11 First Trimester Survival Tips for the Nauseous

There is absolutely nothing quite like being pregnant. How we're able to bring new life into this world is an incredibly beautiful process from conception to birth.

Nothing can truly compare to it. But while it's a time that is filled with excitement and anticipation, there are a few aspects of it that we often wished we could do without, one of them being morning sickness. Nobody wants to wake up first thing in the morning and get sick, but unfortunately, it's a large part of pregnancy.

For some women morning sickness isn't that bad, but for others it can take its toll. These 11 tips might make it just a little more tolerable for you.

13 Get Fresh (Air!)

Sometimes, all we need is to take a few moments out of our busy and hectic days and just be. If you start to feel a little bit ill, try taking a break and go outside, breath a few deep breaths of the fresh cool air. Clear your mind.

12 Allow Yourself Time

Nothing says that you have to hop out of bed the minute the alarm goes off in the morning. Instead, set the alarm for a half-hour before you actually have to be up and awake.

This will allow your body to slowly adjust to waking up, and you can take as much time as you need to get ready. It's always important to allow yourself extra time!

11   Don't Be Afraid To Talk To Your Doctor

While morning sickness is indeed a part of pregnancy, vomiting in excess all the time is not. If you are noticing strange symptoms that you are unsure of, don't be afraid to give your doctor a call, it may be nothing at all, or it could be the sign of something more serious.

Either way, it's always better to err on the side of caution.

10 Tote An Emergency Kit

It's bound to happen when you least expect it – the horrible wave of nausea that you just know is going to result in you puking your breakfast up. It's by no means fun, and it never gets better, vomiting in public never does.

But, you can carry a kind of “emergency kit” with you for those moments. Pack a travel toothbrush and some travel-sized toothpaste, a clean shirt, face wipes, and even some mouthwash, all things that will make you feel fresh and clean after getting sick.

9 Spice It Up (With Ginger!)

Sure, we know all about the old ginger ale trick. For centuries, people have used ginger to help soothe an upset tummy, and to this day, it still helps. But instead of drinking ginger ale, a soda that is laden with vast amounts of sugar and empty calories, get creative with ginger.

Many stores sell crystallized ginger, of which you can just pop in your mouth when you feel nauseated, or drop a slice or two into a hot cup of tea, maybe even add it to some of your cooking – you be the judge!

8 Eat Often


Instead of noshing on three square meals a day, many women have found that nibbling on different foods throughout the day is one way to manage their nausea.

Eat a little bit every few hours. Make sure to find foods that work for you. What works for one woman, may not for another, so pay attention to your body and what makes the nausea better and what seemingly makes it worse.

6 Make Peace With Getting Sick

Nobody really enjoys being sick, but we have to learn that it is okay. Focusing on the end game is what has to be done in this type of situation, think of what will be at the end of this all, a beautiful little life that you brought into the world. So take a deep breath, you can do this!

5 Water, Water, Everywhere

Even when you're not pregnant, it's vastly important to stay hydrated, but when you're carrying around a tiny little life inside you, you have to stay hydrated for the both of you! Make sure that you carry water with you wherever you go!

4 Distract Yourself


Nobody wants to feel sick, but if we sit around and think about it all the time, we'll just end up making ourselves feel worse. Read a good book, watch a movie on television, draw, cook, just do something that distracts you and takes your mind away from thinking about how awful you feel.

2 Pack The Protein In

While many women have subsisted solely on saltine crackers and ginger ale, protein is by far the best bet to quell the queasiness.

Every two hours or so, eat something with a lot of protein, whether it be a turkey sandwich, a handful of almonds, some cheese, peanut butter with some fruit, etc. Protein has helped many women get through the morning sickness stages of their pregnancy, and it can help you too!

1 Get Extra Rest

Don't skim on the extra rest when you can get it. Take as much as you can get, when you can. If you already have children and someone offers to watch them for an hour or two, do it. If they're down for a nap, take one yourself.

The extra rest is invaluable, and who couldn't do with a little a nap in the afternoon anyway?

- Jennifer Corter

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