11 Things to Expect When You Are the Mother of a Toddler Boy

5 -: Things to Expect When You Are the Mother of a Toddler Boy

Motherhood is one of the most magical experiences in life. It can also be quite challenging for first time moms who haven't had a lot of exposure to children. And even though there are many similar difficulties between raising boys and raising girls, there are some distinct behaviors that can only be attributed to each gender. Raising children at any age has its ups and downs. Here are 11 things you can expect when you have a toddler boy.

1. There Will Be Pee. Lots of Pee.

Yup. Lots of pee. And not just in diapers or pull ups. There will be pee everywhere. Anytime your little guy is naked and exposed, especially if the air is cold, you can expect him to release his bladder. On the bed, on the floor, on your favorite pillow. Boys seem to share that whole "marking my territory" habit with their furry best friend. And to them it is funny. So, yeah, expect lots of puddles of pee around your house.

2. There Will Be Tantrums

Tantrums are not just for the "terrible twos." Nope. Once children reach toddler age, they start to learn that they only have so much control over things, and they don't like that. Some children respond better than others, but you can guarantee that if your boy doesn't get his way, he is bound to act out occasionally. After the first few tantrums, you become a pro at dealing with them, and you realize that having a child throw himself on the floor at the store is nothing to be embarrassed about. It's just a learning process for you and your boy.

4 -: Things to Expect When You Are the Mother of a Toddler Boy

3. There Will Be Lots of "Things That Go"

Cars, trucks, trains, boats. Anything that goes, your toddler boy is going to be drawn to. Boys love things that go fast and have a natural passion for action and adventure. They love to play cars, they love real cars. They love looking out the window at the garbage truck, and watching trains fly by on the railroad tracks. Better find a good place to store your little one's car collection, because it is probably going to be a big one!

4. The "Wee-Wee" is a Favorite Play Toy

Yes, it's true. Men have always had a thing for their "thing." Once they discover it, it's like an alternate universe that they become obsessed with. And really, when they are toddlers playing with it, it is cute. You can expect your boy to reach down his pants and try to find it, or play around with it in the bath tub. It's all part of him learning about himself and his body, so it isn't anything to worry about.

5. Meals Will Be a Battle

As parents, we are supposed to try and form good eating habits while our children are still very young. But once they hit toddler age and realize they don't like everything we put in front of them, they try to weasel their way out of the veggies and hope we'll give them a cookie instead. And honestly, sometimes this battle isn't worth fighting. On those days when you've just had enough drama, it's ok to give in. Sometimes, letting your child eat a cookie instead of going hungry is ok. It's just important that they know that is not going to be an everyday thing. Teaching your toddler to eat healthy takes time and patience. But you can do it!

3 -: Things to Expect When You Are the Mother of a Toddler Boy

6. You Will Read Him His Favorite Book. A Million Times.

Aww, how sweet is it to cuddle and read to your child? Sweet, until you've read the same book 12 times in a row, and your child wants you to read it again. This is a tough one, because it's definitely good to have your child interested in reading, but it can be exhausting as a mother to read the same story over and over. But toddlers are in a stage where they are fascinated by the world around them, and repetition is good for their development.

7. You Won't Get Any Privacy

What? You want to go to the bathroom alone? Yeah....not anymore. Boys love their mamas. And toddler boys love to be near their mamas all.the.time. So you can expect to have company whenever you need to go, as well as when it's time to take a shower. Hopefully if daddy is around, he can help entertain little man while you try and get some alone time, but most likely, you'll have a partner in crime while you do your business.

2 -: Things to Expect When You Are the Mother of a Toddler Boy

8. There Will Be Lots of Energy

Children in general have a lot of energy. But little boys in particular could use an off button. They are all about being active and moving and they put the Energizer bunny to shame. If you're a mom who isn't very active, you can expect to be once your boy learns how to walk. Luckily, a trip to the park is an easy way for him to burn all that energy without you having to be too involved.

9. Outdoor Play Means Getty Dirty

The dirtier, the better. At least according to toddler boys. Part of the fun of outdoor play is getting to play in all of mother nature's goodness. Rocks, dirt, sticks, anything that involves getting messy is up for grabs in the toddler boy's mind. It's good to have some outdoor clothes for him to wear, because playing outside in those nice polo shirts is not going to end well.

1 -: Things to Expect When You Are the Mother of a Toddler Boy

10. Your Home Will Become a Science Center

Just like Curious George, your boy is curious about everything. And because he is determined to learn, he will get into everything- cabinets, drawers, the refrigerator, the toilet- you name it, he'll try to figure it out. This is why child locks were invented. When there is a will, there is a way for your little guy. It's probably a good idea to let him explore just a little bit. Once he has fed his curiosity, he will probably not want to play in them anymore.

11. You Will Use The Word "No" a Lot

Toddlers are a tough age when it comes to discipline. They are not quite old enough to understand "time out," but at the same time, they need to learn that no means no. And if your child is like most, he'll make you feel like a broken record on a nearly daily basis. "No" will become the word you use most, and your boy will use his selective hearing to be sure he misses hearing you say it. Or, he'll hear you say it and just won't listen. But like many things with parenting, over time, he will get it. And then you will raise your arms and shout "yes!"

Toddlers are lots of fun, even with the challenges that come with raising them. The important thing about the toddler stage is to not be too hard on yourself. You're doing the best you can, and your child will thank you in the long run for the tough love that you give him. And also for those days when you give in and let him have a cookie for lunch.

Written by: Leena Kollar 

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