11 Baby Products William And Kate Swear By (And 4 That Are Unaffordable)

Being the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate clearly have many resources to help them raise their children. They are the most sought-after royal family right now! With three kids under the age of five, they are well versed when it comes to certain baby products. Kate, being the mother, has her favorites, from the baby products we all need to ones that we all wish we could have. William, on the other hand, is probably like a lot of fathers, and just goes with the flow! But there is one big baby product he enjoys that we all wish we could afford!

Congratulations to the new parents, William and Kate, on their sweet baby Prince Louis Arthur Charles who was born on April 23. The royal pair is already mommy and daddy to two cuties, four-year-old Prince George, whose cheeks are just waiting to be pinched, and three-year-old Princess Charlotte, who is a fashionable little girl already.

Each time William and Kate have had a baby, certain products and brand named items have flown off of store shelves. We all want a piece of what a royal family would consider a good product for their baby. Some of these products are ones we also use and enjoy, others may be far out of our reach, especially financially! Read on for some baby products William and Kate swear by, and some that are awesome, but definitely a little harder to attain!

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15 Lavanila Diaper Cream

Royal baby bottoms need to stay nice and clean, and super soft and squishy, of course! Leave it to Kate and William to ensure that all three of their children never experience a horrendous diaper rash. Are you wondering if Kate changes the diapers herself? You better believe she does!

Sure, she is the Duchess of Cambridge, and has some help, but Kate is a very involved and devoted mother. You can bet that she has made William change his fair share of diapers, as well!

One important baby product that is believed to be used by the royal pair for their sweet little ones is Lavanila Baby Bottom Diaper Cream. According to Hollywood Life,

this diaper cream is sure to cure the diaper rash of the future royal kings or queen, from the beginning with Prince George, then on to Princess Charlotte, and now that adorable newborn baby, Prince Louis.

We hope Kate and William are stocking up on this diaper cream, because once the public gets a peek at what diaper cream royals use on their baby’s bottoms, you better believe it is going to be flying off the shelves!

14 Super Soft Aden And Anais Swaddles

If you have had a baby recently, or know someone who has, you have likely come across the ever popular Aden and Anais baby swaddles. They are so super soft, and just seem like a dream blanket for baby. They are lightweight enough for draping over the car seat to block out the sun or for swaddling baby even on a hot summer day. They also come in cute designs, from fun shapes to different animals, you just can’t go wrong with these swaddles- and you can find them just about anywhere!

It is not surprising that Kate and William have chosen these for their babies. In a way, it is truly a comforting feeling, to know that even princes and a sweet princess use these blankets. If they are fit for royalty, wow, they certainly must be something special!

The company, Aden and Anais knows just how special they are, designing these muslin swaddles that are fit for royal babies, but they stay true to who they are, and, according to their website that is, believing in simplicity, believing in safety, and believing in expression through style. We’re on board! And it seems so are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

13 Noodle & Boo Baby Wash

When it comes to washing our little ones, Kate and William are like so many of us, they want to ensure that the product they use is safe, yet effective. The royal family is likely already stocked up on Noodle & Boo Body Wash. Yes, we know, the name is so cute, it must be a must-have baby item!

The new prince, named Louis, is probably only being washed with water right now, just like all other newborns are recommended to be washed (of course, his water is royal water, so that must be something special!). But once he is ready to get dirty and messy, Kate and William will likely use Noodle & Boo’s products.

According to the company’s website, all their baby wash products help to nourish and protect that incredibly sensitive skin of a baby.

Who knows, maybe Kate and William are using these products and big sister Charlotte and big brother George! Heck, they might even be using them on themselves, you never know! What we do know, is that Kate and William will only choose the best bathtime products available for their little ones. This is one area they will not skimp on, yet, one area that the rest of us could afford, too!

12 Can't Afford: Irulea Spanish Designed Bonnet

That beautiful shawl is not alone in the traditional garb that the royal babies are seen wearing, there is also a sweet, yet pretty expensive bonnet that those beautiful babies get to wear! If you notice, not only has Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis been wrapped up in that delicate shawl as they make their worldly debut in front of the hospital with their parents after being born, but they are also wearing an equally delicate and gorgeous babyhood, as it is called (also known as a baby bonnet!).

The Irulea babyhood has a nice story to it. This baby bonnet goes for around $60, pretty pricey for a tiny baby hat! The story, though, makes it worth it for the royals. According to Slice.ca, Kate and William have a nanny who is from Spain. She introduced them to the Irulea shop, which is a small store in the Spanish city of San Sebastian.

She supposedly purchased this gorgeous babyhood for either Prince George or Princess Charlotte and Kate absolutely loved it! She gave her nanny, and that tiny shop in Spain, lots of credit as she decided to put it on Princess Charlotte’s head in those very first viewings outside of the hospital.

11 Wicker Newborn Basket

There might be nothing cuter than a little bassinet for a newborn baby. Those baskets themselves seem small, but then you place a sweet newborn into one, and suddenly, it looks huge! It is no surprise that Kate and William wished to have a nice bassinet for their babies, and one that is not only functional, but looks like a dream come true, too!

