11-Month-Old Fights For Life In Critical Care After Being Shot 3 Times In Carseat

Trigger warning: gun violence, child injury.

A baby in North Philidelphia has sustained life-threatening injuries after being shot three times while in the car with their step-mother, as she attempted to flee a scene upon hearing gunshots.

NBC Philidelphia reports that the baby was driving with the step-mother when she reportedly heard gunshots near the 700 block of West Luzerne Street. She drove away to escape the shooting, and when she reached her destination 10 minutes later, she noticed 5 bullet holes in her vehicle. Police report that it was then that she noticed that the baby had been shot 3 times, sustaining injuries to the head, buttocks, and chest.

The baby, only 11-months-old, was taken to Einstein Medical Center by their step-mother, and hospital staff has since moved the child to St. Christopher's Hospital. Reports state that the child is presently in critical condition. At this time, no suspects have been arrested in relation to the shooting, and it has not yet been released whether or not the step-mother was a target or involved in any way. Some sources are reporting that the baby had been shot 4 times, but the hospital staff have yet to confirm with police reports.

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A neighbor of the baby's step-mother has spoken out, "I hope that baby pulls through. I really do. I really do. Eleven months old. My heart is breaking right now. I don't know what to do". At this moment, it truly is uncertain what the appropriate course of action should have been in this case. Should the step-mother have driven for less time to report the shooting to the police? Should she have driven directly to the hospital despite not knowing if her vehicle or child had been shot?

At BabyGaga, we will continue to update our coverage as more information is released. Anyone who knows any details in relation to this shooting is advised to contact Philidelphia police. As of now, our thoughts go out to everyone involved in the incident, and we are sincerely hoping that this little one manages to pull through and recover.

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