10 Ways To Keep Little Ones Busy On An Airplane!

4 -: Easter Eggs, Jewelry Making, Colouring Supplies 

Thinking about taking a little vacation time especially away from this cold cold weather we are having but have a little one you are concerned about. Have no fear, here are some tips and tricks to keep them occupied while you travel to warmer weather. 

1. Easter Egg Surprises

You can find these little eggs at your dollar store and fill them up with fun little toys. Buy a bunch and when they get tired with one, pull our another. Its a never ending goody bag! If your kid is old enough, fill them with toys you need to put together like small puzzles. If you dont have enough room for the easter eggs, you can also put them in a medicine container and if you have two, you can create your own "Guess Who" game. 

2. Jewelry Making 

Bring some yarn and a bag or small container (container can help prevent spills) of beads, dry macaroni and plastic jewels. Let them make some beautiful jewelry for the trip you are about to take and this is a great way to practice those fine motor skills. 

3. Colouring Supplies 

Bring different kinds of paper, pens, crayons and markers and make some posters. Who knows, maybe the flight attendant would like to receive some art to thank her for work. 100% appreciation guaranteed. 

3 -: Building Sticks, Memory Game, Lego Kit 

4. Building Sticks

Using Popsicle sticks that you can paint in advance, put small pieces of velcro on the ends and let them build. These are light and easy to transport and give a wide variety of building possibilities and easy clean up! 

5. Memory Game

If you do not have the cars, you can make them yourself. A small trip to the hardware store and you are done. Using tapes of different colours, make two rounds of each pattern and turn them upside down and then try to find the matches. 

6. Portable Lego Kit 

In a pencil box add some legos and home made pattern. See if your kids can recreate each one! After they have feel free to build whatever their imagination comes up with. 

2 -: Felt Board, Sandwich Shop 

7. Felt Board

Using felt and velcro make a pouch (the back of it can be used for your wonderful creations) and make lots of shapes. Make planes or dresses or even just shapes and let them use their imagination and start over as much as they want. 

8. The sandwich shop

You can find these pattern printable online. Cut them up before the ride (you cannot bring scissors on planes) and you are all set for a simple and easy sandwich shop. Let them build away and their seat will be their own little store! 

1 -: Tangram Puzzles 

9. Tangram Puzzles

These are so much fun and take a lot of time and concentration but not a lot of prep work. Also, it is very easily contained, easy clean up and offer many possibilities. You might even enjoy this one. 

10. Trip Countdown 

Depending on time length of your flight make a travel count down that counts either every hour or half hour. This way it helps switch up the activities easily and it gives them something to look forward to. Should they accomplish every task, there can even be a price at the end! 

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