11 Super Babies & Their Super Births in 2014

4 -: Roadside Baby, Speedy-Car Baby 

Some of us spend our entire lives wishing for miracles. Hoping for that one day, that one moment where something extraordinary crosses our paths. And then the magic does happen, to ordinary people like us! Birth in itself is a miracle, but when you add a pinch of the remarkable to it, it becomes something else.

Here are a few of 2014's super babies with their awe-inspiring birth adventures. These stories take courage, skill and hope to an all new level. Read on and be inspired!

1. Roadside Baby 

Leading roles: A Baby Boy, Mom and Midwife

Supporting roles: Dad and A Stranger

Location: Roadside near a paddy field in Tacloban, Philippines.

Imagine the comfort of a cozy hospital room, a friendly maternity ward staff, and a skilled doctor ready to deliver your baby in a clean and sterilized environment. For this young couple, Ryan Bacate and Analyn Pesado in Philippines, these images remained a thing of dreams. Their baby boy had other plans. On January 11, 2014, the two 18-year olds rushed to the hospital with Analyn experiencing severe labor pains. With three miles still to go to the nearest clinic, the baby was miraculously delivered on the roadside; with the help of a complete stranger and a midwife who got their just in time. Now this is kindness and luck at an all new level!

2. Speedy-Car Baby

Leading Roles: A Baby Girl and Mom

Supporting role: Dad on the phone from Twinfalls

Location: Mom's car, Heyburn, Idaho

Drinking and driving is a common breach of law, but delivering and driving? This would have been unheard of if it weren't for Uriguen; the super mom who delivered her baby while driving to the hospital in July, 2014. She was on the phone with her fiancé, Clay Crown, who also happened to be a medical emergency technician. He helped talk her through everything. Although from the looks of it, the baby was quite sufficient on her own. While trying to park her car on the curb, Uriguen could already hear the baby crying! Her daughter's head was crowning. Now all that was left was the final push and slide, and out came the speedy little angel. That is some exceptional driving and delivering mommy!

3 -: Open-heart Surgery Baby, Womb-Transplant Baby, My-dad-delivered-me Baby

3. Open-heart Surgery Baby

Leading Roles: Baby Girl, Mom, Surgical teams

Supporting role: Dad

Location: Hospital, Philadelphia

Surgeries are scary enough on their own. Now what happens when you combine two life-changing operations like an open-heart surgery and C-section? A jaw-dropping miracle! 9-month pregnant Tracey experienced severe back pain, and when it aggravated into chest pain, she rushed to the emergency unit. Tests revealed that she had an aortic dissection, a ripping of the main artery supplying blood from the heart to most of her body. High blood pressure was the culprit. Two surgical teams came to the rescue as one team skillfully performed the C-section, and the other team did a 9-hour open-heart surgery. Both mom and the baby girl wonderfully survived. Surgical skills at their best!

4. Womb-transplant Baby 

Leading roles: Baby boy, Mom, Donated uterus, Doctor

Supporting role: Dad

Location: Sweden

After being told that she couldn't have a baby because she had no uterus, the couple had to battle the impossible. Dr. Mats Brannstrom in Gothenburg made a scientific breakthrough with his womb transplant surgery; a first of its kind operation that inevitably gave hope to many people around the globe. With the help of the mom's friend who donated her uterus, Dr. Mats performed a womb transplant, in which the baby was eventually conceived. The grateful couple couldn't believe they came so far. But the gurgling sounds of the healthy boy in their arms were proof enough. You gotta love science!

5. My-dad-delivered-me Baby

Leading roles: Baby girl, Mom, Dad

Location: Car, San Diego

When it comes to labor and deliveries, dads are usually excited and nerve-wrecked spectators. But fate had other ideas for dad, Eric Scheldt. As he was driving his wife Aubrianne to the hospital after her water broke, the couple realized that the baby was coming sooner than expected. Dad had to take control. He stopped the car, called 911, and braced himself for one of the most miraculous experiences of his life. He was going to deliver their baby! After the baby came out, Eric drove all the way to the hospital with his newborn and her cord, both safely tucked in his hand. Way to go dad!

