12 Weird Ways to Tell if He's Fertile

Knowing if and when a female is fertile is often the main focus when trying to get pregnant, but it takes two to tango so it’s important to know if he’s got the right stuff as well. If you’re wondering about your mate or looking around to pick one that will more than likely give you babies, check out these 10 weird signs that show he’s fertile.

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12 His Voice is a Little High

You may think that a deep manly voice is one that signals masculinity and virility. A deep voice might make you think that he’s ready to make babies, but it turns out that this may not be entirely true. Even though women are more attracted to men with lower voices, men with higher voices have a higher sperm count, one study showed.

It may not meet the ideal, but it turns out that fellas who hit the higher octaves may actually be better at making babies so don't give him a pass just because his voice doesn't drop any bass. This potential mate could be more likely to help you conceive a lovely family than the guy who sounds like he could be the next Batman.

11 Keeps His Cellphone Out of His Pocket

There are a ton of theories that have been circulating since forever about the effect that mobile devices have on our overall health. Whether you agree that the digital age is making us all antisocial or not, there may be a connection between his fertility and a phone in the front pocket.

If he keeps his phone next to his junk, he may be lowering his sperm count due to electromagnetic radiation. Cell phones have become pretty commonplace for a few years now, so if he’s been keeping his cell in his front pant's pocket, he has likely been exposed quite a bit to this radiation. Luckily, sperm is constantly produced, so moving the cell phone to another location may reduce the damage.

10 He’s Bald

This one is a little controversial because it would seem that the more hair, the healthier and more vigorous that man would be, but male pattern baldness can be a sign that testosterone is flowing in his veins and that is one of the main factors to consider in a man’s ability to make babies. After all, baldness is passed on genetically and overrides the genes that don't pass on the genetic predisposition of baldness.

A full head of hair may make for a better picture, but a smooth skull may mean that he’s more ready to make some babies. There is a caveat in there though. You're not necessarily condemning your kids to baldness, after all baldness only affects kids whose mother's father was bald.

9 He’s a Boxer Man, Not Briefs

Tighty whiteys generally don’t look so cool, but there's another reason you might want your man to switch his underwear. Briefs may also keep a man's sperm sluggish and slow. Sperm motility is very important to male fertility. This basically affects how a sperm swims. If a sperm has trouble swimming, it won’t be able to reach the egg before its life cycle ends.

If your man has been wearing briefs, this could affect his sperm motility over time. One study found that men who wore tight undies were 24% more likely to have low motile sperm. So, if he’s a boxer man, there’s a higher chance that his swimmers are ready to race. So if you're worried about your man's fertility, consider switching his underwear to something more free.

8 He Eats Chicken and Fish Over Beef

We are what we eat, and it turns out if you eat more white meat and fish, you may have a better chance of producing a child, and not just because you’re not clogging up your arteries with too much steak. A study showed sperm from men who ate less processed and red meat, in a laboratory setting, fertilized more eggs.

The research basically measured fertilisation rates, implantation rates, pregnancy rates and live birth rates. Overall it’s hard to prove these findings have any real life ramification on conception, because other life factors were not taken into consideration. However, it can’t hurt to add healthier options to your diet.

7 He’s Not Stressed

Handling a lot of stress can have a largely negative effect on almost all aspects of a person’s health. Fertility health is no different. The more stressed out you are, the more it affects one’s fertility. If he’s really relaxed, then there’s a better chance he’ll be able to produce babies. If he's more prone to stress, then his sperm count may be lower and even if his sperm count isn't affected, stress could affect the quality of sperm he produces.

This doesn’t mean that he has to be a slacker who lives out a van, but if he’s not coming home and stressing out over everything,--every day--then it’s more likely he’ll be able to produce children for you. If your significant other is stressed, you can help him reduce thos stress levels by doing a few simple things, like exercising together, eating and sleeping well, avod stressful situations or talk through what's causing the stress.

6 He Has a Lot of Sex

A man who wants to have sex all the time doesn’t necessarily have a higher sperm count than a man that doesn’t, but there is some research that indicates that having  more sex (alone or with someone else) may make them more fertile. Having frequent sex also lowers the possibility of conceiving a boy.

The male body is constantly producing sperm and having an orgasm may clear out the urethra of old sperm so that new sperm is constantly at the ready. The older the sperm, the less fertile they are. And as older sperm decay they release substances that can harm newer sperm and their fertility. So it's better to have new sperm ready to go because it could ultimately lead to increased fertility.

5 His Face Is a Little Softer

Again, this much like the bald entry, seems like the exact opposite of what you want in a mate. After all, a man who has softer skin than you might make you think he's more effeminate and less virile. Having a chiseled face with a 5 o'clock shadow is more attractive by today’s standards, but all that pretty face comes at the price of their fertility one study found.

The reason for this isn’t exactly clear, but the study, although small, showed that there may be a correlation between a softer, more feminine face and increased fertility. Perhaps this is due to an evolutionary lesson that more men lacking those features would have less chances to mate meaning every shot has to count.

4 He’s Still Young

Unlike women, men CAN still help make babies long into their senior years. Although they have the ability to do so, this doesn’t mean that it’s easier. Like everything else to do with our bodies, although it may still work, the older we get, the more tired and worn out it gets. The same is true for a man's reproductive system.

The younger he is, the more virile his sperm will be, which is to say even though he CAN wait, it might be better if he doesn’t wait too long. Men over the age of 40 have a harder time producing children, whereas younger mean can impregnate a woman in 4.5 months, men over 40 can take up to 2 years. Between the ages of 20-80 men's sperm motility continue to  decline.

3 He Doesn't Use Drugs

Sport enhancing drugs, or steroids have long been associated with the decline of a man's fertility. Anabolic steroids can cause a man's testicles to become soft and shrink. What happens is when men use these steroids to build muscle mass or become more sexually active, the part of the brain that monitors testosterone in the blood sends signals to increase testosterone production.

This results in a shutdown in the testicles. But the brain has tricked itself into thinking the testosterone levels are fine, even though they're too high. Once the testicles shut down, sperm production is shut down, which leads to the testicles becoming soft and shrunk. A man will continue to have orgasms, but the quality of his sperm will be almost nil.

2 He Keeps His Laptop on the Table

Sitting with your laptop on your lap while you work may be a habit you've developed since college, but all of that heat isn’t actually good for a man’s fertility. A great deal of motility is loss due to heat alone. By placing a hot laptop directly on top of his genitals, a man can really slow down his swimmers unintentionally.

In general, it’s good to keep “the boys” nice and cool (not cold, but comfortable) tight clothes and frequent trips to the Jacuzzi aren’t exactly recommended for good sperm health. If he avoids any or all of these things, there’s a higher chance that he’s a fertile mate.

1 His Testicles Aren't Swollen

It makes sense that the physical health of a man's reproductive system would be tied to his fertility. If a man has swollen testicles he should be tested for Epididymo-orchitis. This condition is usually caused by an infection and will be hard to ignore because it will be painful. The bacterial infection occurs in the epididymis that carries the sperm out of the testicles, but can also spread back into the testicle itself.

Epidiymo-orchitis usually coincides with infections in a man's urinary tract. This condition can cause permanent blockages and damage to the testicles. Although this infection is rare, it's important for men to seek treatment immediately to stop other damage from taking place.

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