10 Ways Parents Try To Predict The Baby's Sex

When parents are expecting a baby, one of the most entertaining things that can be done is trying to predict the baby’s sex. Is it a boy or a girl? Theories, old wives’ tales, ancient traditions, and strange experiments have been passed around for years and years. For some, these tests actually worked, accurately guessing if a boy or a girl was on the way! For others, the predictions were off... but the guessing was still fun! This is a big reason why gender-reveal parties are so entertaining. 

Here are 10 ways parents can try and guess the sex of their baby before it makes their grand entrance. 

10. Science

Of course, scientific measures can actually go into determining the sex of a baby, but there are at-home science experiments that can be tried, as well!

One theory suggests peeing in a cup and mixing in some Drano! Supposedly, the color the liquid turns can help parents figure out what they're having, but myths vary, of course. Does it turn blue for a boy? Dark green for a girl? 

Another theory says to mix urine with baking soda. If the mixture fizzes, that sign points to a boy, and if it doesn't, get ready for a girl!

Expecting mothers can also urinate on boiled cabbage. If it turns pink, then that means mom's having a boy. If it turns purple, that's a sign that mom's having a baby girl.

9. Household Objects

Did you know that some household objects can be used to guess the gender of a baby, too?

This first one is a common one: Tie a wedding ring to a string and swing it over the belly. A circle motion indicates a girl and a back-and-forth swing points to a boy.

The loved ones of expecting mothers can also put a key in front of a pregnant woman and ask her to pick it up. If she grabs the narrow part, that will lead to a baby girl. If she grabs the round part, that supposedly means a boy!

8. Food

A lot of times, pregnancy brings cravings, and these can actually be used to predict the sex of the baby, too. Reportedly, if salty food is craved, a boy is coming. If sweets are the food of choice, then a girl is on the way.

A pregnant woman can also test the waters by eating a clove of garlic. If she smells garlic-y over the next couple of days, that's a sign that points to a baby boy. If no scent arises, it could be a girl!

Lastly, the preconception meal may point to a boy or girl. If a woman ate a meal rich in dairy before conceiving, that will bring a little girl. If she had lots of magnesium-infused foods, that could lead to a boy. This folklore has grown, as some researchers believe diets can influence a baby’s gender.

7. The Ramzi Theory

Does it work? Do any of these? Who knows... but it can be fun to try them all out and guess if a baby boy is on the way or if a baby girl is!

6. Numbers

When predicting genders, try something new and turn to numbers.

An ancient tradition from the Mayans says to add the mother’s age and the year of conception. If the answer is an odd number, it's a boy. If it's an even number, the baby could be a girl.

However, other versions of this tradition say that if both the numbers are even, or if both of the numbers are odd (the age and the year), it can be a girl. If one number is odd and the other number is even, it may be a boy.

5. Current Kids

The Native Americans have a gender prediction test, too, but it only works if an expecting mother already has a child. She can look at her current kid’s hairline, and if it comes to a point, her children will have different genders. But if the hairline goes straight across, her new baby will be the same sex as her current child!

Just remember, none of these are 100 percent accurate. They are just some fun and unique ways to try and guess what that future little baby will be.

4. Body

There are lots of ways to predict a baby’s gender that is based around the bodily changes an expecting mother sees.

If she is ill, she could be having a girl. If she doesn’t experience any sickness during her pregnancy, she might be having a boy. Externally, if a woman is experiencing breakouts, this could also lead to having a baby girl ("baby girls steal their mother's beauty"). If there's no skin outbreaks to be had, then maybe a boy is brewing.

But what about the belly? One of the more common theories out there is if a woman is carrying low and in front. If that's the case, a boy is coming. If the baby bump is high, that means a girl is in there!

3. Father

According to some theories from Sneak Peak Test, the father-to-be’s body can help predict the gender of the baby, too! If the expecting father is gaining weight right along with the expecting mother, that points to a baby girl. If his weight stays the same, however, that means a boy is on the way.

Again, who knows if this works or not, but it may be good news to some. If any dads out there want girls, they now have an excuse to eat even more, just in order to make this old wives’ tale seem true!

2. Heart Rate

Of course, the baby itself is going through lots of bodily changes, but some of these changes could tell parents if there is a boy or a girl on the way. Medical professionals can, of course, look at the physicality of a baby via a sonogram, and let expecting parents know if the fetus is a male or female. At the six-week mark, a fetus's heartbeat can be heard — this is another theory that has been passed down as an old wives’ tale: If the baby’s heart rate is above 140 beats-per-minute, that means parents need to get ready for a girl. On the other hand, if the rate is below 140, a boy could be on the way.

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1. Quizzes

As mentioned, none of these tests are definitely going to accurately predict the gender of a baby, but they are all entertaining ways to pass the nine months. A final way to have some fun while pregnant is to take quizzes. Is how a mom would decorate a nursery indicative of her baby’s gender? If a woman likes a certain type of music, will that lead to a boy or a girl? Do baby registry-making habits help in determining the sex of a baby? All of this and more can be tested through the various guess-the-gender quizzes that are out there!

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