11 Celeb Moms Who Want Many More Kids (And 10 Celebs Who Never Want Kids)

Baby fever is a real condition. Once it strikes, it can't be shaken nor denied. In fact, the only remedy for bad cases of baby fever is to get pregnant, like yesterday.

No woman is immune to this condition, and even the ladies of Hollywood can find themselves suddenly struck down with the most profound, strongest desire to raise children. It isn't just women without kids who deal with baby fever, though. Sometimes a mother can have a gaggle of children swarming around her and still find herself filling her thoughts with diapers, rattles and infant smiles. The struggle is real folks. These ten famous faces are craving more kids and aren't afraid to tell the world about what they want.

Opposite of these maternal mommies are the childless and the proud. Some women see no reason or need to have children only because of societal norms and expectations. They make no excuses for finding fulfillment by means other than parenthood. Devoting one's life to small, egocentric, screaming, whining, needy humans isn't everyone's jam, and that is perfectly fine. These ten ladies of Hollywood won't be stepping into the role of mommy anytime soon, and that is entirely by choice.

When it comes to motherhood, there are different strokes for different folks.

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21 Wants More: Khloe Kardashian

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Two things in life are tried and true: Kardashians love the limelight, and they love babies. Khloe, Kim, and their siblings have a combined total of nine children between them, and there seems to end in sight. Our prediction is by the year 2050 Kardashians will comprise at least ten percent of the world population. Khloe Kardashian, 34, recently became a first-time mother, making her ultimate dreams come true. For years fans have watched Khloe chase the elusive maternal dream. Baby True seems to be Khloe's entire universe these days, but the business savvy reality star isn't ready to close down the baby-making shop. She wants more children in the future.

20 Don't Want Kids: Ellen and Portia

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Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia DeRossi are one of Hollywood's cutest couples. I'll be the first to admit that I have pined to see the pair in parenting action. I shouldn't hold my breath, however, because the married couple isn't planning on expanding their family, ever! Ellen admitted in an interview that she thinks her and Portia would be great parents, they don't have the desire and drive to dedicate their lives and all of their energy to small human beings. Parenting is one thing neither woman would ever want to mess up. Besides, they are perfectly happy with their fur babies.

19 Wants More: Daphne Oz

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Daphne Oz is a busy lady. She is a mother to three little young children under the age of four, a cookbook author and a former hostess on the hit television show The Chew. You would think that with all of the hats that this lady wears, she would not be adding "another baby" to her list of ever-growing duties. The opposite is true! Oz revealed that she is "for sure" open to having more children in the future. While she is in no rush to pop a fourth baby out, she is keeping her options open for the future. Is there nothing that this powerhouse woman can't do?

18 Doesn't Want Kids: Chelsea Handler

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Chelsea Handler likes to make people laugh, but she doesn't like that everyone assumes she is on pins and needles waiting to become a mother. Handler has never had that sincere desire to become a mother and has even said that she doesn't like kids all that much and doesn't have the patience that is needed to raise them. While she isn't desperate to have a few little ones of her own, she is happy to play the part of the cool aunt to her friends' children. That is a role that she is plenty comfortable in. We bet that she is just about the most fun babysitter on the planet.

17 Want More: Paige Butcher And Eddie Murphy

Beautiful Australian model Paige Butcher is the fiancée to funnyman Eddie Murphy and mommy to a two-year-old daughter Izzy Oona. Paige is also due to deliver her and Eddie's son at the end of this year. While Paige will only have two children after her son is born, her partner Eddie will have a whopping ten kids! The comedic legend has been a father for three decades to children by five different women. One would think that ten kids, (two biological and eight step-children), would be plenty for Paige, but both she and Eddie have been vocal about how they would love to have even more children!

16 Doesn't Want Kids: Renée Zellweger

Renee Zellweger has made one thing clear over and over again. She doesn't need a child to be happy. She lives her life openly, always curious to see what is in store next, but has never had an actual timeline or plan for how her life has played out. For Renee, happiness comes in all shapes and sizes and doesn't always occur because of the standard norms that most people equate with joy. Zellweger exemplifies the concept that a woman can be perfectly fulfilled without being married or being a parent. Not everyone wants the standard boxes checked off when it comes to life.

