10 Ways To Make Baby's First Halloween Memorable

Parents usually try to make a baby first’s as memorable as possible, especially when it comes to things like birthdays and holidays. And even though babies don’t have the ability to remember their first holidays, that doesn’t mean that parents can’t go all out and take a few pictures or create a few keepsakes along the way. Pictures and keepsakes can serve as a great way to help children cherish memories that may have otherwise been forgotten. This Halloween, there are plenty of different things you can try in order to help make baby’s first Halloween more memorable. Have a safe and happy holiday!

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10 Create A Clay Halloween Themed Handprints Keepsake

One great way to help make baby’s first Halloween memorable would be to create a Halloween themed handprints keepsake. You could also choose to use your little one’s footprints instead if you wish. They sell these clay style kits where you can create the handprints keepsakes. Or even if you wanted to go a bit cheaper, you could always just use ink or paint to help capture those itty-bitty fingers or toes. This is something that you would be able to give to your baby once he or she is a bit older and is able to properly care for treasured keepsakes!

9 Go For Baby’s First Hay Wagon Ride

Even though your little one won’t technically be able to remember their first hay wagon ride, it still has the potential to make baby’s first Halloween memorable as long as you take lots of pictures! You can dress your little one up in their first Halloween themed outfit and enjoy a nice autumn day riding around with your precious cargo! You can turn it into a fun-filled family outing, especially if you have other children who might also want to partake in the festivities!

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8 Go To The Pumpkin Patch For The First Time With The Little One

Another great way to make this fall holiday memorable would be to take your baby girl or boy to the pumpkin patch! You could make this a tradition that you and your family could do every Halloween season. You can either bring a camera or your smartphone to capture every moment to turn them into cherished memories. Most pumpkin patches also have other activities for you and your family to participate in such as apple picking and – as mentioned above – hay wagon rides!

7 Create Your Own Halloween Decorations With The Whole Family

This Halloween, instead of purchasing all of your decorations you can choose to make some with your family and loved ones instead! You can even get your youngest involved, as well as the whole family if you have other children. You can get some non-toxic finger paint and allow your little one to get messy as they help you create decorations that you and your family will be able to cherish for years to come. And with each passing year, you can add to your decorations and save them until your children are old enough to decorate their own place for Halloween!

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6 Take Baby To Their First Halloween Parade

It is a magical experience to bring your baby to is a Halloween parade. A Halloween parade is where people dress up as characters and give out candy. Your little one is sure to have a great time when they see their favorite cartoon characters in real life. These events are extremely family-friendly making it a perfect activity to bring your little one too. So look online and see when there is a Halloween parade in your town that your family can attend!

5 Get (Or Make) Baby’s First Halloween Keepsake

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating something that you can save and treasure for your little one’s first Halloween! You can go to your local arts and crafts store and let your imagination run wild! One idea that you may be able to create for your little one’s first Halloween keepsake would be to purchase a memory box or trinket box that you and your baby could decorate together. This way, it would be something completely worth cherishing that would be able to hold other cherished keepsakes and items.

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4 Start A New Halloween Tradition With Your Family

One of the best ways to build long-lasting memories for your family is too have family traditions. Even with Halloween, you can start some family traditions that you can carry on when your child gets older. These traditions can be anything from going to the same pumpkin patch every year to making some Halloween food for dinner before going out for trick or treating. The options are endless! Make sure you talk to your partner about what kind of Halloween traditions you want to have with your family. We know that as your child grows they are going to be looking forward to the tradition you started when they were younger.

3 Pick Out And Dress Baby In Their First Halloween Outfit And Costume

For your child’s first Halloween, you can get as creative as you would like and buy or make your baby’s first Halloween costume and outfit! You don’t even have to purchase anything that is crazy expensive, either. Try to have fun playing dress-up with your baby! There is just something so magical and memorable about a child’s first Halloween costume! Make sure that you take tons of photos of your little one! You can even create the perfect banner to add to the pictures that mention it being the baby’s first Halloween!

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2 Take The Baby On Their First Trick-Or-Treating Session

There are a few things that people always associate Halloween with like the colors orange and black, costumes, and of course trick or treating. When you have a little one, trick or treating is going to be more for you than your baby since they are not going to be able eat any candy you get. But don't let that stop you from going out! Trick or treating is a great way to build memories, and we know that all of your neighbors are going to love to see your baby in their first Halloween costume. So don't worry about whether they can eat any of the candy, instead focus on the joy you, your baby, and your community are going to have for your child's first round of trick or treating!

1 Start A Halloween Scrapbook For Your Little One To Cherish As They Grow

With all the pictures that you will be taking for your little one’s first Halloween, why not put all those photos to good use and create a Halloween scrapbook that you would be able to add to every Halloween season? It is much more personal creating a scrapbook compared to just adding the pictures to a photo album or baby book. You could even add in scraps of your child’s first Halloween costume or outfit. This has the potential to make for the perfect 18th birthday or Halloween gift that your child would be able to cherish for the rest of his or her life.

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