10-Year-Old Assists In Bathroom Baby Delivery With Help From YouTube

When a ten-year-old found that her aunt had given birth in the bathroom and no one else was home, she knew exactly what to do.

Even though childbirth is as natural as breathing and has obviously been a part of humankind since men and women have existed, it can still be a pretty scary experience. Even with medicine in the place that is in today, there can still be serious complications during birth, some of which we can't predict until they are actually happening.

That's why the day that is normally the happiest of most people's lives is also filled with nerves, fear, and quite a bit of pain. That's when the birth is expected. If we're roped into helping someone who goes into labor unexpectedly then all of the bad factors above are magnified and most of us won't have the first idea what to do.


Well, perhaps we need to take a page out of Chloe Carrion's book. Chloe is just ten years old, but when her aunt gave birth unexpectedly, she sprung into action and knew exactly what to do. Chloe told NBC Washington that she heard her aunty Dominique calling her name from the bathroom and when she got there, there was a lot of blood, her aunt was passed out in the bathtub, and a newborn baby was on the floor, it was quite the scene.

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"She had lost a lot of blood. She had fallen down and she passed out. So I grabbed the baby and called 911," Chloe explained. From there she cut the umbilical cord of her new cousin and proceeded to wrap him up while she waited for medics to arrive. How did she know to do all that we hear you ask? YouTube videos. "I watch YouTube videos about people playing with dolls and I see them care for the babies, so I used stuff I knew from the videos," the fast-acting ten-year-old revealed.

Most of the time, adults complain about their kids being glued to screens and that it's a complete waste of time. Well, this is living proof of that not always being the case. Had Chloe not spent so much time watching YouTube videos, who knows what could have happened to her aunt and her cousin? As a reward, Dominique let Chloe name the newest addition to the family, and she has gone with Isaac.


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