15Prevention: Folic Acid Even Before Getting Pregnant

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One potential issue is that many pregnancies are unexpected and unplanned. If we are planning a pregnancy, we should start taking folic acid right away!

One simple way to prevent possible birth defects is by taking folic acid before and during pregnancy. Many prenatal vitamins contain it, but it can be taken on its own as well. Folic acid is a type of B vitamin and can prevent birth defects with baby’s brain and skull,

two pretty important body parts. According to the CDC, folic acid can prevent things like anencephaly and spina bifida. These birth defects occur in the very first few weeks of pregnancy which is why it is recommended that woman who plan to become pregnant take it before they start trying.

For those unexpected instances though, we obviously cannot go back in time and start taking folic acid. Some women simply take it anyways just in case. Folic acid can be beneficial for more than just preventing birth defects so there is minimal reason to not take it if we think we could potentially ever have an unexpected pregnancy. Folic acid is often included in multivitamins just like prenatal vitamins. The birth defects associated with a lack of folic acid are way too serious to dismiss the necessity of folic acid during pregnancy.

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