that multitasking can be a real lifesaver sometimes. When you're short on time, you need every moment that you can get to finish up projects, right?

16 She Had A Christmas Tree, Contrary To The Rest Of The Duggars


The C. Sheet pointed out that although the rule in the Duggar house has been no Christmas trees, Jill Duggar is not following that anymore. She has been said to have a Christmas tree in the home that she shares with her own family.

Many people have been confused about what is so wrong with having a tree for the holidays. For many families, decorating the tree is so much fun and it's something that they couldn't imagine not doing. Maybe Jill wanted to experience the fun for herself and share that with her kids? That would make a lot of sense and we can relate to wanting to make the holidays really special for kids.

15 She Dresses Casually And Wears Jeans


According to In Touch Weekly, when Jill went to celebrate her mom Michelle's birthday, she was wearing jeans.

This would normally be no big deal and we would think that this was truly dull news, but in this case, it was something worth talking about. The rule in the Duggar household has been that girls can't wear jeans or pants and they are supposed to wear only dresses.

It seems like one thing that Jill Duggar is doing that feels right to her is wearing jeans. (We wonder if she wears yoga pants, too? Those are the definitely the best pants to wear.)

14 She And Her Family Go To Church, And That's Important To Them

The Gospel Herald

Something else that Jill Duggar does on a regular basis is she goes to church with her family. It seems like this is really important to her and her family.

The Duggars are known for being religious so it makes that Jill would bring those traditions into the family that she has created. While some people don't always raise their own kids the way that they were raised, others like to keep the same traditions. Our belief systems are very personal to us, so no one can really say what someone should or shouldn't do in this case. It sounds like going to church works well for Jill and her husband and kids.

13 She Has Been Said To Wear Her Son The Wrong Way


Jill Duggar got people talking once again when she was seen wearing her son once. Parenting.com says that this is called "babywearing" and said, "Critics point out a baby should be worn higher and more securely on the mother's body, and the baby should be in an upright position, so he can breathe easily and mom can regularly check on him."

The parent writing the story mentioned that this was just one picture so no one knows if this was the way that Jill wore her baby all the time, and she also said that it's easy for babies to move positions a bit. But knowing the correct method of babywearing is definitely important.

12 She Has Worked As A Midwife And People Wonder If She'll Keep Working

The Inquisitr

A story on Bustle talks about whether Jill Duggar will keep working as a midwife now that she's a mom because that was the job that she had before.

Being a midwife sounds like such an interesting job since you would meet so many moms and hear so many stories. If we've ever tuned into 19 Kids And Counting, then we might also wonder if Jill is going to work or what choice she's going to make. Every mom knows that making that choice is never easy, even if you're famous or have starred on a reality show for a while. Every mom, whether a celebrity or not, has to make this choice.

11 She And Her Husband Find Ways To Stay Close


According to Celebrity Insider, Jill and her husband have a unique way of sitting at restaurants. Jill has been quoted as saying, “We always like to sit on the same side of the table. If they ever seat us at one of those little tables where you have to sit across from each other, then we usually ask to move.”

It sounds like staying close to her husband is really important to Jill... literally. A lot of fans of the show and of the Duggar family have noted that it's kind of strange that Jill and her husband sit side by side at restaurants, but some people might think that this sounds sweet.

And now let's look at how Jessa Duggar does it her way...

10 She Had Her Son Wear Diapers When People Thought He Was Too Old

The Hollywood Gossip

According to Cafe Mom, Jessa Duggar posted a photo of her son, Spurgeon, that showed him wearing a diaper. This confused many people because they said that he is too old to be wearing a diaper.

People also wondered why it didn't seem like she had potty trained her child, and Jessa talked about it. She said that she didn't feel that her son was at the stage where potty training could happen successfully. She said, "We're not rushing it." This is awesome to hear because we all know that rushing kids doesn't work at all, especially when it comes to something as important as potty training.

9 She Cut Her Kid's Hair (And Posted It Online)

OK! Magazine

According to Fatherly, Jessa Duggar was talked about once again in October 2018 when she cut her son Henry's hair and posted it on social media. People had a problem with this because they said it wasn't the safest way to cut hair (her son sat in a highchair) and they said that it would grow out strangely. If any of us cut our own kids' hair, then we don't see the problem.

This haircutting moment brings to mind one rule that the Duggars have been following: not having any social media accounts until getting engaged. Michelle Duggar definitely wasn't posting everything about her kids on social media...