According to Town and Country magazine’s website,

Kate is a big fan of the popular children’s brand, Blue Almond. Blue Almond is a baby boutique in the United Kingdom that likely received quite a bit of business when Kate started to shop there when she was pregnant with her first child, George.

Kate was seen, back then, shopping with her own mother.

Two generations looking for the best baby products for the next generation, how sweet is that?! They came across a beautiful white wicker basket that really looks like royalty itself. Yet, the price tag, under $300, was not so bad. Baby George spent a lot of time in that bassinet, and we bet Charlotte did also, and maybe Louis is using it now! It seems that Kate likes the look of royalty, but is not willing to pay lots of money!

10 Can't Afford: A Classically Designed Pram

We all want our babies to ride around in style. Choosing the perfect stroller- or pram- or baby carriage is an important part of getting ready for baby’s arrival. The Royals need a pram that is useful and safe, and let’s face it, looks pretty cool, too! They chose a classically designed pram that almost looks like it came out of history, but complete with updated features and a totally sleek design.

According to Babycentre, the pram that Kate uses to push those sweet babies around town is the Silver Cross Balmoral Pram, which retails for over $2,000! That is one pricey baby carriage, does it have real silver?! Yeah, that makes our strollers look like trash! Of course, that does not stop fans of the royal family from trying to get their hands on similar prams, or at the very least, some less expensive knock-offs!

While we cannot afford the stroller that Princes and Princesses ride in, we are okay with Kate splurging on this one. The pram totally fits her image, and plus, she has really saved money on other things. She is allowed to have something that costs some money, she is royalty with cutie pie royal babies after all!

9 Britax Car Seats

When born into royalty, you get some high class stuff. However, William and Kate are not that greedy that they wish to spend a ton of money on baby items. They might get basically whatever it is that they want and need, but when it comes to baby stuff, they like to stick to some of the basics, and the brands that we all know and recognize, and one that many of us already own.

The royal babies sit in none other than Britax car seats. Yep, the same car seat you have in your car or the one you almost bought at Target, that is a car seat worthy of the Royals. Car seats are a vital baby item. It is all about safety.

Looks like Kate did her research to make sure she got the best car seat possible, and with that, she unknowingly tells all of us that Britax must be a good brand!

According to Town and Country online magazine, it was cutie pie Prince George who first introduced the world to the regular old royals as he made waves in his classic Britax car seat, carried by his dear old dad, Prince William!

8 Can't Afford: Delicate Newborn Shawl

One of the things we love about Kate and William is that they are big on tradition. We have seen how Kate even uses hand me downs for her kids, having Princess Charlotte share her big brother’s sweater and then passing clothing on down to her little brother, the adorable newborn Prince Louis. The same goes for those important moments when she steps outside the hospital, looking fabulous, and actually normal, reminding us of why we love this Royal family so much, especially mama Kate!

Even if we can’t afford some of the items they pick out! One item that every newborn baby of the Duke and Duchess’s is seen in, is a beautiful white shawl. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis were all wrapped up in this shawl when we first got a look at the baby and the new parents right outside of the hospital.

According to Babycentre, the shawl is the G.H. Hurt and Son Super Fine Merino Wool Christening Shawl, and retails for almost $80. For most of us, that is a big pricey for a simple shawl. But Kate and William are allowed to have nice things, and this shawl is gorgeous and looks so delicate and soft.

7 Adorable Puppy Stuffed Toy

There is a very famous photo of Princess Charlotte as a baby laughing out loud as she looks at a very cute stuffed puppy. You cannot look at the photo and not smile yourself! The adorable princess is just so taken by this toy dog it is just too cute for words. Well, if the royal princess likes this puppy so much, it must be something very, very special, right?! Everyone was searching for this toy once they got a look at the Duke and Duchess’s baby falling in love with it!

According to Babycentre,

the stuffed puppy that mesmerized Princess Charlotte is made by a company called John Lewis, and the toy is named the Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Puppy Soft Toy, medium-sized, in the color of toffee.

Well, with a name like that, no wonder Charlotte was cracking up! It is not even that expensive, being less than $25!

An affordable and appropriate toy for a baby, that is for sure. We wonder if Charlotte still has that sweet puppy. Maybe she has passed it on to her little brother, Louis. That puppy is a legacy, and is one that lots of royal fans are shopping for to give to their little bundles of joy.

6 Cute Buckle And Mary Jane Shoes

The royal children must have proper footwear that is also fashionable. Kate and William sure know how to dress those adorable kids of theirs, right down to the shoes that they wear to parade in front of all their people. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis may not realize it yet, but the world is always watching those footsies of theirs!

Slice.ca has given us exactly what we are looking for- the exact shoes that the famous prince and princess have worn! Many royal fans are looking to purchase the exact footwear that is worthy of a royal baby’s foot. Prince George (and likely, Prince Louis soon) has worn the Start-rite Leather T-bar buckle shoes. We have seen the cute prince wearing them to a variety of events, before he could even walk!

