10 Ways Soon-To-Be Moms Can Prepare For A Girl (And 10 For A Boy)

Who knew having a boy and having a girl could be so different? Okay, it’s safe to say everyone knew that. Still, there are so many differences from development to personality that parents should certainly prepare for after their beloved doctor tells them what they’ve been waiting more than half their pregnancy to hear: “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl.”

Whether it’s the stigma that boys do way more acrobats than girls while in the tummy or defeating the stereotype that once moms find out they are having a girl they have to go purchase all the pink they can find, there are multiple ways to get ready for whatever gender a mom will bear.

Interestingly enough, some can be very unexpected (we totally didn’t know that even small baby girls have their own menstrual cycle). But after reading this article, we’re convinced moms will be happy to know that the ones that they didn’t see coming (and would have otherwise taken them for a whirlwind) are completely normal. So go ahead and check out how moms can prepare for a boy or for a girl. Because we all know that having one or the other is very different.

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20 Prepare For A Girl: Changing A Diaper Isn’t As Easy

Compared to a boy, changing a newborn girl’s diaper is pretty difficult. With boys, moms can just wipe and keep it moving. With girls, moms have much more to consider because of her fragile lady parts, according to Redbook Mag.

Moms will have to be much more careful when wiping and being sure to clean every little nook and cranny. At the same time, moms will also have to be extremely gentle and not cause too much friction.

This will help to prevent or at least postpone her first UTI (urinary tract infection), which won’t be fun if and whenever it does decide to arrive.

19 Prepare For A Boy: They Show Their Emotions Differently

Don’t get us wrong, boys have a compassionate side too. But when compared to girls, it’s typically not as present, according to Redbook Mag. That doesn’t mean he’s just going to be extremely mean, just don’t expect him to experience your emotions with Mom. But it’s not because they don’t care.

They just have a hard time recognizing and identifying emotions.

While they might have a hard time showing empathy, fortunately for moms, it’s something that can be taught. So feel free to show the little one how to show empathy for others whether it’s a hug or a smile.

18 Prepare For A Girl: Expect An Easier Delivery

Yes, the hypothesis that girls are easier to carry and deliver is true for most, according to What To Expect. And there are numbers that back up this fun fact. For example, moms typically spend roughly 24 minutes more in labor with boys than they do with girls.

When it comes to delivering girls, moms aren’t as likely to demand meds to help ease the uncomfortable feeling.

This is probably because girl infants are typically smaller than boy newborns (the average difference is roughly five ounces and half an inch). While it doesn’t sound like a major difference, we’re convinced moms will feel it in the delivery room.

17 Prepare For A Boy: They Might Talk A Little Later

Moms really don’t have to get super concerned if their son’s vocabulary develops at a slower pace than his little girl counterparts. It’s pretty much a well-known fact that boys typically don’t talk as early as girls, and that’s completely fine! According to Redbook Mag, for some reason, girls just embrace talking sooner compared to boys.

It’s a normal difference and boys typically don’t take too long to catch up. But moms should note when they go to elementary school, chances are they’ll make up for lost time to keep up in communication with their female friends. Then the fun begins.

16 Prepare For A Girl: They’re Actually Quite Tough

Yes, girls are very compassionate, but don’t overlook and underestimate their level of toughness. Redbook Mag says moms will most likely find out in the most interesting way how tough their daughter really is. She might be nice, but she’s certainly not going to get pushed around as easily as some might think. Whether it’s an emotional toughness or one that’s displayed physically, it won’t take long for a little girl to show that she thinks she’s the boss and she’s got it all handled, especially if she’s taking after her amazing mommy. Of course girls are emotional too, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have tough tendencies.

15 Prepare For A Boy: His Chest Might Be A Bit Swollen

It’s no secret even boys are exposed to tons of estrogen while in the belly. After all, they’re in there for up to nine months! Having a slightly inflated chest for a while might be a result of that. So don’t be surprised if he has a little swelling around that area.

Still, moms should take it in while they can because the swelling and extra tissue won’t be there after a few weeks, according to Mom 365. If anything, it could cause for a few laughs and without question unforgettable moments.

14 Prepare For A Girl: Say Hello To Their Cycle

From getting UTIs to yeast infections, it doesn’t take long for a girl to realize the woes of being a growing woman. In fact, they can even experience what is known as a mini menstrual cycle in their newborn days, according to Mama Mia. What causes it? Research says it’s all because of even the smallest drop of hormones that Mom passed down to the baby just before giving birth.

Side bar: it’s also important to note that soap isn’t the best way to clean baby girls down there as it can lead to rashes and infections. Just let her soak in bathwater and she’ll be all set to go.

13 Prepare For A Boy: Sometimes They Might Seem Aggressive, But It's Normal

From using a pencil as a sword or a toy car for… dare we say it… a getaway car, little boys will most likely find any excuse to use even the most common household item as a weapon, according to Redbook Mag.

Some of them have this in them from the moments they are born, so moms really shouldn’t blame themselves or feel like they’ve contributed to their son’s aggressive ventures. It’s just the way they are wired. For example, they could bite their toast into the shape of a weapon before they even know what that weapon is! Talk about creativity.

12 Prepare For A Girl: Get Ready For Fun Outfits

Fortunately for moms who are having a girl, it’s no secret that little girl outfits are much more fun than the options for baby boys. And kiddie lines have stepped it up even more recently compared to the past. They’ve gone from just cute headbands and frilly shirts to ruffles, sunglasses, bows, and leggings. It’s so easy for any young princess to channel her inner fashionista (or at least let her mom do it for her). Let’s just say, the stigma that dressing a girl is much more fun than a boy is typically true, according to What To Expect.

