11 Unbelievable Women Who Worked Out Through Pregnancy

Imagine yourself swaggering around with some serious moves, even when you have those extra pounds of bundle of joy inside your tummy! It would mean more gasping than what already pregnant women are experiencing right now, sure.

The stereotype that pregnancy is an excuse when it comes to ladies keeping it fit is beginning to wear away. Prenatal exercises are becoming a craze nowadays and have stirred a lot of controversy concerning both the mom and baby’s safety. Well, let these ladies from around the globe show us their fit pregnancy stories via Instagram!

Note: Keep in mind that every pregnancy is different so it’s best to check with your doctors or health professionals before trying any of these.

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11 Flight of the Baby Bump

This professional aerialist is enjoying her last few days with her baby bump as she is said to be counting days until her baby is due. What an elegant pose. If you’re pregnant and considering doing aerial silk exercises, it’s best to always let yourselves be guided by pros. Also, taking things gradually is a must, since you have to remember that you’re not alone in your body anymore. So, be extra-extra careful!

10 Preggy Yogini

Yogini Johanna, who is said to have been performing yoga during the entirety of her pregnancy. According to her, she made adjustments to her routines depending on how her body felt.

We really think it’s a sharp move for her to listen to her body while practicing prenatal yoga. It only goes to show that her commitment to becoming a mother is at full circle. Impressive!

9 CrossFit MomAthlete

Down to her last prenatal training day in this photo, CrossFit athlete Emily Breeze believes that pregnancy isn’t a reason to give up her passion for exercising. In fact, she quotes that she does it not “for insta-fame or vain reasons,” but because she believes whole heartedly in health and wellness. We can imagine her dedication as a mom already.

As of late, there’s been an ongoing debate about whether pregnant women should be doing high intensity workouts or not. Even so, many still finish strong with their routine until their delivery like this mommy toughie here.

8 Running for Two!

This running mom-to-be just beat a 5-kilometre run in an average of 30 to 35 minutes. She’s definitely “never not running” even while expecting.

No need to worry; running with proper precautions while expecting a baby is totally safe. There’s a lot of perks in doing cardio while pregnant, including training you with your breathing, as proper breathing is an essential element while giving birth. Also, running can certainly keep you fit and healthy during pregnancy. Just make sure to get help from professional fitness trainers and you’re good to go.

7 Acroyoga Mom

Acroyoga instructor and mom-to-be Lizzy Tomber displays a captivating Acroyoga pose with her husband and co-acrobat Josh. Comprised of movements from both acrobatics and yoga, thus ‘Acroyoga’, this is a perfect workout for expecting couples out there.

As for Lizzy and Josh, their pregnancy never stopped their passion for the art which soon enough became their inspiration.

6 Underwater AcroYoga Mother

We are loving this Acroyoga mom-to-be who’s in her third trimester during this awesome underwater shot. Selena has been innately active in Acroyoga and other physical activities such as pole fitness even before pregnancy. Obviously, getting pregnant never affected her passion for fitness. 7 months in and still working it! Damn!

5 Preggy Pull-Ups

Weighted vest pull-ups are just intense. But weighted vest pull-ups while 33 weeks pregnant means that you’re a certified badass mum. Tashala captions this amazing shot of herself while performing pull-ups.

“Strict pull ups with a 27 lb weighted vest at 33 weeks pregnant.” Mommies need to prep some strong arms to carry their babes with all their strength. Need we say more?

4 Kettlebell-Loving Kind of Mom

Kettle bells and baby bumps - what an adorable combination! Lauren is 31 weeks pregnant in this awesome kettle bell one-legged deadlift pose. Strong and focused, she easily balances her body without breaking into a sweat! It pays to stay strong and in control even while you’re expecting.

3 Mommy’s Posing Split-Jerk

Mom-to-be Sara defies the prenatal stereotypes and endures this beyond-perfect split jerk position. She believes that her expertise in gymnastics and crossfit have prepared her for pregnancy and motherhood. In this photo, she’s 8 and half months in, almost at the finish line of her pregnancy journey.

2 Weightlifting Supermom

This crossfit enthusiast wows many as she poses in a strong overhead squat – while pregnant! Soon-to-be mom Grace is a sports enthusiast and was already 30 weeks pregnant when this shot was taken. Whoa!

Look at all that weight over her! It’s just amazing how motherhood can push women beyond their limits.

1 Preggy Pilates

Gorgeous mom-to-be Sidonie shares her fit moment using a stability ball. This pilates-loving momma is 4 months in, while keeping herself strong, fit and healthy for her and her baby’s wellbeing.

Pilates is said to help a lot of pregnant women achieve some relaxation. In which case, it’s ideal for the constant ache and discomfort during pregnancy. It also contributes to good breathing control and strength needed by the mommy-muscles, especially the pelvic floor.

Verdict - Truly, a lot of women today have taken the journey of pregnancy to a whole new level. Like these ladies, many of those who dare to innovate in their prenatal experience have truly succeeded as well. Of course, keeping it fit might hurt twice as much when you’re pregnant. But you’ll also gain twice the glory in due time. That’s the day when you finally get to see your healthy little bundle of joy!

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