8 She Has A Messy House


Jessa Duggar has a very messy house, and if you're also a mom, then you're probably thinking, "So do I." Even people who haven't seen an episode of 19 Kids And Counting can relate to Jessa on this level because having kids means having a house that isn't always super neat.

Little Things says that people weren't actually that happy to see photos of Jessa's messy house that she posted online. The website says, "Jessa thought that a few photos of her “real-life” home would shed light on the reality of being a mom, but the response wasn’t what she expected. Many criticized her for the “disgusting” conditions of her home. She posted photos of piles of laundry and dirty diapers, among other messes."

7 She Doesn't Mind Some Screen Time

In Touch Weekly

Hollywood Life notes that once, Jessa let her son use her cell phone, and people had a big problem with that.

It seems like, based on this fact, Jessa Duggar doesn't mind her kids engaging in some screen time. This is another thing to know about her parenting style. Screen time is one of the hottest parenting topics right now and no one really can tell what the best thing to do is. It's good to see that Jessa is okay with her kids using her cell phone sometimes because even if moms want their kids to let up on the screen time, sometimes it's just not possible to be quite so strict.

6 She Might Homeschool Her Children


Whether Jessa Duggar homeschools her children is something that people have been talking about. According to Romper, "She hasn't said specifically, but as someone who was raised in a homeschooling family — and someone who was also highly involved in overseeing her younger siblings' schooling — Jessa will probably raise her own two sons the same way."

It would make sense that she would go for homeschooling since that's how she got her education. It'll be interesting to see what choice she makes once her kids are old enough for school. When you become a mom, you know that you have to make tons of decisions and school is such a big one (and you also know that others will think you did the incorrect thing... which just gets worse when you're on a reality show like Jessa Duggar was).

5 She Embraces The Chaos Of Having Two Kids


Jessa Duggar recently announced that she is pregnant with her third child, but before she made that public, she has talked about having two children. It sounds like she embraces the fact that sometimes it can be very busy having two kids, which is what a lot of moms can relate to. And even if you have one child, you can still relate.

People quoted Jessa Duggar as saying, "I kind of expect it to be a challenge going from one to two kids — I feel like every day is different. Some days it’s very, very simple. … Other days, it’s a little more chaotic."

4 She Brings Her Kids Grocery Shopping And Has Fun With Them


Entertainment Daily wrote about how Jessa Duggar posted a photo of her kids sitting next to each other in a cart while she took them grocery shopping. We can agree that their smiling faces are really adorable, right?

This was exciting for people because it meant the siblings could hang out together, and moms know that most of the time, only one kid can sit in the cart's seat. This moment also brings something else up: the fact that Jessa seems to really enjoy taking her kids on errands with her. She really seems to have fun with them, which is truly great to see.

3 She Was Going To Give Birth At Home But Went To The Hospital

Good Housekeeping

Jessa Duggar tried to have her baby at home, but as Parents.com says, there were some complications so she went to the hospital.

It's good to know that she wasn't so set on having a home birth that she ignored the medical advice to go to the hospital instead. It sounds like she's a practical mom.

As Parents.com put it, this kind of thing does happen: "Part of planning a home birth is planning for an emergency. Whether you give birth at home or a hospital, complications can arise and you need to be prepared. If you're planning a home birth, your attending midwife will bring oxygen for the baby, medications, and other 'in case of emergency' gear. You'll also have a transfer plan to a hospital if it becomes necessary."

2 She Follows The "Blanket Training" Method

Us Weekly

What's another way that Jessa Duggar parents? She uses a method called "blanket training." Romper says that blanket training is "a method of discipline that forces babies to stay on their blanket unless given permission to move." But despite the fact that many people seem to think that Jessa shouldn't be doing this at all and don't understand why she's using this method, she seems to be continuing with it.

This method has gotten lots of flak from people who say that this is the wrong thing to do, and experts say it's a bad idea. It's not something that every mom would do since many moms would want to pick their baby up.

1 She Is A Laid-Back Mom In General

Us Weekly

Jessa Duggar seems to be a pretty laid-back parent considering that she was raised with so many rules that she and her siblings had to follow.

In an In Touch Weekly story, she was talked about for allowing her kids to play outside in the mud and get messy. She doesn't seem to have quite as many rules for her own family.

When it comes to how they raise their kids, Jill and Jessa Duggar are pretty different, despite being sisters. It's interesting to see the things they believe in and what they are standing their ground on, even if moms don't agree with everything that they do.

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