15 Want More: Kim Kardashian And Kanye West

via people.com

Kim Kardashian had two very trying pregnancies with her firstborn daughter and then with her son. Her and husband Kanye West's third kiddo, another little lady named Chicago, joined the family via a surrogate. Two challenging pregnancies and a surrogacy experience to boot would be enough for most moms to wave the white flag and call it quits on the baby front, but Kim K. isn't quite sure that she is ready to close the doors on adding more little Wests to her brood. Chicago is still very young, so no baby plans are in the immediate making, but Kim is game for one more child. That said, she is adamant that four kids would be her absolute max.

14 Doesn't Want Kids: Oprah

To the majority of the outside world, it makes zero sense that Oprah hasn't at some point had a few children. She has been with her longtime partner Stedman Graham for decades, she is one of the wealthiest ladies in all the land, and she has a penchant for children, look at all of her humanitarian work! Oprah claims that had she had any children of her own, they would have grown up to dislike her. Her larger than life dreams and high powered career would have forced motherhood to take a back seat, causing possibly resentment. That wasn't a chance that Oprah was ever willing to take.

13 Want More: Chrissy Teigen And John Legend

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are the proud parents of two adorable kids, but more little Legends might be in the works at some point. Both of John and Chrissy's children are the production of pregnancy treatment and should they have any future siblings, they would likely be conceived in the same way. The Legends still have a few embryos waiting in the wings, and according to Chrissy, John is down for whatever. He wants however many children as she wants. Are they ready to have more children now? Nope. They are cool with the two they have, but they certainly aren't saying never when it comes to baby number three.

12 Doesn't Want Kids: Marisa Tomei

Actress Marisa Tomei does not believe that it's a woman's duty to produce children. In fact, she rallies against the concept publicly. In 2009, Tomei told Manhattan Magazine, "I don't know why women need to have children to be seen as complete human beings." Marissa, like many of the talented, powerhouse women on this list, sees happiness and fulfillment as an individual to each person, and not every person sees kids in their grand plan. There is nothing to be ashamed of there. Just because most women eventually have kids doesn't mean the ones who don't are strange. They merely want other things in their lives.

11 Wants More: Snooki

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Reality star Nicole Polizzi, a.k.a Snooki, reportedly has babies on the brain. Already a mommy to Lorenzo, 6 and Giovanna, 3, Snooki and her hubby Jionni Lavalle want a total of four children! Nicole's bestie, Deena Cortese, revealed in a recent interview that Snooks has some severe baby fever. Until a bun is in the oven, Snooki will have to get her baby fix with Deena's newborn son. Cortese and her husband Chris Buckner are expecting their firstborn child in December. Deena and her hubby want a few more little ones too, so who knows how many mini meatballs will end up running around when these babies are born with the childbearing years!

10 Doesn't Want Kids: Ashley Judd

Activist and actress Ashley Judd can't justify having children based on her moral standpoint. While many don't see children working into their busy career paths and others not able to land Mr. Right during the baby making years, Judd can't bring herself to reproduce because she finds it downright selfish.

Judd thinks that one's ability to pour "resources" into having their own kids when that energy should be devoted to "helping children already here, is plain old wrong." It sounds like until the world becomes a perfect place for all children born into dire circumstances, no babies will be taking up residence in Ashley's womb.

9 Wants More: Ashlee Simpson

via popglitz.com

Ashlee Simpson is already a mom to Bronx, 9, and Jagger, 2, but more kids could be in store for Simpson and her husband, Evan Ross. Both Simpson and Ross have made public statements about adding a third child to the mix after they accomplish a bit of work in the music industry. Ashley told The Raw Word that more kids could be happening shortly, once she puts the finishing touches on the album that she is currently working on. Evan agrees with his wife saying, "I'd love more kids. We're definitely having another one. We've got work to do, and then we'll have another one."

