10 Years Later: What The Girls From 'Toddlers & Tiaras' Look Like Today

Toddlers & Tiaras was a reality TV series that aired on TLC from December of 2008 to October of 2013. The series ran for seven seasons. As its name suggests, the show featured little girls competing in beauty pageants. These young hopefuls were dressed in costumes that resembled those of famous characters in Hollywood. Some would even have props to go with their costumes. The show started becoming very controversial especially after the producers started subjecting the girls to some unbecoming situations for kids.

Fans criticized and condemned the moms for encouraging their daughters to engage in such behavior, but it seemed like the competition was too stiff and too important for some of them to care. Due to these controversies, Toddlers & Tiaras had to go on a long break. A sequel of the show, Another Toddlers & Tiaras later hit screens in August 2016, and there were other spin-offs of the show such as Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Cheer Perfection.

The girls who participated in the show are all grown up now and most have left pageantry to live normal childhoods. They get to go to school and take an interest in other areas such as acting and music. Here's what some of the girls are up to.

20 Alana Thompson

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Reality star Alana Thompson is probably the most famous out of all Toddlers & Tiaras cast members. After the cancellation of the show, she starred in several reality shows portraying her sassy, bubbly, and energetic personality. She even released a rap song titled "Movin' Up."

Today, Alana is famously known as "Honey Boo Boo" and is now an adorable 13-year-old and still rocks her blonde, curly hair. According to Cheatsheet, Alana also recently competed on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars: Juniors. Professional dancer Tristan Laniero was her partner. Surprisingly, Alana was not badly off, she made it through to week four before her elimination.

19 MaKenzie Myers

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MaKenzie Myers is one of the show’s original cast members. She began participating in pageants when she was just four years old. This girl has always been passionate about winning competitions; she even won the title of Supreme Queen. However, MaKenzie has a wild character; she is famous for throwing tantrums and people have always criticized her mom for not keeping her daughter in check.

After the cancellation of Toddlers & Tiaras, Makenzie continued being a pageant girl but after 2013, she decided to step away from the spotlight. She does not compete anymore, as claimed by Urbo.

MaKenzie now lives a normal teenage life and keeps in touch with her fans on social media. Juana, MaKenzie’s mother, hopes that her daughter will return to pageantry in the near future.

18 Madison Berg

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Madison Berg, nicknamed “Tootie,” graced our screens as one of the stars of Toddlers and Tiaras at a tender age of 10 years old. Madison was older than most of the kids on the show and got a bad rap for being a diva. She has probably outgrown her sassy attitude by now, right?

As stated by University Fox, Madison is still passionate about pageantry. She recently won Miss Mississippi Teen US in 2017.

Madison is now a beautiful 20-year-old college student at Belhaven University. Her favorite extracurricular activity is cheerleading, but she also has a YouTube channel that goes by the name, Tootie Time.

17 Kayla Hatton

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Television personality Kayla Hatton first entered the public eye when she appeared on Toddlers and Tiaras at just 15 months old. She was a natural at pageantry; no wonder many fans loved her. She also knew how to entertain a crowd. As revealed by University Fox, Kayla found her fame the time she went on stage dressed as Shirley Temple to perform a routine and ended up twerking instead.

Kayla has always expressed interest in other things other than pageantry. She is now a beautiful 11-year-old girl and has moved away from tiaras. Miss Kayla is now into dancing and cheerleading at her school.

16 Kylie LaDuca


Kylie LaDuca, who graced TV screens in 2012, was also another had to miss star in Toddlers & Tiaras. She had already appeared in other pageantry competitions and was therefore confident and a natural when she joined the show. Other than pageantry, Kylie was famous for her unique dancing moves, as stated by University Fox.

While still on the show, Kylie made appearances in several movies including the Sunny Side Up, Team Umizooni, and Elder Skelter. Kylie is now 13 years old and although she was a gifted tiara queen on stage, Kylie no longer competes in pageants. The young star is now a model and is very happy with the path she has chosen.

15 Paisley Dickey


Most people will remember Paisley Dickey popularly known as “Peppermint” on Toddlers & Tiaras for dressing and acting like Julia Roberts from the movie, Pretty Woman. Her role generated a lot of controversies because she had to be dressed as a grown woman, but her mom would come to her defense and say that her daughter was just doing it for the fans of the show.

