10 Weird Places Pregnant Women Fall Asleep


When you’re pregnant, you’re tired. Like, just really, really tired. It makes sense, your body is literally growing another person, but some women are surprised at just how tired they actually become. It’s not a normal, “dragging through your day” type of sleepy. Pregnancy exhaustion is more like, “can’t make it through your day tired” so it’s no surprise that pregnant women have found themselves sleeping in some strange places.

Check out these ten hilarious (and totally relatable) tales of falling asleep from expectant mothers.

10 Not Tonight Honey, I’m ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Once you’ve had the baby, it’s pretty common to skip out on sexy time in favor of a few more minutes of shut eye, but when you’re still incubating, the trope is that you’re always ready to go. This happens because the cocktail of hormones that help make a baby can also make women feel more sexual . It doesn’t make you any less tired as Angela learned, who couldn’t stay awake for the main event.

“I was waiting in bed for him to shower before we got frisky. Suddenly it was morning!” she said of the event that didn’t happen. The spirit was willing, but the body wasn’t able. Some women report having more of a drive while knocked up, but that doesn’t mean you will be physically able to stay awake for it.

9 Naps Like Clockwork

Everyone knows how important scheduling can be a to a baby’s development and well-being and many moms can give you an idea of what time of day it is based solely on what their baby’s needs are. Baby’s cranky? Ready for lunch so it must be around 11:30! One mom’s baby put her on a schedule before he even came out!

“You could set a watch by it,” Janice said, “3 PM every day for the first couple of months I would just fall asleep! It didn’t matter where I was. In the car, at work, a bus station, as soon as 3 hit, I was out like a light.”

Hopefully, her baby kept up the schedule when he finally got out, right? As funny as it is, daily naps are actually really healthy for mom and the baby and hey, at least she knew when to expect it!

8 So Is That Why Cats Hide Under the Bed?

Cats often hide under the bed so it was no surprise to Julia that when she and her husband moved during her first pregnancy, their kitty had picked that spot to hide from all the commotion. Since heavy lifting is pretty much out of the picture while pregnant, (finding kitty seemed like the safer option.)

“I laid on the floor to try and coax him out and fell asleep! My husband’s friend, who was helping us move, found me like that and freaked out!”

It’s no surprise that he did! Imagine walking into a room to find your friend’s pregnant wife stuffed half under a bed not moving. No worries though, she was totally fine, she had just figured out the cat was on to something with its choice of hiding spots.

7 Do Not Wake the Pregnant Lady

Usually falling asleep on the job is a sure fire way to ensure that you no longer have a job. Luckily for Monique, her boss was a lot more understanding when he found her “face down on her keyboard.”

“I was anemic,” she explained, “When my boss would find me, he just turned out the lights and closed the door. Turns out his mother had taught him it was a bad idea to wake a pregnant woman. I thought it best to just agree with it.”

Anemia is one of those things that can happen to new moms during pregnancy and it causes them to be very tired. With the proper treatment, it’s not life threatening, but it’s still nice to have a boss who’s understanding!

6 Dogs Love Babies

If you Google dogs and babies, you’ll find a ton of adorable pictures of dogs sleeping with, playing with, and generally being cute with infants, but sometimes this love affair begins even before the baby leaves the womb. This puppy may have been reacting to a variety of things, but it’s cute to think that he knew his friend forever was in there.

“My in-laws had a golden retriever/husky mix that wouldn’t let anyone near my belly. Very protective,” Kelly said. “One day I sat down on the floor with my back against the couch and he came over and put his head on my belly. That’s all it took and we were both out for a while.”

A cute picture for sure, but still, a really weird place to nap for hours.

5 Bathroom or Naproom?

Bathrooms, not really known for their comfort level. Especially not office bathrooms. Some places provide a little sofa where workers can take a load off during breaks, but that wasn’t the case in Sarah’s place of employment.

“I used to go to a corner stall, sit on the toilet fully clothed and fall asleep. I would be in there so long, the lights would turn off. I did this daily while pregnant.”

It doesn’t sound very comfortable, but it maybe easier on the face than the keyboard solution. Even when you don’t have a medical issue outside the pregnancy itself, you need a lot of extra sleep and a daily nap is one way to get it.

4 Yoga Is About Relaxation, Right?

Yoga is supposed to relax you, and there’s a ton of health benefits for staying active while you’re pregnant. Many people recommend the gentle workout while expecting to help get the body ready for the coming delivery. One mom got a bit more than she bargained for during one class.

“I fell completely asleep during a Yoga class. It wasn’t even the “quiet reflection time”, just during normal poses. I guess it worked though, I was really relaxed,” Mandie said.

3 An Afternoon at the Nap Salon

Everyone loves being pampered and Erica thought, rightfully, that while she was pregnant might be a good time to have her nails done. After all, with a new baby, having time to treat yourself will be in short supply. Some women worry about the safety of getting nails worked on while expecting, but it is perfectly safe, and a good way to help your self-esteem during a time when it might be taking a few hits. We all get relaxed when we visit a nail salon, but this trip took it to a new level.

“She was rubbing my hands and I just fell asleep, face down on that little padded thing they rest your wrists on. I slept for about an hour while she finished my nails and went to work on the next person. My manicure was perfect.”

It’s no surprise that she fell asleep, there are relaxation pressure points in the hands, but this reaction was a little over the top!

2 Better Safe Than Sorry

You shouldn’t drive while you’re tired. In fact, being sleepy behind the wheel is one of the top causes of accidents on the road. So when Charity was facing an hour long commute and feeling a little drowsy, she decided to catch a few Zzzz in her car before setting out.

“It was an hour long commute. I meant to close my eyes for just a minute, but I woke up and it was three hours later! I had full blown morning sickness from not eating for four hours.”

Waking up nauseous bites, but it’s better than falling asleep behind the wheel!

1 Good Mor-zzzzzzzz

The thing about being pregnant is that life just goes on and you have to go with it. Stephanie was in the midst of helping her friend get married and she wasn’t going to let a little thing like pregnancy get in her way. The wedding was close and she decided to just power through it.

“Everyone was pulling all-nighters to get ready, but I couldn’t handle it. I fell asleep at the breakfast table. Right there in the eggs.”

Pregnancy can really put a damper on the whole rise and shine attitude and she walked away with a little bit of egg on her face.

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