As for the sweet princess, she has worn a beautiful pale pink pair of shoes that is just as adorable as she is, and that is Early Days Mary Jane shoes. The royal children (and their parents, too!) continue to look as fashionable as ever, and that includes wearing shoes, just as the ones worn by Prince George and Princess Charlotte, that us regular folk could totally afford.

5 Pepa & Co. Kids Clothes

If you are fans of the royal family, and especially those adorable children, then you have no doubt noticed the outfits that are worn by Prince George and Princess Charlotte (and are equally eager to see the outfits they put on newborn Prince Louis!). Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, certainly has her favorite brands, just like the rest of us! She definitely has an eye for style, which we have seen with her own outfits, and now with the clothing choices she puts on her mini me’s.

One brand that Kate adores is called Pepa and Co.

This children’s clothing company has undoubtedly seen a surge in sales since Prince George first wore one of their outfits.

Slice.ca shows us some of the infamous Pepa and Co. outfits that Prince George wore like a pro, from a baby blue sweater to a gorgeous pea coat. This company certainly makes quality clothing for kids that we could easily walk into a store and find ourselves.

Some other brands that Kate likes for her children include Rachel Riley baby outfits, Amaia accessories, and Liberty Print dresses for Charlotte. Those are some lucky brands to have caught the eye of the royal family.

4 Cath Kidston Backpack

We all want our kids to look ultra fabulous on their first day of school! So what does every little pupil need to go to school? That is right, the perfect backpack! We all cannot get enough of adorably sweet Princess Charlotte, and let’s just say she went on her own little fashion show as she made her way to her first day of school.

The thing that really stood out from Charlotte’s first day of school was her really cute backpack. Anyone and everyone just had to know where Kate and William got that one of a kind looking backpack. Charlotte obviously loved it, so if it is the perfect fit for a princess, it would be perfect for just about every little girl out there on her first day of school!

It wasn’t long before all those fans discovered the pink backpack worn by Princess Charlotte was made by Cath Kidston. Needless to say, according to Babycentre, this backpack sold out in a flash! And it sold out not just because it was bought for a little royal girl, but also because it was affordable! This backpack retails for under $30. Can’t beat that.

3 Regular Store-Bought Baby Sunscreen

The Royal Family spends quite a good amount of time waving to their people from that famous balcony. So what are parents Kate and William to do when the sun is shining on their adorable children? Well, they do what the rest of us do, and make sure their kids are wearing sunscreen! Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and their new little brother Prince Louis spend as much time outside as other kids their age, and with that comes exposure to those harmful rays from the sun.

Hollywood Life says that

one of the top sunscreens used by the royals is made by the company Aveeno. You know that brand! Everyone knows Aveeno, you can find it in any supermarket or drugstore.

It comes in a variety of sizes and types. It is a top choice for all moms, which let’s face it, Kate is like one of us, she really is! She is careful about what products she uses on her children, and she trusts that Aveeno is going to protect the delicate skin on those three, absolutely adorable royal babies of hers. Are you thinking that summer is around the corner? Better run out and buy some Aveeno baby sunscreen before it sells out!

2 Hand-Me-Downs

You might not believe it, but many sites that follow the royal family report that Kate and William are like the rest of us in that they pass clothing from one child to the next! People.com was one of the first to reveal this in a famous photo recently released of Princess Charlotte holding her brand new baby brother, Prince Louis. The photo is just way too cute, but People.com happened to notice something, and that was what Princess Charlotte was wearing. In the photo, Princess Charlotte is wearing a blue cardigan that belonged to her big brother, George!

We love that Kate and William see no problem with not only hand me downs, but a hand me down from brother to sister. It, of course, looks adorable on Charlotte, too. Let’s not forget Prince Louis, though. The outfit he has on? Well, that also belonged to his big sister!

That sweet and soft white jumper was the same outfit that Princess Charlotte wore in one of the first photos taken after she was born with her big brother, Prince George. We see that perhaps the Duke and Duchess like this kind of tradition of passing down these nice outfits from sibling to sibling.

1 Can't Afford: A Range Rover

Let’s face it, most of the items on this list are more up Kate’s alley. We are sure William appreciates everything, but he is likely how other fathers are, not really taking up too much interest in the footwear or diaper cream of his babies! But, there is one area in which Prince William decided to splurge a bit, for the sake and safety of his royal babies, of course!

Many of us upgrade our cars to something bigger and safer for our growing families, and the royals are no different! Except, they can afford a more expensive vehicle than many of us!

William’s car of choice, well, more like the truck of choice, is none other than a Range Rover. Can you really get any bigger than that?!

Looks like the future king wants more of a tank than a car! The Royal family is always photographed leaving the hospital with their new little one, and hopping into a car that will protect them. Can’t really blame him, can you?! While we can’t really afford this vehicle worthy of the Royal Family, it does get better. According to Town and Country, William actually auctions off the car eventually, and all the proceeds go to charity.

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