After leaving the show, Paisley took on different roles in a number of films and series. She has made appearances in the Red Band Society, Good Morning America, and Nickelodeon. Paisley is now 11 years old and according to Social Gazette, she is interested in playing the guitar, singing, and modeling.

14 Alaska Mathews

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Alaska Mathews is another pageant queen who rose to fame due to her appearance on Toddlers and Tiaras. Her mother was pushy and got a lot of criticism for applying dye to her daughter’s eyelashes. She also wanted to bleach Alaska’s teeth. Other than the pageant show, Alaska has also appeared on the Oprah Winfrey documentary show, Our America with Lisa Ling.

After leaving Toddlers and Tiaras, Alaska went on to pursue her love for acting by appearing on the Kids Take Nashville show. Because of how her mother had treated her on Toddlers and Tiaras, Alaska and her mother had to appear on the Dr. Phil Show to show viewers that they were in the best of terms.

Alaska is now 16 years old and is an active participant of cheerleading and drama clubs. She also does modeling on the side.

13 Giavanna Lyerly

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Giavanna Lyerly was a natural pageant girl. Her mother was not very disappointed when her other daughter dropped out of pageantry because Giavanna was able to carry on with the show. While the two twin daughters were on Toddlers and Tiaras, their mother was so determined for them to succeed that she spent millions of dollars on them.

According to IMDB, Giavanna has done a few modeling jobs and has appeared on movies like Cooking It Up With Lulu, Whipoorwhill Nest, and AP Life. She is now 11 years old and still competes in the pageant world. Giavanna recently won Little Miss South Carolina US; clearly, her mother does not regret investing her millions of dollars.

12 Alycesaundra Lyerly

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Giavanna’s twin sister, Alycesaundra Lyerly, was the favorite twin among fans. On the show, it was also clear that mom favored her more than she refused to admit. Nonetheless, mom wanted both girls to have successful futures in pageants, according to Social Gazette.

The twins joined the show at just four years old. However, after the show, Alycesaundra decided to step away from the pageant world and focus on other projects. She has done a few modeling jobs and has appeared on shows like Kids Take Nashville and more. In 2017, she debuted her own clothing line at New York Fashion Week. Alycesaundra, who is now 11 years old, lives a normal childhood and is in school.

11 Isabella Barrett

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This very candid member of the show, Isabella Barrett, was another favorite star because of “her tell it like it is” attitude. Therefore, she was hard to miss especially in the controversy involving Paisley’s Pretty Woman attire. However, she did not stay on the show for long and moved on to greener pastures.

According to Style Caster, Isabella is now one of the most successful girls from the show, she is worth a couple of million dollars because of launching a jewelry collection, clothing line, having rich parents, and big trust funds. Isabella is currently 12 years old and loves clothes, shoes, and luxury hotels. Her biggest splurge is room service.

10 Ever Rose Minor

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Ever Rose was a darling on the show but her mother, on the other hand, was not a favorite. As stated by University Fox, she openly criticized how heavy her daughter was and put her on a less than 1600-calorie meal plan. The plan worked but many fans were not amused because she was just a child.

After the cancellation of the show, Eva stepped away from the pageant world and is now in high school. We hope she is enjoying a normal childhood. Just like her former castmates, Ever is a cheerleader, and depending on what she shares online, she sure loves it.

9 Lacey Mae Mason

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Lacey Mae Mason was a positively minded girl. She stood out from the rest because she was the only cast member with dwarfism. Lacey joined the show at only 14 months and really enjoyed it, unlike other girls; Lacey preferred having fan rather than winning competitions. According to Social Gazette, her mother also enrolled Lacey on the show, not to win, but to boost her confidence

Outside the show, Lacey had two acting gigs; she made an appearance in the Chelsea Lately series and the Analogic film. Lacey is now 15 years old and an advocate. She has her own group “Piece by Piece” which raises awareness on dwarfism and people making fun of others. Fans can keep up with her through her social media platforms.

8 Eden Wood

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Eden Wood definitely signed up on the show to win and she did. She seemed to win competition after competition, however, when she was 6 years old she left the pageant world. The blonde pageant queen went from starring on Toddlers and Tiaras to starring in her own show Eden’s World.