11 Prepare For A Boy: They’re Mama’s Boys At Heart

While boys have trouble being a little more empathetic, make no mistake they love their mommy. According to Belly Belly, boys have no problem expressing their love for their mom from birth all the way through adulthood. In some cases, Mom will always be his most favorite person in the universe. While moms and daughters have a special bond, there’s also nothing like the connection between a mother and her son. It just depends on how he wants to express it, depending on his personality. And just like girls can surprise moms and be tough, boys can surprise their moms and be extra sweet and affectionate.

10 Prepare For A Girl: They’re More Sensitive To Mom's Feelings

Ever wonder why moms feel like they have an instant mini BFF when they find out they’re having a girl? It’s probably because girls are said to be more sensitive and compassionate over their mom’s feelings compared to boys, according to Redbook. When they see you crying, they might want to cry too. While they don’t even know what’s wrong (or if they are tears of joy), they’ll instantly feel their mom’s emotions, as well as the feelings of others. They tend to empathize earlier in life compared to their boy counterparts. Apparently, it’s all thanks to how their brains are wired.

9 Prepare For A Boy: They Like Crowds

While girls are said to be more social, it’s no doubt that boys typically like crowds, according to Mom 365. Whether it’s being in a crowd (and possibly even being the center of attention at his first birthday party) or even just seeing a snapshot of large groups of people, for some reason, most boys are fans of large crowds. We’re not sure if it’s because they like the appeal of possibly being in the spotlight, or because they think they can be more incognito, or just like the idea of being around a large group of people. Either way, bring on the crowds!

8 Prepare For A Girl: Moms Now Have A Mini-Me

…Who watches their every move. If moms thought all kids were sponges who soak in every word they say only to go and tell their friends during a playdate, girls are typically even worse. What To Expect says that when it comes to the mother and daughter relationship, moms can get ready for their own little mini me who takes in everything they do. While it might be funny and cute, it definitely explains those moments a little girl is spotted talking on a fake cell phone, or pushing a toy cart, and especially wanting to play with a baby in the way she perceives her and Mommy’s relationship. All of it really is quite adorable.

7 Prepare For A Boy: They Love To Move Around A Lot

Moms will certainly get in their desired steps and even a small workout when chasing after their young boys. They are on the go like none other, according to Mom 365. And once they start scooting, crawling, walking, and all of the above, there’s not really a way to get them to stop. Moms might spot their little one playing in one section, turn their head for two seconds only to find they’ve made their way to the other side of the room. Interestingly enough, it’s said this mobility is what causes their delayed speech skills in comparison to girls.

6 Prepare For A Girl: Moms Don’t Have To Go Pink Crazy

Let’s face it, while the pink for girls and the blue for boys tradition seems to be dying slowly but surely, moms don’t have to go all out with the pink when they find out they’re having a girl. Whether moms to decide to have their girls sport a Disney princess inspired outfit or wants to tone it down and help their daughter channel the signs of her inner-Tomboy, either way is completely fine. Plus, there are so many more fun colors and patterns and schemes to go to other than the obvious pink, according to Redbook Mag. In a nutshell, times have changed!

5 Prepare For A Boy: The ER Will Be Mom’s Second Home

Maybe not second home, but pretty much. It’s no secret that boys will want to be like jungle animals and climb on the highest peak thinking they can fly, only to find out they absolutely can’t. According to Redbook Mag, boys have an eye for danger and will look to overcome it in any way possible, even if that means getting an “owie” that requires a visit to the Emergency Room. And interestingly enough, little boys don’t have the best memory, so they’re only bound to try it again. The best way to at least ease this is to cover all outlets and purchase corner bumpers.

4 Prepare For A Girl: Baby-Proof Your Makeup Drawer

Remember when we said girls will want to watch their mom’s every move? This includes getting into their makeup, according to Redbook Mag. Chances are, more often than not, a little girl will want to mimic what she sees her mother doing, especially when it comes to getting pretty with lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, and even nail polish. And the thing is, they really feel independent enough to not need Mom around to show them how it works. So unless moms want their daughter ruining their new makeup, it’s best to limit their access to it to begin with, and introducing the baby girl to it in Mom’s own time.

3 Prepare For A Boy: Farting Equals Giggles

It doesn’t take long for a little boy to find the human body pretty hilarious. This includes when they have gas. We’re not sure if it’s feeling, the smell, or the combination of both. But for some reason, most little boys, especially around the elementary school age, can’t hold back their laughter after passing gas, according to Redbook Mag. And since they’re so young, we can’t even call it immaturity. There’s just something about gas (and sometimes even letting out a burp) that can light up a little boy’s entire day, or at least the moment in which they experience it.

2 Prepare For A Girl: Get Ready For Some Emotions

Compared to their boy counterparts, girls are quite the drama queens. Some of their acts are really worthy of an Academy Award. But for now, we just like the idea of their drama and emotions keeping households entertained. According to Mama Mia, this can even be done in their earlier months. We’re all aware of those times when babies seem to be crying for no reason at all. Apparently, this is just the way that they release some of their tensions (it must be hard being a newborn). Still, let’s just say that newborn girls often release much more tension than baby boys.

1 Prepare For A Boy: It’s Okay To Dress Them Like Little Grandpas

It’s actually quite adorable! Plus, there aren’t too many clothing options for boys, as moms will soon discover once they start shopping. Other than the sports gear with cool phrases and grandpa-like suits and hats, there haven’t been too many things that fall in between in the past. Still, as time goes on, clothing for boys has definitely improved. But moms shouldn’t be afraid to let their little boys channel their inner grandpa. From the little cardigans to the adorable sweater vests, dressing like his grandpa isn’t a bad thing at all, and it will make grandpa feel extra special.

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