11 Women Who Went Into Labor At The Most Inconvenient Time (And 11 The Weirdest Places)

Oh, the gift of life. It is such a joyous occasion when a little one is brought into the world. Those 10 little fingers and 10 little toes are enough to make anyone's heart melt, especially moms. The only thing is, the actual act of bringing a little baby into the world is not always one that moms can plan. Even the most detailed planers can be taken off guard by the arrival of their little ones from time to time.

Almost everyone has heard of the woman who has her birth plan ironed out to the last push, only to have a surprise delivery and never even consult the list she spent months organizing. Well, we sat down and spoke to a few of those moms — not the intense planners, just the moms who have had an interesting birth experience.

Eleven of these ladies went into labor at the absolute most inconvenient time imaginable, and we mean really inconvenient! The other 11 went into labor at the most inconvenient locations. These moms really are troopers and their babies, though a surprise, turned out to have some of the most lively birth stories of anyone we know. Want to know more? Read on.

Let's start with the 11 most inconvenient times...

22 Helping Friends Move


Okay, imagine this: One new mom, Katherine, was helping some friends move into their new place when she went into labor. Talk about inconvenient timing. I guess her housewarming present to them was a new baby to really break in their new digs. She told us a bit about her experience, “I gave birth on an empty living room floor when I was eating lunch while helping some friends move into their new house,” she said. At least the baby and mom had lots of empty space to stretch out and move around in. Congratulations Katherine we applaud your strength.

21 Stuck In Traffic


Depending on where you live traffic is just kind of the norm. And we don't mean just rush hour traffic that is slow moving and may take a while to get from point A to point B, we mean six-lane highway bumper-to-bumper why did I leave my house traffic! For mother and Los Angeles native, Elliot living in sunny LA means a lot of traffic and living across town from the hospital means an unexpected delivery situation. "I decided to go to the hospital even before my water broke, 20 minutes later I had to pull over to the side of the road and was pushing, luckily a nurse was stuck in traffic, too."

20 At 'I Do'


"I basically [upstaged] my friend's wedding," says Alice. New mom on the block Alice says her best friend insisted she being her maid of honor despite her being so close to her due date. "When she planned the wedding, we didn't even know I was pregnant, by the time we found out I realized my due date was only a week from the wedding." The baby stayed in place for most of the day, until it was time for the rings. "As I looked down to get the ring my water broke all over the train of my best friends wedding gown and I immediately started having contractions. I had to get rushed out and wound up delivering in the ambulance."

19 During A Hurricane


One mom, Maddie Lynn, went into labor during a hurricane. She says the winds were so bad she decided to just stay home and have the baby at home. Talk about courageous, right? Any sort of natural disaster does not equate to the best conditions to bring a baby into the world, but when it's time it's time, and sometimes the baby is just ready to get on the outside. For Maddie that meant staying home and bunkering down. Luckily she had the support of her husband. They are awaiting their second baby now. Let's hope mother nature is a bit more favorable to this second time mom.

18 At A Funeral


For many the gift of life is seen as one of the most wonderful in the world, sometimes though, the welcoming of a new child comes at the departure of someone else. The only thing is, when everyone is paying their respects to the departed, it may be super inconvenient to have ones water break and go into labor. Such was the case for Samantha, "I was so upset my grandmother would never get a chance to meet our daughter, as we were at her grave site my water broke and we had to get the procession to take us to the hospital."

17 Girls' Night Out


The last girls night out before the baby comes is something similar to a bachelorette party before marriage, the only difference being that following a wedding ceremony one doesn't usually have involuntary sleepless nights for several months. New momma, Danielle, had her baby make a grand entrance just as she and her friends were enjoying their pre-motherhood celebratory dinner. “My girlfriends and I had a last girls’ night out before baby arrived — my water broke at dinner!” she said of her experience. At least she had a delicious meal before delivery, there is not much worse than being in active labor while hungry.

16 During The Superbowl


Sports fans beware. If you or your significant other is pregnant during football season try not to get overly excited at the finale known as the Super Bowl, it could lead to a dramatic exit at half time and a mom asking for live updates of the game in the delivery room. Not to mention a not too content obstetrician who just happens to be a die-hard football fan. That's what happened when Sharae went into labor. Just as the Pats kicked their field goal, before the funny commercials and right before the halftime show, she went into labor. Her son wasn't born until the next day but it made for a pretty rowdy labor.

15 At A Concert


Every mom has the right to have at least one last hurrah before the baby comes, mom, Stephanie Miller, says that for her last night before the baby went out with a bang. "I don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to go to a rock concert when I was nine months pregnant. I had just had a checkup and my doctor said everything looked good and that the baby hadn't even dropped yet so I still had some time." Well, the baby was obviously a rock fan, too, because not too long after, "I went into labor right there on the lawn at a concert," she said.

14 Thanksgiving Dinner


One mom Trish, shared her labor story in a What to Expect forum for moms. She wrote, "On Thanksgiving day, I was actually in labor all day while cooking and didn't know it from about 11 am until 6:30 pm. I had no idea my water broke. We finished eating and my pain was becoming worse so my husband demanded I go to the hospital. When we get there, the nurse rushed to get my IV in. After they got the epidural in I threw up all over the anesthesiologist. (My family) refuses to have Thanksgiving at my house this year because I am pregnant again."

13 Romantic Date


When it's almost time for the baby to arrive, many parents-to-be try to plan a romantic evening for just the two of them before their life as a couple becomes a life of three. But occasionally the baby has other plans. Mother Tania went on what she calls the most memorable date she and her husband ever went on right before the birth of their first child. "We had just sat down to my favorite rooftop restaurant and ordered some sparkling cider to celebrate our last night out before the baby. When the bottle popped so did my water and the rest is history," she said.