According to Nicki Swift, Eden has always wanted to be an actress and in 2014, she was cast in The Little Rascals Save The Day. Eden has a successful modeling job. She has also been a judge in one of the pageant show’s reboot. Currently, Eden is a middle school cheerleader; she normally updates fans with glamorous shots of herself on social media.

7 Taralyn Eschberger

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On the show, Taralyn Eschberger was the perfectionist. She was a redhead princess who always strived to win every competition she entered. According to her mother, even the decision of getting into pageantry was her idea and judging from her social media photos, she has not changed much.

Taralyn has appeared on various talk shows including Fox & Friends and Good Morning America. She is now 15 years old and is still a redhead. Miss Taralyn is a straight-A middle school student and is no longer into pageantry. She is more into singing, basketball, and making music, as claimed by University Fox. She also seems to enjoy adventures like indoor sky diving and camping.

6 Alexis Todd

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Alexis Todd was the go-getter among the girls on the show. She had no concerns about getting spray tans since she would do just about anything to win. However, fans criticized her parents for always pushing her to exceed her limits. She even went to a chiropractor to get her spine checked out in preparation for competition; she ended up emerging as a runner-up, according to DailyMail.

After the show, Alexis continued with pageantry, though she also got into other activities she is passionate about like acting and swimming. In 2009, she starred in the Uncovered: A 48 Hour Film Project. She is now a competitive cheerleader and whenever she can, she shows her moves on her Twitter account.

5 SaLiz Anderson

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SaLiz first appeared on the show at just 11 months old just before her first birthday. The competitiveness of the girls on the show at times extended up from the girls to their mothers. A lot of times SaLiz’s mother was intense and over the top. A number of fans were certain that SaLiz was only part of the show because her mother had pushed her to it. However, people later found out that that was not the case.

According to Story Fizz, SaLiz is now a well-performing student who takes her studies quite seriously. She also has a YouTube channel where fans can keep up with her and check out her songs. Her extracurricular activities include volleyball, basketball, playing in the school band, and theatre.

4 Destiny Christian

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Destiny joined the show when she was four years old. She raised many eyebrows when her mother dressed her up as Sandy from the movie Grease and gave her a fake prop in one of the competitions that was very adult. It's one of those moments that fans of the show still talk about today.

After she left the show, Destiny took on a few acting roles in the films such as Vanished and Unimaginable. Destiny today leads a normal life away from the spotlight; she focusses less on pageants and more on dancing, singing, and modeling — three activities she is interested in.

3 Savannah Caldwell

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Savannah was technically not a toddler when she joined the show at seven years of age. She first appeared on the show with no front teeth, but still looked adorable and just like the other girls, she had a pushy stage mom who always overshadowed her. Nevertheless, she still managed to make a splash on the show.

According to Scribol, Savannah, whose teeth have now grown, lives a normal childhood except for the fact that she is homeschooled by her mother. She no longer competes in the pageants and has gone back to her original hair color by ditching the blonde look.

2 Brenna Gaskin

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When Brenna first appeared on the show viewers immediately started thinking she was a saint. Little did they know that this little miss diva would be the most badly behaved contestant. Her behavior did not sit right with many people. However, there are fans who seemed to love her despite her character since she even came back for another season.

After leaving Toddlers and Tiaras, Brenna went on to appear in the comedy film, Bad Grandpa as stated by Social Gazette. Brenna Gaskin is now 12 years old and we hope she has a better attitude. She has stepped out of the spotlight and her family is also not active on social media.

1 Mia Spargo

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Mia was one of the most loved casts of Toddlers and Tiaras. She was always well behaved and was never the subject of negative publicity. Judges were also pleased with her and kept telling her that she was good at beauty pageants.

Sadly, after she left the show, doctors diagnosed Mia with brain cancer at the age of six. She had to go through chemotherapy and transfusions. After battling cancer for two years, doctors declared her cancer free. However, her hair has not grown back due to chemoradiation.

According to Packages for Kid Fighters, this inspired her to crochet hats and donate them to other kids with cancer so that they can keep warm. Mia is now 12 years old and does not compete anymore; she is slowly realizing other dreams.

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