15In Such A Small Town, Why Would You Do It?

It seemed like there was more going on behind the scenes here, as a town full of staunch Catholics refused to recognize the need for progression versus school staff who see a heightened need for it every single day.

This is, by far, one of the most commonly asked questions about the "pregnancy pact". If it truly existed, that is. Nearly all of the girls denied the existence of there ever being a spoken agreement on how and when to get pregnant, but according to Sullivan's twisted story, the

pact had started when the girls were only Sophomores. Most of us can barely find all of our misplaced textbooks at that age, let alone think about raising a child. This throws the reliability of Sullivan's story into serious question, especially with the known fact that both the nurse and medical director at the time were strong advocates for safe education.

It will never be clear how 18 girls simultaneously become pregnant the same year, at the same age, in the same school, but we can be almost certain that if a pact existed, solidifying their status and following a commitment was the goal.

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