8 Doesn't Want Kids: Sarah Silverman

Comedian Sarah Silverman felt that she had to decide between motherhood and living life to its very fullest, working, traveling and putting her career first. In the end, she chose her booming career over parenthood and had zero regrets about her decision. Silverman also hinted at the double standards regarding moms and dads. She claims that if she could be like the fun dads she knows, she would do it in a heartbeat. "I'd still get to put my job and my passion first and be on the road and then come home and be the best version of myself in loving 40-minute bursts."

7 Want More: Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton

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Gwen Stefani has had a rough couple of years. After years of raising the perfect little rocker-sheik family, reports exploded out of the blue claiming that her husband Gavin Rossdale had been unfaithful to his wife right under her nose. Thankfully Gwen managed to pick herself up by her designer bootstraps and find love again with country crooner and costar Blake Shelton. These days you can't open an entertainment magazine without seeing claims that the pair is not only ready to walk down the aisle but hope to add biological kids to the mix. If the couple did have a baby, it would be Blake's first child and Gwen's forth.

6 Doesn't Want Kids: Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall isn't that far off the mark compared to her SATC character Samantha. Neither character nor real-life actress has any children, and neither feels any shame in that. For Kim, she has frequently stated that being a mother is not part of her life experience. When she was younger, she thought she definitely wanted kids and dogs and the whole shebang. She grew up to realize that those weren't things that she genuinely wanted. They were things that she thought she wanted because of outside source pressure. Kim is nothing if not honest and real with herself.

5 Wants More: Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is the proud parent to darling twins, Max and Emme. Her marriage to the kids' father didn't quite pan out, but J Lo quickly moved onto a string of boy toys before settling down with baseball great Alex Rodriguez. Alex also has two daughters from a previous marriage, Ella and Natasha. All of the kids are ten years old and older, so a baby would shake things up for the blended brood. While another kid isn't out of the realm of possibilities for J-Lo. and A-Rod, reports claim that walking down the aisle is the number one goal for Jenny from the Block, all else will have to wait.

4 Wants More: Megan Fox

You know what they say, "three is a charm, but that might not be true for actress Megan Fox and her on again-off again partner Brian Austin Green. In this case, four might be the golden ticket! The parents have three sons together, but there might still be room for one more member of the gang. Green has been especially vocal about wanting a little girl to round the bunch out, and Megan is known for being a "go with the flow" kind of gal, so it's entirely possible that the Greens go for the girl at some point in their relationship.

3 Don't Want Kids: Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally

via huffingtonpost.com

This funny duo has been married for fifteen years, and kids are just not on their radar. Mullally admitted in one interview that before meeting Offerman, she had never had a burning desire to have babies. Then she met Nick and thought that this was the one person that she could see herself having children with. The pair tried for about a year but to no avail. When kids didn't happen, they chose to let the plan go and allow life to play out however it was meant to play out. Both actors took the situation as a sign that they weren't meant to be a family larger than the two of them. It was as simple as that.

2 Wants More: Bake Lively And Ryan Reynolds

via goodtoknow.com

Actress and free spirit Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds have two gorgeous children, but two might not seem like enough. Recent reports claim that the adoring mother and talented actress is jonesing for more children. Large families seem to be an appropriate goal for these two beautiful humans, Blake is one of five children, and Ryan is one of four. Perhaps a third child could finally put a stop to the rumor mill that seems fixated on a possible rift in this Hollywood marriage. Considering both actors busy schedules, it might be another year before we hear the good baby news.

1  Doesn't Want Kids: Rachel Ray

Rachel Ray has one baby, and that is plenty for her. Granted, her baby is a dog. Ray admitted in a 2009 interview with Salon that she could never feel like a great mom to children with the amount of energy and time that she puts into her work. Heck, she feels like a borderline okay mom to the dog that she currently has!

This lady knows that she would have to definitely step up her game if children were to enter the picture, and she isn't sure she is up for that. If she were to have a baby, she feels like everybody would lose. Her child would lose out on an absent, working mother. Her co-workers would lose with her being pulled in multiple directions, and frankly, she might lose out on never feeling like she could meet the demands of everyone around her.

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