12 While It's Snowing


This is a story I have heard at least eight times. My mother is very petite and was very pregnant with me during one of the coldest and snowiest winters that the northeast has ever seen. One evening her water broke and she couldn't make it down the stairs because it was so icy. So my dad had to boil water and throw it on the ice to make a safe path for them to get to the car, then scrape the snow and ice off of the car as she was in the back seat having contractions. Luckily they got to the hospital in time, but she still doesn't let me live that one down.

And here are the 11 most inconvenient places...

11 The Grocery Store


Let's see, shopping list... eggs, fruit, water, baby? Going into labor at the grocery store is nothing short of surprising. For mother Andrea, her baby decided he was ready to come out just as she was reaching for the eggs. "I was grocery shopping at 38 weeks because I read that you're supposed to have all this food at home once the baby comes because you won't have time to shop after. Well, I didn't have time to shop then either haha." Her little boy is adorable and not so surprisingly, loves eggs. We are unsure if she's ever been back to that supermarket or not.

10 In The Subway


If you happen to live in a pedestrian city, going into labor while on public transportation is probably the most impossible location imaginable that one could ever go into labor. It's a confined space and there are lots of people and it's not usually the cleanest. But for New York native Sandra, that's exactly what happened. "I had to give birth on the subway platform. At the time I didn't care; I was in so much pain, but now I look back and it grosses me out. I've only taken cabs since." Sometimes babies really just cannot wait to come out.

9 On A Plane


For the passengers on a flight from Chicago to Salt Lake City, their trip turned into a scene from a movie when a mom went into labor while the plane was in mid-air. "The stewardess asked 'Is there a doctor on board?' over the loudspeaker, and luckily there was," said new mother Stacey. When the baby was born, the pilot announced to the other hundred and something passengers on board that they had a new passenger. The pilot still had to make an emergency landing. It's possible that this mom's experience helped lend a hand to all the new rules against flying while pregnant.

8 On An Elevator


Talk about small spaces! This scenario is not for the claustrophobic. Mom Natalie was on her way to work in a high rise building when her water broke. Luckily the elevator continued to go straight up and she sent it right back down without issue, only stopping on a few floors before she waddled out to the parking garage, jumped in her car and drove away. "I felt like I was living something out of a movie. Every floor the elevator stopped on I screamed SORRY! IN LABOR!" We're sure her boss understood why she did not show up to work that day.

7 The Amusement Park


Believe it or not, several mothers have gone into labor at Sesame Place, the amusement park for kids. A woman from Manhattan was visiting the Sesame Street-themed park in 2008 and had only been there for about 20 minutes when her water broke. "It happened so fast. I didn't have pain, just shock," Takia Mann said.

What's cuter is Sesame Place gave Mann and her family season passes to the park. They even sent Elmo and Abby Cadabby to visit the newest little Mann at the hospital, says CBS News. What a nice treat. Surely that little guy loves amusement parks just like his mom.

6 Home Of History And Culture


For moms that love history and culture, a trip to the museum can be a relaxing and very quiet getaway before the baby is born. Well, it's made a lot less quiet and relaxing if you go into labor around the Victorian Age section, which is exactly what happened for mom, Kim, a whole two weeks early. "I love museums and I took my maternity leave late so I tried my hardest to pack in what I could before my little one came. She had a mind of her own, two days after my maternity leave and two weeks before my due date there she was." Talk about an exhibit.

5 On Vacation


Vacations can be a great place to wind down, reflect, and relax; unless you are nine months pregnant and laboring on a cruise. "We didn't even know what country we were in or near when I actually gave birth. That left a pretty interesting discussion when we needed to put a location on our son's birth certificate." Vacations are still good, though, just maybe for a bit earlier in moms pregnancy than at nine months. But hey, at least that little guy has an awesome birth story and a pretty exotic birthplace. We bet he will have one of the coolest stories to tell in his entire class about where he's from.

4 The Baby Shower


Who doesn't love a good party? For moms-to-be, baby showers are the best! There are gifts and games and everyone swoons over mom! How Fun! Unless you go into labor, that is... Going into labor at your own baby shower is never an ideal scenario and definitely what mom, Lauren, could consider 'inconvenient.'

"Bill and I had spent months planning this shower. We got the cutest invitations, got a caterer and were very excited for the pictures and the gifts. We didn't even get a chance to cut the cake before my water broke. Our babies were here five hours later."

3 Getting A New Do


Pampering oneself before the baby comes is almost essential when it comes to becoming a new mom, I advise every new mother to do so. The only thing is, babies have a mind of their own, and they don't care if mom is in the middle of a spa session or not. Mother Tamika Clark went into active labor while at the hairdresser. I decided to braid up my hair because I knew I would never have time to do it, I didn't even get the first row in before my water broke. I was so embarrassed." She later told us that the hairdresser finished her hair once the baby was born, free of charge.

2 Favorite Restaurant


You know those favorite restaurants every gal has? The one where the waiters know you and you know the menu like the back of your hand. Well, if you don't you may want to consider getting one because it's pretty awesome. In any case, mother of three, Linda, went into labor with triplets at her very favorite restaurant. Luckily, she knew the owners who called her a car service and promptly got her to the hospital. They even boxed her order to-go. Talk about service! I'm sure that meal was much needed after birthing three babies. Way to go, Linda!

1 At The Airport


Most of the time pregnant women are not supposed to travel after a certain point in their pregnancy, but that does not necessarily restrict them from going to the airport, especially if it is to pick someone up. For Army wife, Colline, getting reunited with her husband again at the airport was the best gift next to having her baby several hours later. "As soon as I saw him my water broke. It was very dramatic. I hadn't even told him I was pregnant because I wanted him to finish his tour without stress. He was surprised and I was elated."

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