11 Celebrities Who Ate Their Placenta Because Yes, That's A Thing

If there's one thing you learn as a parent, it's that all parents do things differently, and as long as the child is being fed, clothed, and cared for properly, there is no one "right" way to parent. That being said, as hard as it is for some new parents to wrap their heads around, it is totally okay and acceptable for new moms to want to eat the placenta after giving birth. Not only are there plenty of health benefits, but the celebrity moms who ate their placentas make it an even more widely accepted custom in the months after birth.

We aren't talking about taking your placenta, frying it up on the grill, and carving into it like a mini Thanksgiving turkey--even though that is what some moms opt to do, finding it the most "normal" way to consume the placenta. Instead, when you take it upon yourself to eat your placenta after giving birth, you can have it made into a powder or pill form that is much less like a human steak and more like the best vitamin you've ever had.

Your placenta contains vital nutrients and vitamins, like fiber and protein. But most importantly, your placenta is said to be able to balance your post-pregnancy hormones, thereby fighting postpartum depression which is a huge win for new moms.

You don't need any more reason to want to eat your placenta. Once you get it into your mind, there's usually no going back. But, we'd all be lying to ourselves if we said that if celebrities do something, it seems that much more "normal" or attainable to us mere mortals. These celebrities who ate their placentas didn't do it for attention or fun, though. They did it for the nutrition that is the purest form any new mom can get.

11 Kim Kardashian

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian was pretty public about eating her placenta after the birth of her second child. She was clear in confirming that, unlike some moms, she wasn't going to go the route of eating her placenta as if it were a steak or other hunk of meat, but instead in capsule form.

And, she also wasn't shy about the fact that eating her own placenta could only do good for her body and mental health after her child's birth.

10 Holly Madison

The former Playboy Mansion resident and model planned out eating her placenta back in 2013. And she, too, opted for her placenta to be made into pill form. But can we really blame her? It isn't exactly appealing to think of a part of your body fried up, cut into, and eaten.

Holly Madison ate her placenta for the health benefits that she hoped would allow her body to recover more quickly after giving birth, which is as good of a reason as any.

9 Alicia Silverstone

The fact that Alicia Silverstone ate her placenta shouldn't really come as some huge shocker. This is, after all, the same woman who promotes reusable sanitary pads for women and is all about that holistic lifestyle. She called her placenta pills her happy pills--ones that helped her through the post-pregnancy phase where you still don't feel quite like yourself.

It even got to the point where Silverstone was sad when she ran out of the placenta pills, which had served as both a vitamin and anti-depressant of sorts.

8 Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik seemed to not give a second thought to the idea of eating her placenta after the birth of her baby in 2012, and for good reason. As she stated in an article addressed to the other celebrity moms who ate their placentas, humans are actually the only mammals who don't eat their placentas as a natural, normal thing.

And, the fact that we've seen so many celebrity moms eat their placentas and have only health benefits to report, shows us that Bialik is right in her findings.

7 Kourtney Kardashian

Like her younger sister Kim, Kourtney Kardashian opted for the famous placenta pills in order to ingest her placenta after giving birth to her third child, her son Reign, last year. Calling the pills life changing, we wouldn't be surprised if Kourtney decides to keep with this tradition of eating her placenta after subsequent pregnancies.

It seems to be a trend in the world of celeb moms eating their placentas, that getting them made into pills becomes the most natural medication form of an anti-postpartum depression pill.

6 January Jones

Mad Men and X-Men star January Jones is another celebrity mom who spoke out about the benefits of eating your placenta and did so herself in 2012. Insisting that placenta pills are as natural as can be and totally beneficial to moms, post-baby, Jones was a firm supporter in moms eating their placentas.

She also asserted that no, eating your placenta isn't some ritualistic thing or process, but instead a natural way to dispose of your placenta.

5 Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry may have found a certain amount of reality TV fame when she embarked on the Teen Mom adventure years ago, but that didn't keep her from thinking of different ways to do things with her second pregnancy with son, Lincoln.

She was looking for a natural way to get back nutrients and to treat her mental health as a cautionary method. And in the placenta pills, Lowry found both.

4 Stacy Keibler

Former WWE wrestler Stacy Keibler was all about that continued health and fitness when she was pregnant back in 2014. We really can't blame her, right? You don't want to feel as if every expanding part of your body is suddenly squishy and stubbornly staying that way.

Once again, her plan was to eat her placenta in pill form and she did just that, adding herself to the long list of celebrities who ate their placenta and would probably do it again.

3 Tamera Mowry

Not only did Tamera Mowry eat her own placenta, but twin sister Tia took it upon herself to taste a bit of it, too. And, as was to be expected, it was a weird affair to bring them even closer together as twins. Tia tried the placenta in a mixture of Brandy and gained the approval of Tia, while Tamera planned on eating the rest of her placenta on her own.

2 Kim Zolciak


Kim Zolciak of The Real Housewives of Atlanta spent the last several years perfecting this image of herself as the perfect, multi-talented Real Housewife. But when it came time to have her baby and do something with her placenta, Zolciak was quick to jump on the bandwagon of celebrity moms who ate their placentas.

Only for her, the placenta was made into smoothies that both she and her husband slurped up just fine.

1 Padma Lakshmi

The Top Chef host wrote about her placenta eating experiences in her book Love, Loss, and What We Ate and talked about it with some legit honestly that all moms who plan on eating their placentas would do well to hear.

Eating her placenta was an experience that made her feel more connected to her body and the earth, but she also wasn't too keen on the idea of essentially cooking your own body part.

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