2 -: Breech Baby, Subway Baby, Coma Baby 

6. Breech Baby 

Leading roles: Baby boy, Dad, Mom

Supporting role: Police Officer

Location: House Living room, Cranford, New Jersey

A baby in a breech position, a fainted mom, and a nervous dad! No, this was not a scene from a movie. It happened in real life to Scott Kraft and his wife Jody Copier. Their baby decided to give them an unexpected 5-weeks early surprise. When Scott got a frantic call from his wife, he rushed home not knowing what to expect. What he found was not for the weak of heart because the baby's legs were sticking out of Jody! Fortunately he played out the brave dad! A helpful Police Officer arrived on time, and both delivered a potentially risky breech delivery, with success!

7. Subway Baby

Leading role: Baby boy, Mom, Police Officers

Supporting role: Dad, Subway Passengers

Location: Subway, Philadelphia

The year ended with yet another birth surprise. Sergeant Daniel Caban and Officer Darrell James from the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority helped deliver a couple's baby on the subway! They guided the mom through the delivery process while other subway passengers looked on in awe. A healthy boy was born because of the courageous efforts of the police officers, and the best part was, it was Christmas! Now this was a Christmas present many would not have expected!

8. Coma Baby 

Leading Roles: Baby girl, Mom, Doctors

Supporting role: Dad

Location: Bayfront Hospital, St. Petersburg, Florida

On October 15, 2014, pregnant Jenny Quiles was struck by a tow-truck on her way to a doctor's appointment. The worst was yet to come. She suffered a severe brain injury and went into a coma! Almost two weeks later, she miraculously woke up, had contractions, and was blessed with a baby girl! Jenny is recovering smoothly. With their bundle of joy beside them, hopefully the couple's future has good things in store.

1 -: Snow-Sled Baby, Our-mom-delivered-us Twins, Identical Quads

9. Snow-Sled Baby

Leading roles: Baby girl, Mom, Dad, Sled

Supporting roles: Neighbour, 911 Operator

Location: Snow storm, outside home, Philadelphia

Just the thought of taking a newborn out during a massive snow storm gives ones the chills! Imagine delivering a baby in such weather, and that too on a sled! Shirley Kim Bonanni expected to reach the hospital in time, but she and her husband, Fabian Bonanni, were in for a shivering surprise. Their car was parked at the bottom of the hill outside their home. Shirley couldn't walk that far down and the car couldn't drive up. In came Fabian, with his idea of sliding down on a sled. They slid all right, but also casually delivered a baby along the way. A neighbor had rushed in to help and guided Fabian with the instructions of a 911 operator. The baby was quickly brought inside and warmed up in no time! Now that's one chilling tale with a heart-warming end!

10. Our-mom-delivered-us Twins

Leading roles: Twins, Mom

Supporting role: 911 Operator

Location: Home, Philadelphia

It's already hard to imagine delivering one's baby alone. Now add another baby to the equation! Yes, a 48-year old mom-to-be delivered her twins at home, all alone! Fortunately, a 911 operator guided her through the delivery. The ambulance arrived just before the second baby's birth. The twins and mom were safely transported to the nearest hospital. This mom did something unimaginable and downright amazing! Her twins sure have a fun story coming their way when they grow up.

11. Identical Quadruplets 

Leading roles: Quadruplets, Mom, Doctor

Supporting role: Dad

Location: University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, Mississippi

Kimberly and Craig Fugate, were not even expecting to be pregnant. When the 42-year old Kimberly was told she was pregnant with triplets, she was quite surprised! Mostly because the odds of having identical triplets without any fertility help are rare sights. During the delivery when they discovered a fourth child at the end, everyone was blown away! One thing's for sure. With babies, nothing can be predicted!

by: Nida Shahzeb

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