15Fact: Your Body Prepares Itself For Birth

You may have been under the impression that for nine months, your body will prepare itself for pregnancy while your baby grows inside of you. You take prenatal, eat differently, and work differently when you're pregnant because you're pregnant. Modern medicine has shown us that this is not an all

natural process and that helping to prepare your body for labor really does help.

TheBump suggests low impact workouts to keep your muscles and bones working and strengthening during pregnancy. You'll look a lot stronger during labor, literally. You also want to be sure that you are eating foods and drinking water that are healthy for you and the baby so that you can both grow stronger.

To help your pelvic region and reproductive muscles, try prenatal yoga and practice Kegels. Prenatal yoga was designed specifically with the pregnant body in mind, hence the name "prenatal" yoga. You will use your hips, your back, and your legs often in prenatal yoga. Kegels will help your lady bit's muscles loosen up and strengthen to help push the baby out, and then shrink your uterus back to pre-pregnancy size.

Be sure that your workouts are discussed with your doctor to ensure they are safe!

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